: Infernal Akali's ingame model is lackluster compared to the splash.
I also loved the skin theme, it got really epic in splash art. However, the in-game model also disappointed me. Several players have already created topics on the pbe and other servers, such as BR (the server I came from) asking for a skin change, so it looks more like splash art. Several people suggest changes in other skins, but for me, the skin that really needs an urgent change is hellish. This is a matter of demanding what we were promised in splash art. Unfortunately, although several people comment, create topics, it seems that the riot is not linking to the situation. Please riot, change the skin akali infernal to look more like splash art.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Hi, I know this is about feedback in the game, but I wanted to give feedback on the look of akali, because the visual is also an important part of the champion. I do not intend to criticize, but only to give a suggestion of change / improvement to the skin Akali Infernal, which was very different if we compare to splash art to the model in game. In the splash art I thought she looked really pretty, but in the model in game I was a little sad. Her skin, which was red with lava details, turned completely orange if no lava detail; his face turned completely black; the horns were different; her hair was also different; her pants apparently changed color (in the splash art it was night then it could be of a different color anyway) and her 'blouse', that rock that covered her belly, in the model in game did not look like a stone at all. Several players both in the pbe and in the normal servers as in BR (which is the server I come from) has been complaining and giving suggestions to change the skin in the game, to be more similar to splash art. ~ Thank you for your attention.
: Akali or Brand
I agree. The skin looks very pretty in splash art. They have to change the infernal Akali in game to look more like splash art.
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