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: Why now that mode isn't working?!
They are putting it down from time to time to make adjustments and/or fix bugs
: Yeah, I agree an approval voting system would be better for us to implement than what we currently have. We likely won't be able to get that done for the first release of the mode though; maybe in a follow up version?
Thank you for your attention on my suggestion, i think the voting system, how it is right now, just causes too much anger among the team because there is often at least one player who is just not trained with the champion at all and feeds unintentionally... This leads to verbal abuse, intentionally feeding by others and leavers. I don't want to say this is the average but it happens just too often to overlook it. A fix in the voting system, maybe after official the release to check how it actually works in the final environment would be awesome and make the whole queue much more fun to play I reckon. :)
: I love this idea, but however wheat happens when all the summoners choose completely different champs, like each of them all have a different character chosen, and none are the same. Is the system going to do random pick? If so, is it going to be out of the champs chosen or out of all of the champs in the game?
It won't be the perfect solution to always find a common champ but the chance on getting a pick that everyone likes will be way higher than with everyone picking only one champ :)
: [One For All] No Items Shown in Victory/Defeat screen
same occasion after the next match (5v5 normal), might be caused by my client?
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