: Riot Pls Let me play a game.
Apparently,,,, Its my computer's fault xd.
: Introducing a new PBE bug boards account experiment - The PBE Squad
PLS! PLS fix the bug that keeps telling me that the game client is having critical error and that is just stupid.
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: Comprehensive Bug List
Update. The update is finished and we will be able to check whether RITO fixed them or not.
: Most Recent Update = Endless Bugs
Update: They are updating and potenial going fix right now.
: Most Recent Update = Endless Bugs
Suprise Nobody mentioned kled. He cant be stunned by Irelia's E or Ekko's w. From current test, only thresh can stop him. He cannot die even in fountain.(Basically invisible.)
: We used to had the ability to play these type of game modes in customs. I miss 1v1 with friends on urf and such. Why did Riot remove this feature?
: U missed one....... {{champion:134}}
15 Q balls at same time. THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY.{{item:3151}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: You should see {{champion:45}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:106}} and {{champion:133}} {{champion:45}} gets to spam Q and stack extremely fast. Played with a Veigar who's W was on a .56 sec cd. {{champion:7}} You either one shot her on slight or afk at fountain. Can't catch her and can't run away. {{champion:23}} His ult is always up so the window to kill him is very very very very very small. Like 10 seconds, then he has it again. Insanely mobile with E and hard to itemize against since he can just go AP if you start stacking armor. {{champion:106}} Unkillable tank late game. Always running, always biting, perma-ult. Probably the only place he's viable at. And {{champion:133}} Who can take relentless hunter and get duckblade>youmuu's>ie>shiv>dd with mobi boots and become a force that can be anywhere at any time. Very hard to kill since she can kite very well with E and Q and impossible to sneak up on because of her W. Only effective strat against her is to always stay grouped and never burn anything unless she shows, which will lose you the game since there's still 4 other champions you have to worry about.
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: ARURF. WHY!!!!!!????
true. It was so hard to get the good champs
: I see, but what about champs?
Yesterday it still wasn't fixed. Now it is.
: Store disapeared
You can force purchase skins by using the new feature in collection. ( Skin feature)
You can force purchase skins by using the new feature in collection. ( Skin feature)
: Same happend to me all you have to do is log off and log back in and it worked for me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Disappeared yesterday and tried your method. Work for first time, but not now
: Zoemania
Yeah..... Too much Zoe maniac who would dodge. I spend about 20 mins waiting until we finally get into game
: Overcharge is not healthy fun
You cant make a comeback. Simple. No dmg on our princess sivir too
: AND: nearly all icon of teams that didn't get tier 2 had disappeared
I mean the image turn invincible, even tho you can still buy them
: Not sure on purpose or not
AND: nearly all icon of teams that didn't get tier 2 had disappeared
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Vi!
Significant Moving problem when coming up from jg bush to mid lane. I was playing Mid lane Taliyah against a t.f yesterday and when Vi comes in, I can see that she is facing the other way while moving toward me, and leg not moving. Q animation not done correctly (Right side of the bush: I am on blue side)
: ***
Umm. You know, confiscated does not equal to broke. (I.....T)
: Due to the nature of the game, sadly no. If Rito were to make it friendly to touchpad users, skills of certain champions will likely have to change. Some require very quick mouse movements that wouldn't work well on a touchpad
I totally understand. However, my point is that, when using touchpad(everyone knows...) your right click is very hard to be precise, and even if you transfer it to left side, it still makes inaccurate movement. Especially on Varus's Q or any champion skill that need to be directed by your mouse arrow
: Let's be calm, people.
Umm, most of the games are Spanish dominanted
: PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
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: Please enable zoe again :(
Her skill set.......... was broken
: Yes, a rioter says that she is one of the aspects of targon like pantheon and diana.
There's a question tho. Is she another celestial god just like Aurelion, or is she actually one of the Targon Gods who once controlled Aurelion Sol
: Who is Zoe?
she seems to be a counterpart of Aurelion Sol, both control the stars, and we can see that she is an AP assassin like Ahri with long range T-C(Target Control)
: Wont connect to games 1/3 times
IT IS SO TRUE!!!! I had that on the normal server for a heck of a lot of times. Also on PBE, not as much these days
: Thanks for the information. For now, alt tabbing in and out of the game should be a workaround for the issue.
Also, the problem with ALT-Tab is that it doesn't keep up with the game, and simply laggs when you get back in
: I don't know if its related or not but now my minimap sometimes starts completely black. Image for explanation. (This was occurred in SR first) https://imgur.com/TZt78iB
Me too, I had to reset my minimap back and forth(Which is left and right) every single game in order to see the mini map
: Could you post a screenshot, please?
Ok, I will do it once I am back in the server when it finished maintaining
: Emotes Error EM05
: I'm not getting the skin i am buying with RP
me too, took about 1 day for it authorize. The skin is also not showing on my picked page, I bought Dreadnova Darius and it does not appear on the skin select
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