: The second space bg overlay is too small in 16:9 mode. http://prntscr.com/ez2xhr Any chance you could enlarge it?
Thanks for the report, forwarded to our environment artists :D
: When exactly will we be seeing this? I thought it'd be out right after maintenance...
: Obviously if he's airborne/flung.
Yep - if they're hit by an enemy Q or an E while they're standing in lantern range, or if they get pulled/flung into lantern range, it'll cleanse it and grab them out.
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: Does the King produce these effects each time he is fed Snax of a certain type? For example, can a team launch five waves of icy projectiles by all feeding him Frosted Snax?
Yep! Though the Snax have a cooldown, so you'd be using up all the power at once - and the ice isn't any good against close-in opponents, either, so mixing it up can be a good strategic move
: Dang he just called out Moobeat hard xD
Moobeat's awesome! Guy's a datamining *machine*, so we like to give him a hand by announcing stuff ahead of time :)
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: Aurelion Sol Lore Problem!
It's intended to be read as the more formal definition of awesome: _adjective 1. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear:_ Strangely, the word "awful" has an almost identical definition (full of awe) English is kind of dumb!
: Can't instantly double cast Aurelion Sol's Q
There's an intentional delay on the Q, so that melee opponents have a chance to fight you after they've made it through the gauntlet of stars. The Ult is your trump card there. That said, you should be able to blow it up ASAP pretty reliably at the same spot (standing still, when the center hits your passive orbit range), even with lag.
: Major Bug with Bards Passive
Interesting, I wonder what causes this. I'll give their scripts a look and put in some safeguards in case they decide to get tired in the future.
: I really like the idea of the champion but I feel like him having only 1 damage ability makes him kiiinnndd of less worth picking and collecting chimes leaves you out on a lot of gold. I do have a few suggestions **1.Make chime collecting worth a bit of gold, just so he wouldnt fall behind as much.** **2.Lower the cooldowns on meep recharge or possibly change it somehow accordingly**, as only his Q does actual damage. I feel like he could use a bit of power. For example thresh makes up for his weak spell damage with the great utility(being hook and lantern), however I feel like Bard doesnt quite reach that level of utility. I feel like if you buffed some damage just a tiny bit, he would be viable as an ap tank.
(Hi, Designer for Bard here, no Red Name on PBE etc etc I posted this a lot) One quick thought here -- I like you calling out that chimes should be worth Gold. I considered that too, but ended up thinking that since Gold is really just a placeholder for buying more stats, as long as his chimes give him an appropriate amount of stats (through his upgrades), that they're "as good as Gold" in a way already. That said, chimes may be under-tuned right now, so their value may not quite be on par. Although, even then it's not 1-to-1, since the idea is that Bard is turning his map mobility into pressure and objective opportunities, which are worth their weight in Gold as well :) For 2, the meep recharge decreases a few times as you get chimes (12 -> 8 over a long enough game), but this number may need to drop more aggressively earlier. Thanks for the feedback!
: After trying him out I feel that the exp gained is very little for the effort. (there are other perks from the chimes but seeing just a sliver of exp show up is slightly depressing.)In addition when traveling to other chimes the ghost runs out almost right before I get to it every time. I feel that if the speed boost was maybe lower but lasted slightly longer the mechanic would feel better. The chimes I feel should appear randomly within a set distance (instead of right next to enemy turrets) The fact you can only have 3 health spots up at a time lowers my willingness to leave my adc alone. I feel that having a couple more where I can leave two at two lanes while I help out the third would feel better (as a bard player this may leave him unbalanced.) Especially since the heal at early levels is only for 90 health or so. His E is super useful, I love that you can cut quickly through long distances, however when you are traveling and cast an e at a wall, I wish that it would automatically mark that as the shortest route and put you through automatically (instead of you having to click just right) The ability to gank with the jungler is amazing, the warning it gives by putting the mark on the other side keeps it balances as well so that the attentive laner won't get caught off guard. His ulti doesn't come across as over powered as just like zhonya's it can easily be messed up. The long cooldown also makes sure that you are going to use it at the correct time. His q I feel is fine, maybe if the second hit was slightly more forgiving on aim (I don't really think it needs it.) TL,DR: Pros: Reasonable mana costs Q is fairly easy to use. W provides a decent amount of health E makes for some spectacular ganks R allows for some good saves and great plays Passive allows for some fun mechanics with meeps (aa into q for some quick damage) Cons: Can only have 3 health relics on the map at a time, meaning leaving adc is more risky R is difficult to use in a team fight as can hit both teammates and enemies Chimes appear anywhere on the map after ~20 minutes including right by enemy turrets E lights up other side of the wall so people can prepare to counter gank quickly.
Hey there! Quick reply, to both your **Cons** and **Zixcik** below - More health relics could be cool. The limit is more meant to prevent stacking them up hugely in one place, but it may turn out that a four- or five-shrine limit is appropriate. If the need for buffs arises, and I can do it without making his in-lane sustain too toxic, I might just do that. R being difficult in teamfights is sort of intrinsic. It's supposed to be different and require different positioning and thinking to take advantage of, which definitely gives it a tough learning curve. The chime spawning radius might balloon out too fast, especially if behind (you're probably right, **Zixcik**), and I'm considering putting in some checks for how well you're doing at the game and cribbing it in your favor a little if you're behind. Chime rewards are also a bit of a best-guess stab right now - they're ramping a little slower now than they have in the past, so I wouldn't be opposed to making that ramp steeper again if he needs it. And you're on point with calling out that E shows up on the far side to allow for enemy reaction - travelling halfway up the river to pop out behind someone is already strong enough without also appearing out of *nowhere* :) Thanks for the feedback!
: Just a quick little note, I think it may be a bit OP, but really cool, if Bard could have stacking portals. Kinda like Smite is now, where he has up to two portals and can use them quickly (not immediately) in a row. So he can go into drag, wait a few seconds so it's not too fast, then get out. I think this (if the cool down is long enough), plus decreasing the speed boost given by shrines can add mobility and allow him to give shrines to other lanes then get back quick. If the heal is increased a little, and the speed boost is decreased, but he gets this, I think it'll add to his power in a healthy way.
(Hi there, I'm the Designer on Bard, just no Red Name on PBE yet! ) I tried a version of Bard, long ago, for like three playtests, that had **Magical Journey as his ult** instead of his E. It had three charges, no cooldown between casting, and a short recharge time. You could go from **blue-side base entrance to Dragon** in **five seconds. ** The issue with this, that applies to a two-charge portal just as much, is that it's made or broken by team coordination. A solo-queue team wouldn't be able to appreciate the extra power that two portal charges bring, and the power taken out of other places on his kit would go to waste. Bard would be "totally underpowered" in normal play. An LCS team, on the other hand, would be able to make full use of the two portals, and Bard would be a sure ban every game. Bard would be "totally overpowered" in professional play. But that's my line of thought on the subject, it's possible I'm totally wrong on how it would turn out. It's definitely a cool idea, either way!
: Hmm... fair enough... Also, just from hearing my friend's comments from playing him, he had some concerns, but I don't expect him to make a thread. I kind of want to post them, but then it'd be a case of "This is what my friend who played Bard for the first time thinks, compared to Bard's designer") I guess I'd rather just hear your thoughts on these: It's not every day I can potentially talk to a champion designer with what they think about (X) changes to a champion, and hear about their ultimate vision for their champion, so please don't take this as a "if u dun do dis i won liek u anymoar" post. I'll try to shorten what he said: Keep in mind, it was his first game, and he has his own playstyle that might not work as well with Bard's design. ---- He felt, for it's versatility, Magical Journey might need a longer cooldown. Granted, this was a custom game against bots who don't know how to use the portal, so that doesn't factor in the 'enemy can follow you' aspect of it. He expressed a desire for the Meeps to spawn more often, at the cost of some of their power. As a counter to his argument, giving Meeps a more sustained presence might mean a bit less of an oppurtinity to approach him (Now that I think of it, the slow on a Meep means he apply the slow over a good 3-4 seconds of autoattacks) We agreed that his low-ish wave clear was probably a good balancing factor: if he had better wave clear and could split push effectively, he might be too annoying, with all of his movespeed buffs and escape paths, and potentially turn his unique design into "Another annoying split pusher". It seems like the experience granted by Chimes doesn't scale with level: While good for early roaming, would it be possible to give scaling experience (Nothing drastic, of course; not asking for 100 exp a chime); I would worry that too much of a reward from getting Chimes would encourage Bard players to just ignore that teamfight happening two-feet away in favor of getting the Chime that's half way across the map. He was worried about how squishy he felt playing Bard. Though thinking about it, with all his movement speed buffs, some decent-ish CC, "The Panic Button" (That's my nickname for his ult, and you won't convince me otherwise), he'd be pretty hard to take down if he was too tanky as well, even if he had mediocre damage to compensate. --- I think this about sums his comments up. I really am sorry for these walls of text. Like I said, it's really rare for me to be able to ask a designer about his champion like this, so I'm a bit excited. That's not even mentioning on how much I LOVE his aesthetics, designs, etc. etc., so I'm really interested in talking about him! You don't even have to even reply to this comment, and I can imagine it being a bad habit to listen to EVERY SINGLE player what they think about your champion (Though criticism isn't necessarily a bad thing in-and-of-itself). Not to mention the fact that you've stated yourself to be a new designer and all. Otherwise, you lose a lot of your vision for you championr under the complaints of "TOO STRONG, TOO WEAK, NOT ENOUGH UTILITY, TOO MUCH UTILITY, TOO DIFFERENT, NOT UNIQUE ENOUGH" that can come from our 'wonderful' playerbase.
Quickish reply, but I wanted to give you one of some sort :) Magical Journey is very situational against real players - its cooldown being low lets Bard try for cool plays without being overly punished. If people get really good at it, it might have to go up, though. I really want Meeps to be a resource he runs out of in a fight, and has to spend more like a spell cooldown than an autoattack. It's possible their spawn time can upgrade more aggressively in the lategame, if he just runs out of things to do in fights too often. You're spot on with the wave-clear - although I think it's neat that he starts being able to do it at 70 or 80 chimes in, so that he can stop a side-lane from pushing as a thing to do when he's off collecting late-game. Chime XP is something that I kinda haven't touched in a while. It's something I use gently - Bard's lane partner is already getting an XP advantage from being in a solo lane (assuming they can stay in XP range, that is), and Bard gives a pressure advantage, so giving him XP *at all* might actually not be necessary. If he ends up super behind in levels at 30 minutes in most games, I'd definitely look at upping the XP gain here. Bard definitely needs to build at least one, probably two or three tanky items. His basic attack is short-range and important to his pattern, and he has no survivability button. You're right in that I have to take feedback in context (someone who just came out of a losing game, with a Bard on one side or the other, will have a *strong* opinion), but even emotionally-driven feedback can point to an aspect of the champion that could be improved.
: Oh god.. I had one.. But I don't remember it. 1) The chimes seem to spawn more on the bot lane side. Is this intended? http://puu.sh/gcxrF/ec591ca042.png (The chimes seem to be more like spawning *randomly* in *chosen* areas, not as "random" as stated. Like the bot bush, for example. I've seen it spawn there like five times today in two games.) 2) It's not really a bug, but it's kind of hard to tell how you're going into the tunnel. I usually click a little bit inside the tunnel entrance or the tunnel itself(which of course, doesn't work and rather sends him around the terrain). Are you supposed to stand in front of the tunnel? 3) Oh yeah, remembered. Sometimes the minions move after being ulted. Stutter, to be more exact. **4) Dragon heals to full health after being ulted.**
(Designer here, no Red name on PBE yet :X ) 1. Intended - it's weighted in Bard's favor some, especially early. 2. Hoping to improve this some tonight. 3. Hopefully fixed soon, or at least soon after release. Swayne's Nevermove does the same thing, too. 4. This is really high on my list to fix Thanks for the reports!
: Not sure if this is a bug but Bard's Auto Attack doesn't get the bonus from the percentage of his AP.
How do you mean? Versus towers?
: Not entirely sure it's a bug, however I noticed one thing when using his ult on enemies which *channel* their ults. When Bard Ult's on a Fiddlesticks it acts like a Zhonya's, his Crowstorm continues and he's invulnerable, capable of damaging enemies whilst bard has ulted him (regardless of being enemy/ally). When Bard Ult's a Galio during his ult, which is currently channeling, it is cancelled completely after the stasis has completed. Have yet to test if Bard's Ult on a channeling Fiddlesticks would have the same effect, but judging from this I would assume so.
These are working as intended - It's more a quirk of Fiddlesticks than anything to do with Bard/Zhonya's. There's nothing you can do to stop Fid's bird-hula-hoop-of-death. Plus, why would putting Fiddle in stasis stop his bird friends from visiting? They just want to say hi :(
: Using Magical Journey does not proc Sheen effect. He does not get the glow around his hands, nor does he do additional damage on his next attack. This goes for Sheen and Iceborn Gauntlet (I have not yet tested Lich Bane and Trinity Force to make sure). Other abilities work fine with Sheen. Edit: Also does not seem to be skin-specific. Works (or rather *doesn't* work) on both Classic and Elderwood Bard.
Fix'd, probably on PBE tomorrow!
: Some "Bugs" I have found yet: - No joke/taunt/laugh sounds + no sounds on critical hit - targetable during magical journey + sheen doesnt proc during magical journey(sheen and gauntlet tested) - Bots can't use the maagical journey portal (they try to do but they just stand in front of it, doing nothing) - no description in champ overview and abilities page - the visual thingy of magical journey is sometimes wrong placed - no splash art for elderwood bard (not sure if bug or not, i am new on PBE) That's it! PS: Using Windows 10 if that matters!
Thanks for the report! (Designer on Bard here - still waiting on my PBE red name, sadly) Being targetable during Magical Journey is actually intentional - it's weird, but Untargetable is such a strong effect that the ability turns into "on-demand Vlad Pool for my team" rather than a repositioning tool. It not proccing sheen *is* a bug, though - fixed it for tomorrow just now! (Especially embarrassing since he's getting Lichbane as a recommended item too...) Bots are a tricky beast, I'll let the folks who maintain them know :) **I'm a little unclear:** Can you describe "the visual thingy of magical journey is sometimes wrong placed" a little more? Where on the map, or under what circumstances is it broken? Edit: The missing stuff is just not quite done yet, give it a couple of days :D
: when minions are chasing Bard through the jungle and he uses Magical Journey to get way, the minions group against the wall he went through and get stuck without a new target.
Interesting. I found a spot this happens in, but it doesn't seem particular to Magical Journey - Flashing, or even dodging into the brush leaves the minions stuck. I'll make a general bug about it, thanks!
Hello! I am Bard's designer. I am very happy you think he is peaceful, I wanted to make a peaceful champion all along :) Thank you for your thoughts! -Rabid Llama
: Thanks for your response! Oh, sending them two screens away would be a ridiculously strong CC, and even sending them on a one-way MAGICAL JOURNEY through a fairly thin wall would still take a lot of champs out of the fight. Still, it's flavorful and not too easy to pull off. Probably too powerful, but it would be cool if it could work. It's interesting what you say about the overstuffed kit being a product of being new to the role. Could you give an example of some champion you feel does a particularly good job at doing a lot with a little? This sounds sort of like what the MTG designer Mark Rosewater talks about in his article on [lenticular design](http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/mm/293). Is that sort of a similar notion?
I love Rosewater's blog! I only got a chance to skim the article for the moment, but I think his concept of "Comprehension Complexity -> Board Complexity -> Strategic Complexity" maps reasonably to this. For Bard, he has a fair bit of "Comprehension Complexity" - a lot going on in the base kit (in particular, the passive tooltip), along with "Board Complexity" - chimes spawning all over the place to make roaming feel natural and rewarding. Finally, this roaming is what allows for his "Strategic Complexity", which is what we want to get at in the first place. A cleaner example, off the top of my head, is Braum. He has a clear strategic identity as a defender of his team and an impediment to the enemy. His abilities are clean (shield, jump, mark/stun, shoot, explosive ultimate) and support this identity very directly. They each play off of each other very naturally. It's clear that you want to defend, and clear how to achieve this - jump to an ally, shield, find a way to place a mark on as many enemies as you can. The ult is the trump card he has for a bad situation, or he can combo it with his Q to catch someone out, or with his jump to surprise with it.
: I'll admit, I'll probably be terrible with him, but the champion has awesome enough visuals, thematics, and design that I'd love to learn how to play him! There are a lot of questions I have regarding his development, his Lore, and his characterization, but I'll just have to wait until the Q&A when he's about to be released live. I'll try to test what I can, but you know everyone's going to be trying him out. I haven't had a chance to play him besides wandering around in custom games (There's a pun somewhere), and the one game I had as an ADC with a bard support was probably not the best example, because it was a mirror match (Cait + Bard vs. Cait + Bard). And because I haven't played him thoroughly yet, I'll fully admit that **the below is more theorycrafting than any actual in-game experience.** I'm a bit concerned about the range of his ultimate, though it seems to have a longer cast/travel time the farther it is (ala Soraka's new Starcall), so it could be balanced. I believe you said you'd work on adding a change in cursor with his Magical Journey so it's easier to go in, so I won't go over that. Any thoughts on increasing the speed an enemy goes through the Magical Journey? While the idea that and enemy can follow you into the portal is pretty good for counterplay, I worry that the differences in travel speed makes it less "Enemy can chase you down if you use it wrong" and more "Your team has time to prepare to turn against the enemy that followed you, so why should the enemy chase you anyway?" --- (While it's on my mind, when you get your PBE account Red-ified, will it retroactively mark these posts as Red posts, will it make a separate account or do you know?)
The ult range is meant to allow him to use it defensively as a "fallback" in his roaming pattern. The missile speed (as you pointed out) is too low to use it too aggressively at that range, but it can still be an effective "bunker" for an ally. I think people will get more used to clicking on the Journey, but I plan to do more work on tightening up the hitboxes for it so it's more predictable. The ally/enemy speed difference isn't all that significant in practice. By end game, the Journey travel speed needs a bump to keep up with the speed of the game, so I figured why not make it a slight advantage for Bard's team rather than speeding up everyone. If it ends up being a big, wet blanket on the fun counterplay, I'd consider taking the "team only" part off :) (As for the accounts, I think it's just a flag, so the posts will be retroactively red)
: i'm really enjoying bard so far! his design is absolutely gorgeous and his release skin is just as nice his kit is challenging because it's so situational but definitely fun once you get the hang of it i really like the idea of a wandering support and i'm excited to test him with different builds and see how he does in different roles something i'm thinking might help players is adding some kind of special cursor to let you know that your click is going to send you through his tunnel since myself and some other people i've played with have noticed that you have to click around the entrance a few times to go through it, it's a bit hard telling just where you need to click (posted this in the bugs thread too just in case)
Due to some technical mumbo-jumbo, I didn't have a way to hook up a cursor change for the portal. I'll put in a request to get a few fixes I'd need to make that happen post-release :)
: I had the chance to try Bard out on PBE last night. I can’t speak much to his balance or team role, because I was just playing with bots, but he certainly felt distinctive and interesting. Like Braum, Bard has very little damage in his kit, and probably couldn’t solo lane. He only has the one damaging spell, and his base AD and attack speed are among the lowest in the game. The chime mechanic feels good, and gives him a really interesting way to scale up over time. I guess it’s most similar to Thresh’s soul minigame, but it demands much greater alterations of his play to take full advantage of, which I'm sure was the goal. The rewards from chime-gathering seem very tunable, and will probably help regulated Bard's power. His W and E feel good for roaming, and I’m sure his E has all sorts of fun strategic implications still to be figured out. I feel like this is one skill that really shouldn’t be smart-cast, because in many cases, very slight changes in angle can make huge differences in where the portal comes out. Might it make sense to make the skill default non-smartcast, sort of like how Karth Q is automatically smartcast? Bard’s ult, Tempered Fate, is rather astonishingly powerful and flexible. It’s an easy ability to screw up – I watched a game in which a Bard hit only his own team’s Kassadin with it, when that Kass was about to get a kill – but when it works, it’s maybe the strongest ult in the game. There is a delay that scales with distance before it takes effect, and the AOE is revealed early on. I really like this, because it gives people time to try to avoid or get hit by the Zhonya Bomb. Counterplay! It would be really cool and very flavorful if Cosmic Binding someone to a Magical Journey portal mouth pulled them through it. I don't know if that would be too strong, since it seems hard to pull off, but it feels like a very natural ability combo, and could lead to some cool plays. Aesthetics-wise, Bard is weird in a good way. He feels sort of like an eldritch horror Santa Claus. He’s another voiceless champion (Rek’Sai, Gnar, DJ Sona, and now Bard? Riot’s making up for lost time), and has ethereal orchestral sounds instead. His Meeps spawn with a creepy, not quite intelligible and oddly loud whispering. He looks humanoid, but often moves not remotely like a human, and his death animation is weird. His animations in general have a sort of surreal quality to them, but like Rek’Sai, he looks very fluid and well-animated. His sounds and particles are similarly well-fitting. Bard may be a being of light and music (and hair), but he feels much more alien than any of the Void champions. Nicely done! Overall, I think I like Bard. His kit may be a bit overstuffed, but he has to work to unlock a good chunk of his power and pretty much all his damage. He’s thematically very strange, very original, and just feels good to play. I’m glad to see you all making champs like him.
Thanks for the feedback! (Red Name pending, here :) ) My goal was definitely to make a *support* support, one with utility over kill potential. The roaming was a good fit here, in a sense - the reason we can't have someone like Alistar roaming is because he 1) Shows Up 2) Kills A Guy. I totally agree that E works best without smartcast, but I like to give players the choice on how to cast their spells. I do wish I had a way to easily *suggest* that players not smart-cast it. In the general case, though, it's pretty easy to put Bard where you want, and then click where you want to go, and have it work - I'm pleased with how the cast feel turned out for E. Tempered Fate is definitely a spell I worry about - screwing it up can be hugely negative for your team, much moreso than just whiffing a Braum or Ziggs ult. As an aside (doesn't apply to your case) something like ulting an ally Kassadin can be good sometimes - if he needs another 2.5s for his next blink to come up, invuln'ing him while he waits can be a huge play. I like the style of the Binding/Journey combo idea. A long time ago, I considered having Q pull the two targets towards each other, which would have made that an even more obvious combo. On the other hand, sending someone two screens away through a wall is *pretty strong* CC... I'll pass the aesthetics feedback on to his particle, audio, and animation artists - they'll be even more stoked to read it than I am :D Also, his kit is *totally* overstuffed. I feel like it's one of the signs that I'm a fairly green designer - the better you get at design, the more you can do with less. For me, the competing pulls of having a character who can lane, roam, teamfight, and wander (to at least some degree) all at the same time led to making a lot of difficult choices and sometimes having to stick with mechanics that I would have otherwise cut. I've promised my poor artists that next time my character will be simple as can be. Mark my words!
: Ok, I will put everything I think here. **ORIGINAL LIST- 02/25/2015** **1. Caretaker's Shrines Aren't Powerful Enough Late Game** They are only good for a small instant heal late game. Waiting for them to fully charge late game is a bit of a waste of time and they are only really useful for being in the River to have some "healing depots" of such. However, even then the heal isnt too good for how much counterplay they open up. **2. Magical Journey Should Give Vision At Each End of the Portal** It is really frustrating to put a portal down and not have a lot of time to react when suddenly an enemy follows you through or is waiting on the other side and you dont know it. Having vision on each side would be a really good addition. **3. The Out of Combat Movement Speed Boost from Chimes Doesnt Last Long Enough** They don't last long enough later in the game to effectively get you to the next chime to stack the movement speed boost. You have to get lucky and have chimes spawn right beside each other to make use of the stacked movement speed boost. Chime stacking is also really hard and time consuming late game so increasing the speed boost duration to 11-13 seconds from 7 seconds would help a lot! **4. Meeps Should Apply Spell Effects** They have a static, decent cool down and are their own projectile. Making them apply spell effects (AoE or single target is up to you) would help Bard a lot with different kinds of itemization. **5. Chime Mini-Map Icons Should be Meep Heads** Because who doesnt want to see a bunch of Meep Heads all over their minimap to collect? :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **UPDATED LIST- 02/28/2015** **1. Caretaker's Shrine Speed Up Duration and Total Charge Time Scale with Level** Make his W speed up duration scale up by 0.25 seconds per level and charge time by -1 second per level, causing the speed duration to become 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds and the charge time to become 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. This way the speed vs heal trade off is a lot more clear while still having the fully charged heal worth it late game since 10 seconds is a LONG time late game and you usually dont stick around in one place for that long unless you are attacking an epic monster or a turret. **2. Meep Scaling Modification** Instead of one upgrade every 5 chimes, make it one upgrade every 2 chimes with a lot less powerful upgrades. ALSO, make the Meep's always gain damage every upgrade with certain upgrades giving only but more damage. For example... 2 Chimes- 10% slow for 1 second and plus 3 damage 4 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 6 Chimes- 20% Slow for 1 second and plus 3 damage 8 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 10 Chimes- Meeps deal 50% AoE damage behind target plus 3 Damage 12 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 14 Chimes- Bard gains Meeps 0.75 seconds quicker plus 4 damage 16 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 18 Chimes- Bard can now carry 2 Meeps 20 Chimes- Plus 15 Damage Something along those lines would make the chimes system feel much more rewarding, especially really early and really late game when you dont pick up as much chimes every trip. **3. Tempered Fate Interaction with Meeps and Chimes** I thought a cool addition to Tempered Fate for even more uses with it along with making it more worth upgrading. - If no units are hit by Tempered Fate, Tempered Fate can be used to collect chimes and the cool down is reduced by 70% plus 4/6/8 seconds for every chime collected in this way. The cool down reduction is not applied if no chimes are collected. - When an enemy champion or allied champion is hit with Tempered Fate, additional effects occur. For every enemy champion hit by Tempered Fate, Bard gains an extra Meep up to his current limit. Allied champions hit by Tempered Fate gain a Meep that modifies their next basic attack. Allied champion Meeps deal 30/40/50% damage. The chime collecting Tempered Fate for more of a use when theres that 1-2 chimes that are completely out of the normal route to get the rest of the chimes. The allied and enemy champion interactions are more to have the ultimate be a little less punishing and forgiving if enemy mobility and such can outplay Bard entirely without him having too much say. Also, as an ultimate, Bard's team should have a little bit more of an edge with the spell when Bard uses it. **4. Bard Base Stat Adjustment with Chime Modification** Less base mana regeneration and base movement speed with modification to chimes to make them more mandatory to get, especially early game. Decreasing Bard base mana regeneration by about 25% and then decreasing his base movement speed to 325 in order to buff chimes to recover about 10% missing mana + 20 and have the out of combat movement speed boost duration be increased to about 11 seconds from 7 seconds. A proper trade off to help Bard and make him a true wanderer.
Hey guys, I'm the designer on Bard - I have a Red Name on the NA forums but not on PBE yet, getting that fixed shortly! Anyway, let me respond bit by bit :) **1. Caretaker's Shrines Aren't Powerful Enough Late Game** I totally understand where you're coming from. I've always been skeptical about the "healthpack" model working lategame, when team fights happen unpredictably and you don't have time to wait for a heal. The intention is that the chargeup part falls off in usefulness at later ranks, and the base number takes over (the difference is always a flat 40 - huge early game, meaningless late). Also, I think I'm okay if Bard's healing falls off some late (unless he goes crazy AP) and E becomes more about the movement speed for chasing and escapes. It's possible the speed boost % needs to rank up, too. The real advantage to late-game shrine placement isn't so much the charge-up as it is that you can go into a fight with "three extra heal cooldowns" available in the form of pre-casting. Hard to pull off, though. Balance-wise, we might put some bigger numbers on late ranks of W - will see where he filters out in terms of balance overall :) **2. Magical Journey Should Give Vision At Each End of the Portal** I actually think it's really important that it *doesn't* give vision - Bard should be scared about rushing headlong into a situation. As an opponent, keeping vision control lets you combat Bard's extreme situational mobility, and catch him out if he decides to go for it. It also lends a bit of fairness - an escaping Bard can Journey into an area where his pursuers don't have vision, it's only fair that if he's moving aggressively that he has the same disadvantage. (Also, good catch from Maerlon that Caretaker's Shrine grants vision on cast! This situation is part of why it's there. It does feel weird to use healing as scouting, but in the right situation it's worth it.) **3. The Out of Combat Movement Speed Boost from Chimes Doesnt Last Long Enough** Interesting - could be a good fix if we find late-game chime collection to be something that's keeping Bard down. Will keep this one in my back pocket, for sure! **4. Meeps Should Apply Spell Effects** I'll shop this one around to other designers - it's a significant change, balance-wise, but you're right in that it opens up some interesting late-game build paths for him. **5. Chime Mini-Map Icons Should be Meep Heads** The minimap icon was missing yesterday - should be in now. It's abstract, but getting something readable at 12-pixels-by-12-pixels, against a multicolor background, taking into account colorblindness... it's tough :X Thanks for the detailed feedback!

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