: Thanks for taking the time to post this feedback. We are making a bunch of small tweaks to address everything you've outlined, but keep in mind, this is an iterative process. Level font will be larger and team colored. Gonna shave a few pixels off the health meter height. Regular damage will last a bit longer. Gonna tweak colors to increase tick readability. Gonna make health width the same as live (it already is for objectives, etc.) Thanks again and lmk if you have more feedback as we change stuff.
You guys are truly amazing! All of my points have been acounted for. This means a lot for me. Great work as always!
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
I have to say that while this skin is unexpected, it's still job well done. There are still couple of things that could use more work. While i thing that VFX is great in this skin, it could use some more work. I'll leave more feedback on each skill: * **Passive effects** Gun looks polished, and VFX are solid, but sounds are underwhelming. 4th shot should have more impact, since gameplay-wise it's one of the most important aspects for the skin. Bad sound for 4th shot could leave enemies wondering "how the hell did his normal auto killed m- oh that's right, it's fourth shot, i couldn't see...". Plus for the Jhin himself it's the moment of glory that should leave a mark. * ** Q effects** Not much to say, great execution. Idea for the first bounce to be straight is a nice concept. * **W effects** I believe that the W ground mark is sort of "incomplete". By that i mean that it doesn't have clear end - it looks as if the shot was cut in half. It should have clear ground design at the end, so we know when this ability truly ends. The shot itself could use some tweeking - so it doesn't look like budget ability. * **E effects** My main point about this ability is the way it's travel is shown. The effects for it are looking sort of random - it isn't clear for both allies and the enemies where trap end location is going to be located. It should be clear like in the bloodmoon skin, where the trajectory is show with a clear purple paint trail. * **R effects** Wow - great ability. My only complain is the way bullets during the travel look, like it was copy-pasted from powerpoint presentation. If these would look alike to other Project series skins i would be happy My other point complain about this skin is the model itself. It looks more like a nanoskeleton fo the Jhin. Especially feet, they are way to thin. While i agree that Jhin is slender even in his base skin, his portrayal in this skin looks less cyborg (which i believe is the main concept for the series), and more robot (I wouldn't have problem in that if it was battlecast series skin). I'm not saying he should look like Hulk 2.0 - only that he looks too slender even for himself. There are also couple animations bugs that are caused by his metal elbow extender on the right arm. For example, it cuts trough his legs during taunt. I also think that color pallete could use a little bit tweeking. Red was done before in other skins, so was purple. But combining both of them could give us sort of a "corrupted purple", which would fit both main theme (our beloved psychopath), and his skin theme (failed concept that turned evil). If you read it all Riot - thank you for listening to the community. I hope my feedback will be taken into consideration. Thanks for all the things you've done for us!
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