: Another game mode please....
I'm so sick of Arurf & Urf too. Literally everyone just rerolls until they get Fizz or Vladimir, or just split pushes the entire game. I want Hunt of the Blood Moon back, Invasion, Odyssey, One for All, NEXUS BLITZ- something that ISNT urf or ARurf for once. IT'S BORING. I hate it because it's the only thing my friends wanted to play since Aram was getting slapped with long queue wait times. I'm hoping with the new blood moon skins that hunt of the blood moon would make a return. It was such a fun experience for my first event game mode since I started playing league in July of 2017. I used to only play Sona, Soraka, Morgana & Janna, but since this game mode didn't have any of those champions in it, I was forced to learn how to play Evelynn (pre-rework), Ahri & Kennen- champs I wouldn't have ever considered trying out on my own. I'd really wish new players who joined league after K/DA, True Damage & TFT, got an opportunity to play this game mode. Something else that I enjoyed about this game mode was, unlike urf, this wasn't a "split push to win" game mode since turrets were invulnerable. :^) Here's to hoping this game mode makes a come back with Blood Moon Katarina, Yi & Trynd. Please bring back Hunt of the Blood Moon or Nexus Blitz rito..... pls.... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Blood Moon Katarina Critique
I agree with your critique, I'm a fan of blood moon katarina but this skin just doesnt really do it for me. The outfit is my biggest issue, it's really bland but then the skins slapped with accessories on her arms and on her leg. The splash art is gorgeous, but again, the skin is just meh. An artist made a concept 3 years ago that took more inspiration from Blood Moon Diana than the other skins, and I wish that's what we were getting. (Concept by Z zbyer on artstation) https://imgur.com/a/vu4B10Y
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
I'm a fan of Blood Moon Katarina, but this skin doesn't do it for me. The kimono/ robes, to me, are pretty bland- compared to her other skins and other blood moon skins. I wish it looked more like the concept that took inspiration from Diana's blood moon skin (the more traditional og blood moon skins): https://imgur.com/UUAoest I'm aware that Riot can't change the outfit of the skin, as Katey mentioned in her post, and that some people like the skin the way it is, but I won't be making a purchase.
: Aphelios PBE Thread
Thank you, artists & rioters, for hearing us!!! WE JUST WANT THE MAN TO HAVE SOME FLOWING, BEAUTIFUL, EMO-BOY HAIR!!!!!!


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