: Summon aery nerf idea
Very strong keystone, but not the way to nerf it, imagine if a malz picks it just to check : in few abilities he is down to 0% dmg x) To nerf this keystone it's simple : make it longer to get back to you. <3
: Can't edit rune pages in champ select
I had the same problem earlier, i just had to close the client and relog again and that bug was over ^^ (ok it's not a real fix :p)
: Buying Skins on PBE
Actually you owned 0 champ :) See that like **a free rotation wich includes all champ**, they are all playable but you don't own them. So, in order to buy skins you need to buy the champ before ^^ And yeah, just buy with RP, it's ok, in 4/5 days you'll have all you need.
: PBE is the toxiciest server i have ever played on
I must say that i'm here thanks to the great openning but I really expected a place where i could chill and test things but wow, toxicity is everywhere T_T Let's report until the sea calms down.
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: [ZOE] - When using ult, Lux still can catch you in her "Q"
And + about ult : it would be quite cool to ult out > zhonya and don't be TP back while in stasis, maybe too strong but we can imagine some new tricks with that <3


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