: Game disconnects and vanishes after a minute.
I had a similar issue. It was later than a minute, probably closer to 3 minutes into the game. I got the "attempting to reconnect" message with no champions or minions moving. After about 3 minutes of waiting to reconnect, I closed the game via task manager. I found that the client brought up the "skip waiting for stats" option. When I selected it, it brought me to client as if the game had never happened. Match history has no record of the game existing. There was no Kalista in the match, as she is disabled at this time.
: I was able to replicate this in a custom game with Caitlyn. I hope they fix this soon; like you mentioned, it's a huge boost to the purple team, which is really unfair to the other team.
It's not a boost, it's just broken. Now in my opinion Cait's ability to attack baron over the wall with normal AA range isn't balanced either, but that's an old trick.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
The only glaring complaint I have so far is the duration of her E. Relative to it's size it is very difficult to land. Someone can walk over nearly all of it and still be out before the snare kicks in. It's cast range is too small to use as a good "Don't walk here" tool, so in all it seems like it is defensive only when not in retreat. That seems to be too specific a use to really fit very well. I would suggest a few solutions: 1. Shorten the time until it triggers a snare 2. Increase it's area 3. Increase it's cast range 4. Make it do some other ability. Examples: a. Regen mana to allies b. Stop enemy regen (doesn't quite fit in lore as a healer though) c. Do damage over time. d. etc.
: This happend to me while playing Rengar on ascension none of the animations worked the bolas were invisible, dieing did not help to get rid of it.
There is a thread currently above yours that is talking about the same issue. If you could add your picture to that thread it would get more exposure!
: Hi, i noticied dat rengar have a big animation bug. In last match i played in Ascension,and Rengar (with night hunter skin) froze in Q (Savagery) animation. He was "floating" on the map with Q animation. Thanks Xahrtos (ingame Dominus now)
Are you sure it's the q animation? I thought it was that, and I learned that it is actually his channel animation, triggered by him not completing a relic. So if you interupt the channel, he will remain in the channel animation stance for the entirety of his life. On revival he will be in the normal stance.
: Since youre modifying AD items, could you look at Executioner's Calling
This item is not just an optional change. This is something that league really needs to support some of their core design tenants. There is currently very little choice and counterplay for hard sustain champions. While sustain is not an extremely crucial mechanic currently, it is still very viable for many champions, and has next to no counterplay outside of champion select. There is no getting around the fact that Morellenomicon is the only anti-sustain item currently viable.Even if we say that one item per damage type is acceptable, Executioners is a gold inefficient item and a hinderance to have to build.
: Why not make Nidalee's spear AD?
I just want to inform you that I believe this is the wrong section of the forums for such a post. The New Features Feedback section of this subforum is for new features associated with the air client. You would be better off in champions and gameplay feedback, where there is extensive discussion on the new nidalee changes. Keep on posting interesting ideas!
: Champion and skin selecting issues.
I got this as well. When I went to use my recently purchased Woad Quinn and Valor skin, the client reported that I did not own it. When I clicked "click to unlock" It showed that I owned the skin properly.
  Rioter Comments
: Braum Q needs a revision, because at the moment don't make a lot of sense with his playstile and role. It can't be used as a poke because it's totally blocked by minions and doesn't make a lot of sense as a defensive tool because of the poor CC (for an ability intended to block an enemy that is charging yor ally) and the difficult to hit with. There are 2 ways at this ponit to solve the thing: **1** - Give Braum a bit more mobility so he can make full use of his Q **2** - Make Q a more position-forgiving poke, but make it also less rewarding when not properly aimed (less damage+less slow)
I like where you are going with this. His Q does feel like poke, but to be honest, I think it is sort of baiting the user into thinking it is. It's mana cost is high enough you can't spam it forever, it's dodgeable if you are very aware it's going to be used, and it's damage is rather low. (at low levels, haven't tried leveling anything but 3rd right now) What gives his q strength is it's large slow, and it's ability to start off a concussive blows chain at a range. It is awesome for peeling and good for chasing people down. The only change I would suggest if it is used too much like poke would be to increase the mana cost, so it can't be spammed enough to do poke damage.
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
I'll try to organize my thoughts to make them easy to skim. 1) **I LOVE his personality.** I honestly can't be unhappy hearing him say all kinds of wise things while I play. 10/10 want to me more like him when i grow big and strong. 2) **He has a unique style, and I really appreciate it, as it fits my own.** I want to give my approval on the true defensive support style. He definitely excels when he is protecting allies, either by following an engager or by protecting and peeling for his backline. 3) **I am a little disappointed on the scaling ratios on his W.** I complete a big resist item and it seems to increase the value very little. Health seems the way to go, but I would like to share my stats with my ally more. 4)**E feels a little awkward in fights.** Casting it is a strange motion to make, especially when trying to run away, but shield behind you. Also, it gets weird to manage in close quarters. I don't have any good proposed solutions unfortunately, just some observations. 5)**His ult sounds like my headphones are breaking.** I like the bass on it, but it doesn't sound like an ability, it sounds like an audio glitch to me, while I know it is not one. I would prefer an altered sound, maybe similar to Jarvan's ultimate? 6)**His slow AA means killing wards is hard.** I understand that having a slow AA might be to reduce the stacks of his passive during a fight, but clearing wards is painfully slow. I feel like I need to be very, very safe to clear wards. Thanks so much for reaching the bottom!
: The problem here is then nobody would test things that have bugs that we are unaware of; for example say Taric has a bug - if everyone's told to play Braum, then nobody will play Taric and the bug will go unnoticed. Part of it is that with no guidance, people will play a lot of different things and lesser-known bugs can be sniffed out faster.
That's why it would be priority and not required. There is a much higher likelihood of there being a bug on the new content than the old stuff, so that should be reflected in their testing priority.
: Did not receive response from server.
Mine says online, but I do not receive any response from the server at login.
: Store is down
After the message addressing the issue has been removed, I am still having this problem.
: Long time to game recap
I have this problem. When I hit "skip waiting for stats", it pulls me out of the post game lobby. When I try to start another game after, it says that I am still assigned to another match. Closing and re-opening the client solves the problem. I have not tried just waiting without a restart yet. Will try it again if the problem comes up.
: [Suggestion] Suggestions to Improve Frost Queen's Claim
> As it is now, once you have enough gold for your 6th item, FQC is usually sold off. This is a big part of the items problem. The last version of it is simply unwanted. I would build blue gold building on champs like Annie if I knew that I would use the final version. Instead, I build coin because I know I will have uses for the Talisman active.
: The problem with showing CD timers is that is just too easy. The fact that you know that a person just used a summoner spell is suppose make it a strategic timing. You know the CD and know when you can go in or not. It isn't supposed to be that simple.
: Heh.... Sarcasm over the internet oftentimes fails, eh? Tavison was joking. Just arrange your summoner spells before the game. It takes a maximum of 7 seconds.
It's more the point that moving them isn't that hard, and the one game where you screw things up, you can just tweek it and all's good.
: Team Builder
If you are indeed not getting the proper client updates, you will definitely want to submit your directx info any anything else for them to help narrow down the problem. Also, have you re-built your client? Open the updater, hit the gear icon and select rebuild. Please note, I am no expert, but when I have client issues I usually end up with a solution in re-build. Also, this might be more appropriate in air client feedback. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/air-client-new-features-feedback
: Why is there no good offensive aura items for supports?
I would like to see this question re-phrased. Why are there so few aura items? There are very few aura items that are really worth buying. Aegis is the one most people think about. Also, frozen heart and randuins are aura or aura-like items that can be bought to help your team. Zeke's is not particularly good, and it's build rate supports that. It seems to me that we are seeing aura items lose focus from the Riot team, and these are just the remnants of a dormant project. A simple fix would be to add a few items, or modify others. In particular, make an armor mirror item to Aegis, an AP focused mirror to Frozen Heart/ Randuins, re-work zekes, and make a spell vamp mirror of zekes (although spell vamp is a whole new can of worms). Mirror items are something we are used to (bf sword-nl rod, I.E.-Rabadons, etc.) so using them here would be a great way to open up an item type to viability without having to come up with a bunch of unique item types. As a support main, I will conclude my argument with the fact that support item builds would be more interesting if I had aura items to consider. It would provide a new build route, one that is focused on grouping and team fighting, instead of having one that I always used, which has to work for both team fighting and split tactics.
: Is Jinx too strong all around?
I like your use of numbers to make your argument It gives much more weight to the point than just stating your opinion. Unfortunately I don't have the numbers to back up my claim. At low elo (high bronze, low silver) I have seen a lot of jinx players do very, very well at all stages of the game. I am fairly confident that it is more than any other ADC that has been played regularly enough. While jinx is assassin-food, at lower levels we don't see that happening for whatever reason. What I am really saying is I would like to see the win-rate stats for low elo if someone has them, as it is my prediction that they are very high, and that may want to be considered when debating changes to the champion.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
I personally enjoyed an AP item that encouraged autoattacks and not just spell casting. It is very fun to add on to champions that use autoattacks regularly, Kayle, Orianna, Ziggs, Ezreal, the list goes on and on. To sum up my opinion, I am happy to see the insta-bursters getting nerfed,but I do not like that it comes at the cost of this unique AP items, and would prefer to see a better compromise. Why not test out some far-out ideas of how to get the best of both worlds here before running the Lich Bane nerf?
: Queue not returning to matchmaking after failing.
I also had this problem. When I entered myself back in the queue, it added me at the time duration of the last match found.
: There is a bug in the W skill of aether wing kayle. When I use it, THe sound gets bugged and I can listen the sound everytime on the place you use the skill.
Seconded. I have tried this in game and in a custom match. When the W is activated it's sound never stops and continues to play in the area where it was cast for the entire match. Multiple instances of this bug occur at the same time. Teammates in my match could also hear the sound.
: [Thresh Bug] - Auto attack going wierd places
I have had this same problem on the main client. It seems a higher percent of the attacks have the bugged animation with increased attack speed.
: Shop cursor bug - wrong shape
Having the same problem. Pac Domino's solution of clicking outside the client works as well.
: New Sound Engine Bug
Also adding that I am having this problem as well. I can hear everything, except for champion voice in all situations.


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