: how can u see ur position? mine just says that i m over 9000
Made a post for that:- https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/TiREhzsf-if-anyone-wants-to-find-the-most-recent-queue-position OR there is an application someone made that does the same(LOOK for 'lucky on pbe''s comment)
: Alright riot, this isn't how wait times work
After reading this post i tried to log in. I looked at the log file and saw that my actual position in queue is also increasing for some reason. IDK, i feel like some people have priority accounts. It went from 143141 to 143180. So it makes sense if the timer also goes up. But later it went down to 137003. Be patient, you will log in.(hopefully)
: Dam well in past week I only managed to login twice played some TFT Back then it only took 25 min Now it's 31 hours
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: What is the file name and in which folder and where
PBE->Logs->LeagueClient Logs Sort it by date modified. Open the recent file which consumes the most memory dated today. Look for the last "Login queue position is"
: Queue position
after few mins i reopened the log file and found : "Login queue position is 208361"
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: Here you can see all items + items combination and what they do + All roles/class + what they do: https://imgur.com/a/S11Jhyn
I know about that but you expect everyone to have that? im just saying it should be on the client so people dont have to look online
: Round Robin HAS a timer. Look at the center top of your screen. It displays it.
it has? i have played like 20 times and i still dont know lol my bad
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: lol login kicks me out of queue
well it happened again this is too fun
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: Remove 'Your position in queue'
This time it went down to 5000. sigh.
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: Nobody really wants the limited champion pool, please get rid of it
It would be great to have more champs. Would love to play more assassins in ARURF.


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