: ayy its me
Hell yeah brutha, that shit is hilarious.
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: Kd/a Evelyn ult is dealing 0 dmg
It just happened to me too.
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: Why the new filters?
The meta should be muscle memory.
: riot maintains PBE server,but not close launch button
: Heavy bugged skin, unnoticed?
I don't understand what's wrong the one below looks fine.
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: Stuck on reconnecting after update
Same {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Winter Summoner's Rift coming soon PBE!
Gonna try it out it, looks awesome, hope my eyes don't hurt after playing on it too much. That happened on the old snowy rift.
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: 451_2017_Clash_title
: I don't think so, since it isn't a brand-new mode.
Is not new, it has been enabled before not in RGM but as its own thing.
: super galaxy fizz bug
So annoying to play against, it is so misleading when aiming skill shots against him.
: [URF] - ANTI-FUN Champions need to be toned down just a bit
: Riot has decided to gut Galio with this patch. Galio already isn't in the best spot and I think this will force the few galio players left to find another champion. Especially considering that this patch will force us even deeper into an AD meta with the wholesale nerfs to mages.
I guess riot should say only damage absorbent shields or include Galio, tbh I don't see why putting the new items if we don't have the new mages, those are the interactions that actually matter.
: [Game connection] - Cannot Connect after lobby
Got into a game, I was unable to connect, got in again, the game was over. Now I'm getting messages like "You cannot leave queue due to champions being locked and a match being imminent" or something like that. And a lot of connection errors. Edit: By over I mean it didn't even start.
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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I will never forget you... Quinn {{item:3070}} Edit: but I guess I will still play her a lot. Now I just won't get that feeling of going through all of the enemies like a cannonball to get the enemy marksman.
: Is this a bug?
Is not a bug, they make it like this to reduce queue times.
: Riot, we need to talk about the new UI
Most of your cons are just about getting used to it. > -Can't see my framerate. So I notice when it takes a dip, but not how much a difference it actually is. Should I alt-tab out to investigate what's taking up resources? Or is this only a 5 fps dip for a few seconds I can ignore? Just click ctrl + f
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: when is pbe coming back up
: 3 new skins and no love for Zac. Riot I'm gonna cry. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:154}} (I'm already crying)
BTW Riot said they are not going to do chromas for Zac because it is quite as hard as making a skin. (We can see that with his only current skin).
: Zac Chromaskins
3 new skins and no love for Zac. Riot I'm gonna cry. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:154}} (I'm already crying)
: Introducing chroma packs!
I'd love to be able to unlock the packs with the champion mastery system, I'm just a little scared of all the people trying to play Lee Sin, for example, just to unlock it.
: You **DON´T** get reported for feeding or trying something out (e.g. AP Zed). The PBE community trust on a friendly and open conduct. If you go AFK they (i hope they do) would not Report you for AFK, cause they don´t know what happend to you. It could be a temporary disconnect from the PBE Server or anything else. I mean it´s still a beta patch with bugs and some Problems you may don´t know. It´s our function to find them and post it here on the PBE boards.
AP Zed is totally troll he has no AP scaling and doing it under the excuse of "testing" is wrong. This apply to any similar cases like AP Riven. That's what I think.
: so im conflicted about this topic a bit. i think that some things you should not report for unless there is clearly malicious intent behind it.. for example.. feeding, i play a lot of champs i don't normally play or have never played to look for bugs, and if i happen to suck uber bad i dont think it should be something that is held against me, i mean im doing what im supposed too which is to find bugs and issues with the game, im not on PBE to relax and play i play to break the game so it can be fixed. but i do however think that any toxic behavior of any kind should be reported, including intentional feeding, but only intentional.
> i think that some things you should not report for unless there is clearly malicious intent behind it.. I totally agree like intentional feeding or rage quit, but what I have noticed is a misconception about what "testing" is on the PBE. We are supposed to test changes and new stuff in the game not using the PBE as somewhere to test builds or practicing some champs that you can test on live servers.
: Can we make our own tabs in Champion select and organize them as we want?
Yeah custom champ list seems like a good idea, and even better if you could create your own tags. For example: you create a tag called "Bans" and tag the champs you are most likely to ban in draft pick, I think that would speed Banning phase a bit.
: Semi Lock Camera doesn't center when space bar is pressed
I was thinking the same, it feels strange when you move your camera to see something but you can readjust it.
: Suggestion - Change cursor color on Bard portals
: Tunneling with the bard, and how to make his journey less magical.
All I found was this [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGAsceUJESU] You get stuck when using your E on diminute walls (like the ones in the edge of most of the walls) You can also make this on some part of the walls of the Howling abyss. Imagine if someone is following you, then you put that portal (is kinda hard to, but somehow you manage to do it at the first try) but you don't enter and they click it and they get stuck in it. xD
: Autopath does not show a line past base till 1/2 way to inhibitor turret
I've been getting the same problem, I noticed it happens more frequently when you click over or nearby a champion icon on the minimap, but it still happens a lot even if there is champions.
: Its probably not intentional to remove the background but, the crisp text actually doesn't look that bad, happened to me in Nemesis.
That happened to me and I thought the same.


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