: If you enjoy the *privilege* of being on public beta: instead of being offense, unhelpful and entirely opinionated, consider offering constructive criticism, including real reasons and not being a general douchebag. I'm sure Riot would appreciate not having their time wasted.
*Offensive (Learn to spell). IF you want constructive criticism then I would say that this game mode has some serious problems that need fixing. This is a big problem and it should have been noticed, but never the less it should be fixed quickly. Those of us with less beefy computers are not able to play this game mode. I bought a new computer recently that runs this game mode fine, but on my other computer it constantly crashes. Now let's keep in mind that this computer is not slow. It runs CS:GO perfectly on medium settings. Back to the game mode though. I do not like the objectives you have to capture at the speed buffs. It seems like an odd place to have them and they re-spawn way too fast. Someone could sit between the top two capture points and run back and forth capturing them. I would rather fight more than run back and forth capturing objectives. Overall, this game mode needs a lot more work I think before it is released to the normal servers. Hope that didn't "waste" your time.
: Sometimes the game crashes during game. The screen freezes and you have to close the game with task manager.
SOMETIMES?!! It happens every single minute for me. Also lags my computer horribly when my computer can run the other maps perfect at 50 fps.
: I think the problem IS NOT heal but in fact the "150 RP for bonus IP and All skins for free this game only". Its plausible that heal with that feature is causing all of these problems...
yea my game didn't connect and someone bought the 150 RP Boost. Maybe it has something to do with that.
: Games not starting
Just happened to me. Really annoying :(
: Braum Bug Report Thread
I don't know if anyone noticed this yet but when you recall fully you go back to base and Braum jumps from behind the fountain turret (completely normal). However I noticed at one point during the game that when I started to recall an enemy champion was going to hit me so naturally I pull up my shield and Braum interrupts his recall and jumps in the middle of the lane and does his ability. It's hard to explain and I can't get a picture at the moment but what you have to do to do this bug is start to recall and then use an ability. I found Q and E work the best for this bug. Thank you Riot for making an awesome champion and keep up the good work!
: Team Builder Unable to Join Group
: Did not receive response from server.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
Lich Bane is supposed to be an AP Item for AP champions so why are you making it more AD based? This is nerfing champions like Akali, Ziggs, Gragas, and especially Kayle who rely off Lich Bane to do damage. These champions do not have very much damage so now it will make them worse.
: How much increased dps does he do late game with attack speed on paper? Now let's assume that he can only land 10 percent of those auto attacks because that's how this should actually be calculated. You have just completely ruined a champion based on your flawed calculations on paper. I think you overvalue attack speed, because noone cares about it on lee sin and if you actually want to refocus this champion, there are better ways to do it. I mean any ONE of these changes would be enough of a change to lee sin, but not ALL of them, for the love of god. He should be the champion all other heros are balanced around.
And Lee isn't tanky unless you build him that way so say he built damage he will get melted in team fights and get no autos off but if he is tanky he has reduced damage and his autos don't do very much damage anyways. You have a very good point sir and I agree completely
: I think the most significant problem we have here is that the Flurry Attack Speed buff is really hard to understand on paper, making the changes as a whole feel like we are sapping the life from Lee. Let’s approach the problem numerically first: Assume Lee Sin builds the most common bruiser/assassin build (which is AD/Armor Pen/tankiness etc. – items which support a pattern of quickly accessing the backline and surviving for a bit once there) in a game and he hits lv16. The PBE Lee Sin will have is 100%(his base AS)+45%(3% per level and he leveled up 15 times) +100%(new flurry)=245%(of original AS). Meanwhile, the Live Flurry values will leave Lee with 100%+45%+40%=185% of original AS. The difference here results in a 32.4% sustain damage increase from basic attacks if Lee can manage his passive in an ideal way. With so much more sustain damage, Lee Sin provides a higher damage threat to enemies after the first few seconds, without having to burst them as hard in the first one or two. It also means a 32.4% improved basic attack frame – landing auto attacks in between spells will be more feasible and more rewarding. I think your simulation of Lee Sin in a late game team fight is based on the fact that the Live version of Lee Sin is really weak at that point. Considering all the tools he has, why is that, and how does it happen? In a world where Lee Sin can deal meaningful sustained damage at all points in the game, you no longer are relegated to just looking for an ideal initiation and then having 80% of your job done. He can still have that meaningful initiation power, but the power it brings becomes largely about positioning, and less about the burst. After this point, he can use his increased sustain damage to remain a legitimate threat to the enemy team. Dragon’s Rage specifically is a really cool spell that provides a ton of fun gameplay, but as mentioned above, we really want to separate its use as utility versus damage. The current proposed Dragon’s Rage does approximately 50/55/60% damage compared to the Live version on cast, but it is increased by 50% for each enemy the target collides with. Under this paradigm, if you manage to kick your target into two enemy champions, it’s about same damage. If you manage to kick your target through his whole team, however, you will get a very noticeable damage reward (750 + 3.0 Total AD), resulting in massive damage to the original target. It’s definitely cool to Insec kick a high-profile enemy into your team, but the cool thing about that play specifically really isn't the damage you dealt; it’s the displacement utility you brought to your team. And while that play is cool, it has come to overshadow other uses of the ability in team fights. We want to reward players for thinking about the direction in which they kick their target. As far as the 1v1 case is concerned, Dragon’s Rage will deal 100ish less damage. This is absolutely significant, but the increased sustained threat from Flurry should be enough to compensate for that after the first few seconds.
But why are you making Lee Sin an adc (rely off his attacks and new attack speed to do damage) when he should use his utility to do his damage.
: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
Why can't Riot put a percent cost for Lee Sin's safeguard like 50% of his energy. This way he can always use his safeguard to be mobile to his target still but he will have to wait a little bit to cast his other abilities. Also maybe increase his W cd a little so he can't use it as much. This would balance him a lot better than a flat 100 energy cost for ward hopping
: I intended the suggestions list to be areas that could be looked at to reduce a bit of his power. I agree that taking all of them at once would be too much, but I'm simply listing every possibility I think of so that they can be looked at and discusses easier.
Ok good because it's annoying how every time that a champion is over powered Riot goes in and nerf the champion to unplayable instead of balancing him. Right now Riot is saying that Vel'koz is fine where he's at when he obviously isn't. Your suggestions are good and I hope they take a few of those into consideration.
: Lol, Rioter admitting that useless runes exist (aka noob traps). xD Can we give you guys feedback on runes or are you going to do it entirely one-sidedly? I have a lot of suggestions if you are willing to listen. **In your plans to change the runes are you going to eliminate the "useless" ones or you don't know or you can't talk about it?** A certain rioter said there will be more details in February. How much longer is there to wait? **PBE account should simply have all the content unlocked from the get go.** There is no other correct way of doing thing. I don't really care about the technical limitations, you are smart people, you are probably able to figure it out. **It's not like skins that have existed a long time out are immune to bugs.** Recently Mecha Kha'Zix had a bugged animation. New testers won't be able to spot things like that because there is no way to own all the skins.
**It's not like skins that have existed a long time out are immune to bugs.** And what about when they do VU or change skins? Plenty of old skins will have bugs in them and people won't be able to test it out.
: RP purchases are disabled on the PBE.
Then give the new people however much RP was given to the previous people.
: Initial thoughts on Vel'Koz
Ok Vel'Koz may be a strong champion and may seem like he is overwhelming, but your suggestions are a little too over the top. Just because he is strong you shouldn't nerf every single part of him. Now taking a few of your suggestions into consideration might be good but all of them at once would be horrible and he would be very under powered.
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
This is so stupid just unlock the accounts and make new content available for 1 IP. You give everyone else all the refills but it is not fair for the new people.
: oh ok thank you for the comment,helped a lot. but how long is it down for
Usually comes up in the afternoon. However it seems that their update is a little later than usual. Usually the update comes on in the morning not this late. Should be up later today though.
: wait, so no one is ever getting RP anymore? So all the old skins....that are still for RP, are just gonna be unavailable? :( damn...
Yea they should either replenish RP or make all content available for 1 IP
: Please, next time use search function, it was already discussed. You should read FAQ again. It doesn't mention RP/IP refill anymore. Instead of weekly IP/RP, all the new content is going to be available for only 1IP. "Do testers have to earn IP/XP or purchase RP? When PBE accounts are created, they are automatically leveled up to 30 and credited with 100,000 IP and 40,000 RP. These changes can take up to 24 hours to process and new testers may have to restart their clients in order to see the updates. Don't worry about saving up your points for the future, when new Champions and Skins are released on the PBE for testing, they will be available for 1 IP so everyone has an opportunity to help test them."
Can you at least replenish RP because once you spend the 48,000 RP you can't buy anymore skins and you can only purchase current items. Riot should at least replenish low RP.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
Only thing I noticed was the approximate time missing for solo queue, but they already know about that. Other than that it ran smooth despite the long solo queue time and it was fun because you don't have to call your lane faster than everyone else because it's hard if your computer doesn't load the screen first.
: Well, that's the thing, if I ignore everyone, how am I suppose to communicate with them and plan out something like fighting at Baron or telling them that it is too risky to fight at Dragon?
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
Yea the queue time is pretty long because not as many people want to play support so it takes longer.
: Disabling Chat
You can just ignore everyone
: Xerath Ultimate
I feel the same way about Xerath's ult. It's definitely underwhelming. Maybe adding some cooler sound effects and adding additional particles like explosions or flames when it lands would be more satisfying. I also feel like the time it takes for his Q to go to max range is a long duration. When I played him I was not able to cast all my abilities in rapid repetition. If you think that he shouldn't have some burst to him or be able to cast his abilities more quickly at least add some more health so he isn't so squishy. I felt like everyone was able to just destroy me and I felt like my effectiveness in team fights was almost unnoticed.
: Cursor problems in the Client
I've had an issue where in game my cursor changes to the Red Sword instead of the hand. It recently changed back but I do not know how it changed in the first place.

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