: Yeah there were definitely a lot of hilarious bugs (in the first test, items just duplicated indefinitely...) We want hextech to be a trait you opt into that is only **really **powerful when you are particularly worried about another player who has really good items, especially if they have many good items, so its almost certainly not going to be a "turn off the stat but not the unique" effect. Given you can acquire traits mid combat by placing spatula items, you can also lost traits mid combat, so disabling yuumi will remove a sorcerer.
Well it remove sorcerer for the remainder of the battle or just for the time that the bomb's effects are working?
: As detailed in the post linked, we plan on rotating/creating new sets of units on a macro time scale, with small updates and additions like this one to those sets on a micro timescale https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/06/dev-design-pillars-of-teamfight-tactics/
Rotating? :O As in certain origins might be rotated OUT?
: Complain about RP every day
Used to be you got your RP reset to 8000RP each day but apparently, in the "RP is back" sticky, they say that too much RP crashes the store. I don't really... buy that. It makes it sound like each RP is a process running on your computer when it should really just be a number in a secure database. 3000RP isn't even enough to grab a set of skins.
: I monitored for about a month, and the "need" for more RP has died out and the current mission is accomplishing the goals we set out in a balanced way. To much RP would have crashed the store, so that is why the limits are in place.
Too much RP crashes the store? ... it's... just a number stored in a database somewhere? How would it possibly crash the store? A BUNCH of transactions I'd understand. Unless each RP is literally it's own transaction but that shouldn't be how banking tech works*. I really feel like there's more you're not telling us. If you're peeved people are coming to PBE and not really **_testing_**, I'd understand, but this kinda... feels like a lie. *~~Unless you're using some blockchain weirdness but that's conspiracy theory territory, though it'd explain why the client is SO SLOW.~~
: RP on PBE, it’s back!
As much as I love that it came back, I think a lot of people will be happier if the mission was 8000RP. 3000 doesn't even cover a whole skin line's release.
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: Program Le Blanc - In Game Versus Splashart
I have huge, **HUUUUGE** weariness about Photoshop edits because a lot of these people **DO NOT UNDERSTAND** how "minor edits" are actually fairly huge. (e.g. Sweetheart Rakan's pauldrons would add much more avatar complexity/need some rig adjustments AND that was a holiday skin with an expected deadline: Valentines.) This... seems doable. Her breasts are... seriously overdone in the skin, in my opinion. Ultimately, I think the reason they went through with making her chest and hips so bad is... game readability. I can say for SURE that's probably going to be their excuse. They fudge a little here and there so she doesn't look too hard to read in-game. They've done this before in the past where they believe some things just need to be done for gameplay over art. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}   #EDIT: The hair, also... may be tricky. Complex hair just adds more polygons so.... yeah. Making complex hair especially might be troublesome. So Riot may be just sitting here thinking... "how much can we simplify the model and get away with?". Really complex hair might be a big thing to cut.
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: Thanks for the feedback. This is an experiment we are trying out, if everyone hates them, we just won't release more. They are a lot more work than Chromas for us, so if everyone is happy with just chromas we'll listen and stick to those.
I can't speak for others, but I personally don't mind more content. It's the price point that seems just outright ridiculous. I've messed with 3D animation before, so I have a feeling I know how minor these "tweaks" the Variants require are, with the exception of unique animations. The consensus is you're charging large amounts of money for what's essentially recycled content... or at least from the looks standpoint. SG you can DEF tell they are newish models. But Leona... much less so, other than color changes. It seems things from the neck down stay the same. You can try to explain it all you want with talks of rigging, animations, etc (which I DO understand) but think from the common user's standpoint. People already feel skins in League are too expensive but roll with it anyway, and you're poking the tiger now. I've even taught my 10 year old nephew a little about rigging and 3D animation a while back and if HE can understand my frustration at this subject now that I fully understand how this is all going to play out... I think your marketing team's involvement is rather... _obvious_. There's also the disappointment that Diana got robbed of an amazing Legendary idea, Lunar Eclipse since I doubt you guys will go back to give her a similar treatment. These two combined make me... extremely disappointed at Riot. **To not even think about making a Lunar Eclipse skin for a champion whose theme is the Moon.** The only consolation is that you did Leona well.
: Thanks for the feedback. Not to get to technical, but there is significantly more work on these than in Chromas. Chromas are just a texture re-color, For the Pajama guardians they are getting a full new model, which also sometimes require tweaks to the rig and animation. For Leona she has a different recall, models (both base and after the ult), and VFX set.
It also seems a bit unfair to post this on the PBE boards where the community blowback can seem to be intentionally controlled since not everyone has a PBE account. Hell, even my Discord is starting to get angry over this. Are we supposed to hold our tongues and only limit our feedback to issues pertaining to the skin?
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Do the Leonas share voice work and stuff? I'm trying to decide if the price is... iffy or not.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger!
If I may ask, how much work would it be to make the turrets dance when he dances? ;-; I can understand you might have to add triggers and that might be too much for a skin but... THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA and this skin already makes me speak two octaves higher when playing because of the cutness. ;u; Why not one more when dancing?
: Technically speaking, Ezreal's flower in Debonair should go on the other side of his jacket
Not sure if flipping the 3D model is that easy. Flipping the texture might mean having to flip the texture of the gauntlet onto the other side (specifically if his model is texture-altas'ed, which means one texture is wrapped around everything in the model). It'd most likely require going in, using the clone tool to put the flower on the opposite side, then painting over the old flower. I agree with the either stuff, though. Just putting my limited knowledge of 3D modeling in.
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
So far so good! It looks beautiful! First Cho'gath,now my little V's get some love. (Vi and Veigar). Now... if you can just do something about Veigar's grating voice. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Hello again! Sorry for being so presistent but like I have already stated, I've waited a long time for this skin, and I just want it to look it's absolute best! I realized that some of the things I have been asking for are straying a bit too far from the original model, and could therefore prove a bit difficult to do. Because of this I decided to sit down and look at the model and try to figure out what it is that seems so weird about it. Thanks to Rayneomon I realized that the model and the splash art have very different colours and looks. For example as I have stated before, the glasses (or goggles) Heimer is wearing have very different shapes, if you compare them. therefore, I have tried to change the model to resemble the one in the splash a lot more, and I think it looks a lot better. Although I want to emphasize that this might just be my opinion, and I dont want to just complain all the time to the team who have worked on the skin. I REALLY, REALLY like almost everything about it, the jokes and taunts are some of the best in the game ( I especially like the one where Heimer faceplants, gives me a giggle every time ). I just want to bring out the tiny problems I have with the skin that you could try to fix. https://i.imgur.com/IvHFoEx.png I added the happy eyes that Heimer has on the splash, they're just so adorable! I also added a bit of smouldering to his moustache. Gotta burn that hair! His gloves are a browner colour, like in the splash, his glasses are more golden, and curved right. The crown is darker on the top and fiery at the bottom, and last but not least, his ears have blue hair on top, just like the splash. Also, due to the request of TheRealYuma, I decided to change the eyes on the turret dragons to, as Yuma put it, make them look less than chickens, and more like the one you can see in the splash art. Please tell me if that's the look you want Yuma or if they should be changed even more. https://i.imgur.com/TRsTorC.png Thank you for your time!
I honestly can't tell the difference between the turrets other than the tiny little speckles behind his eye... and from a game-height perspective (fully zoomed out), this would make little difference anyway. You also have to ask if the speckles require a higher texture resolution to not appear blurry. Riot has a certain things in place like polygon budgets and I imagine they have some rules on texture resolution. There is also another metric they try to go by. They want most newer skins to contrast with the map so they have very clear, discernible features. I do like the goggles edit! Namely the happy eyes!!!!!!
: OK I have found the reason for the animaton reset and it doesn't actually have anything to do with the skin. During heimers haste animation, if he steps close to a turret, he will also get his movement speed buff from his passive. This triggers a reset on the haste animation. It looks really clunky and it would be great if you could fix it, but it might be hard to do. I also found a second bug which might be severe but idk it might just be a bug with the training dummies. When I was testing out the dragon turrets i noticed that their bar sometimes gets full without them using their "big beam". They wont be able to use it and therefore have to be destroyed in order to gain the ability again. Now this isn't just a problem on this skin but a problem with heimerdinger just like the haste animation. But if it actually happens in a game then this is a serious issue that needs to be adressed. https://i.imgur.com/wapiE7U.png
I, too, see the haste animation bug. It's probably the one bad mark on what seems to be an AMAZINGLY crafted skin.
: My friend said it had something to do with my harddrive but it seems like other people have it too with i played support and it still happened so {{sticker:sg-janna}}
It shouldn't be a hard drive issue? If it is, League has its fingers deeper than any game ever should be, I'd think. o.O Either Riot screwed up with Worlds-specific map-texturing or there's likely some GPU error.
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: Akali bug Q levels I was in a costum game with a friend, I was upping Q first, when I reach lvl 5q it resets to 2 levels (both visually and stats) I keep the game and I started again upping my q again at level 5 resets to 2 levels while my friend had his q working fine (both akali)
I had this bug too! Upvoting for more exposure!
: This is very weird. I'm in practice tool right now spamming that and every time it costs 80 energy.
Would that have anything do with this bug? https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/dGoEEAFG-bug-leveling-up-akali-q-not-actually-leveling-may-affect-others-unsure Basically, I'm level 10 in the screenshot, but my skills didn't seem to look like they were updating. I pressed the skill-up button on Q but the dot was only visible for a split second before it disappeared.
: Ya :( fixed for tomorrow.
Why are these skins still on but Infernal's disabled?
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: Game not starting and giving a black screen error
I'm having the same issue. A few extra questions, if you will, they may have some bearing on the issue: What mode was it? If you can, can you remember the champs in the game? What's your ISP? ANY detail, no matter how small, would be great to share, so that Riot can piece together similarities in everyone's reports (i.e. if it's only happening on one internet provider).
: Project Jhin's ult should be more epic.
I have to agree as well. Imagine that tile affect following the ult bullet. That would be amazing. 4th shot.. not sure how much you can improve that but it does feel unimpressive.


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