: Preseason Healthbar Update, Cycle 2
We're still progressing forward, please keep the bugs/feedback coming! As a note, in today's build, all SARs (Jhin, Graves, Annie, Corki, Ryze) are floating above the champions. This is known and fixed! Additionally, to wrap up the 7.23 patch, Health Bars will be going away again until **Next Tuesday**!
: Health bars of other players seem to randomly cover my minimap.
Ah, yeah. We had to revert the fix because it was causing a few issues. We'll be continuing to fix this.
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: New HUD Visuals (Healtbar and Lvl)
Nah, just disabled while the patch goes out. They'll be back up next week.
: Hi there Team! Not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I just wanted to say that the bars on Live have become bugged, in a way that I haven't seen for about two seasons now. When an ally is low on life, but not on your screen, and you move your camera to see them, their health bar will go from 100% to current% immediately, making it look like they just got hit by some massive amount of damage. To stress, this is on Live. I just figure with all the health bar changes, this one might have slipped by.
Hi! Totally still reading the thread. It is likely that some of the code changes we made to make the backend systems better accidentally reverted one of the fixes on this ancient issue (looks like late 2014 was when it was occurring last). This is our bad- This issue will _(should)_ be fixed in 7.22.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ququroon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ixBhZdUJ,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-10-27T23:54:06.486+0000) > > Were you playing as Rengar? Known issue if yes, but please let me know ASAP if it was somebody else. Yes i was, there was some issues with mana on allies not shown correctly
Mana issues are generally related to Manaflow Band. We're missing a quick option for that issue, but it'll be much easier once our data is in a different place.
: As mentioned in my post, I don't like the new design of for example the Xayah Feather Indicator under the health bar (Do we speak about "SARs" here?)(https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/2EeNjRwe-xayah-with-the-new-health-bar)
SARs feedback is fine here. They're not fully implemented just yet though, which is why most appear as little boxes.
: Hi, I am on Win 10, 64 bit, Borderless, and I do alt+tab, I was making combination of runes on preseason update builder and saving them, so that it, but I was having black minimap, click on minimap, used to take the screen focus but minimap was black Also, I had a support who was quite not positive just abusing chat as I had that black minimap, I explained him, is this thing normal here in PBE?
Thanks for the information. For now, alt tabbing in and out of the game should be a workaround for the issue.
: I don't know if its related or not but now my minimap sometimes starts completely black. Image for explanation. (This was occurred in SR first) https://imgur.com/TZt78iB
Do you frequently alt-tab while loading? Mac? Full screen?
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Updated the known issues. The minimap bug should be completely gone now. Thank you for the reports thusfar (especially the ones that include pictures!), please keep them coming as you see issues!
: I don't if related to these new bars, but i played an aram, where i had more "max health" on the health bar than i really have. For example, i have 2500 hp with items, my health bar will show 3000 hp, and not "full" with like let's say +5hp/sec, but i won't regen, and if i take some damage, it'll come back to 2500hp in the health bar
Were you playing as Rengar? Known issue if yes, but please let me know ASAP if it was somebody else.
: Shouldn't the tower's HP bar "explode" when it reaches 0? I remember seeing an animation with that and I thought it looked pretty cool but apparently it hasn't been shipped to the PBE yet...
This hasn't been implemented yet. :)
: I think the new health bar is overall great, but sometimes i find the color to be too shinny and too colorfull, also mini krugs health bar is hard to read too.
Passing on this feedback. Can you give some more specifics on the mini-krugs? What is giving you trouble with the read?
: Hello there, there's currently a bug when Annie charges her passive, when you get 4 stacks her passive bar shows 4 white bars instead of 3 white and a big red one. Before: https://i.imgur.com/VR6CnkK.jpg After: https://i.imgur.com/VHK8k8x.jpg Not sure if this is happening with Jhin as well because the PBE is down so I can't check it. Thanks! {{champion:51}}
We're still finishing some of the implementation of the SARs (Secondary Ability Resource: Jhin bullets, Graves shells, Corki Missiles, Annie P, etc.).
: Not sure if this has been reported already, but Malz's voidlings seem to have an unnecessarily long hp bar considering their actual hp/importance https://prnt.sc/h2xmey
Noted. Passing this to the team.
: I liked! Mana bar is occasionally not showing/appearing empty when Manaflow rune is active. In some champs the new hp bar is bugged, idk...
Known issue. We'll be fixing this up soon.
: Not only Kled. Tahm Kench's and Rengar's bars are also bugged, not showing grey life. Tibbers', Daisy's and the Maiden of the Mist's bars are very tiny [(screenshots here).](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/pFJAXsuc-tibbers-health-bar-is-very-small)
The issue of the grey health not showing should be fixed (there was another issue with Rengar that should be fixed on Monday as well). The Ultimate Pets should no longer be tiny as well.
: On my resolution the new health bars seem to be too big and too bulky.
Can you give me a bit more details? Resolution at least would be nice. :)
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Alright! Health bars are up and working now!
: By Wednesday do you mean today or next week? Not trying to rush you guys, just excited to try out the new changes ASAP lol
I did mean yesterday, but the build itself wound up bugging out, so no PBE went out. And no worries, I'm impatient for them too. :D
: Health Bar Update Bugs
The bugs that appeared on Tuesday were due to HBs being partially in, and partially not. This caused a few weird issues (as a few have pointed out). When Wednesday PBE comes up, the new health bars will be fully on (barring issues), so you won't need to do anything to access them.
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: The one for Arcade Miss Fortune isn't fully contained in the circle
Alpha issue! Looks like it was saved out with half opacity. Fixed!
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: I've really enjoyed hanging out with you fine folks on the server! Lots of interesting questions and unique ideas :D Please forgive me when I barge into your chat to ask questions {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ququroon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AOE2y1J5,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2017-02-24T01:18:52.145+0000) > > **Changes! ** > > **Currently on PBE!** > > * **Kayle **Joke > Idle1 > * **Mordekaiser **Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 > * **Rumble **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 > * **Shen **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 > * **Viktor **Idle3 > Idle4 > Idle1 > > **On PBE tomorrow!** > > * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 > * **Alistar **Idle4 > Idle3 > Idle1 > * **Ashe **Idle5 > Idle2 > * **Janna **Idle2 > Joke > Idle1 > * **LeBlanc **Joke > Idle1 > * **Leona **Taunt > Idle3 > Idle1 > * **Lux **Idle3 > Taunt > * **Morgana **Laugh > Dance > Idle1 > * **Renekton **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 what about my lulu idle4>Joke suggestion? Like finishing her recall animation with her flying off with the joke animation. it doesn't leave the recall ring AND it adds bonus awesomeness points. it's not fair that only irelia allowed to be cool while recalling. (Good job on that one :3 ) Quoting my last comment in case you didn't see it: Lulu's recall will look better if it will end with her joke animation :3 And cut the animation when she flies up in the joke (after rotating around the stick with her hat)
Lulu's recall is currently above 9 seconds, and I'm not looking to slice up animations at this time (though I do like the idea of her flying away for the winddown).
: Hey, is looping animations out of the question? I was thinking, before this went on PBE in the first place, it would be nice if Veigar's Idle3 looped midway, and finished when he recalled. Just a thought, because I don't see it in the rules, unless it classifies as a new animation. ^^ Also: "Trend away from dances" Festival Queen Anivia is probably livid right now.
That's a bit more work required than the system I'm poking at can do, the .anm would need to be sliced up. And nah, FQ Anivia knows that people should dance when they feel the rhythm, not just because they're going home. :D
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
**Changes! ** **Currently on PBE!** * **Kayle **Joke > Idle1 * **Mordekaiser **Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 * **Rumble **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Shen **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Viktor **Idle3 > Idle4 > Idle1 **On PBE tomorrow!** * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Alistar **Idle4 > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Ashe **Idle5 > Idle2 * **Janna **Idle2 > Joke > Idle1 * **Leona **Taunt > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Lux **Idle3 > Taunt * **Morgana **Laugh > Dance > Idle1 * **Renekton **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 **On PBE Monday!** * **LeBlanc **Joke > Idle1
: Me and other LeBlanc mains disagree with that. The fact that she's just looking in the mirror and fixing up her hair adds nothing positive to her character, which is what this update was all about? Coming from people who actually are fanatic about LeBlanc, idle3 doesn't contribute to LeBlanc as a character. She might aswell just not have a recall animation lol. I also feel like the recall ring rule is a bit meh. PLENTY of skins break the boundary of this ring and I feel like some of the suggestions given on this boards would add positivity to characters if they don't break the ring TOO much. (Cassio's taunt, Fizz taunt etc.) EVERYONE that plays this game knows that you have to aim for the recall circle if you want to cancel a back animation. I see why you wanted to change champions without recall to have something atleast, but you guys got yourself into this. You guys might aswell do it right and listen to the community or just don't do it at all, because there is no reason to add something if it doesn't satisfy anyone. (similar to the cancelled blitzcrank and amumu skins) There is no way that you main/pumped countless hours every single character on this list so IMO it's your best bet to just listen to the community when it comes to "personal" matters like these. LeBlanc's dance would perfectly fit all of her skins without recall animations and add more personality than idle3, idle2 or her joke animation ever will. Sincerely, a 550k mastery point LeBlanc main and other LeBlanc fanatics from the "Black Rose" club in EUW. :) Oh, and my IGN is LeBlänc (totally not fanatic at all kappa)
Easy buddy, I'm just having a conversation. First off, the Recall Ring. I won't be breaking this rule, and existing skins that do should do so less. I've declined a few options due to this (Fizz wasn't even for that reason), but overall it hasn't limited that much. I can understand that it's not a problem for you, but that doesn't mean "EVERYBODY" knows this, or that it's acceptable for that reason. Secondly, I'm willing to accept that the Idle3 isn't the greatest, but I don't feel the dance is the right answer. While it has a bit of an elegant feel (which I feel suits LB pretty well), it's also a pretty lacking animation, and I am still trying to stray away from dances in places I can. Is there anything you feel works better than it? I know you've condemned the other options, let's try to consider the alternatives. (I'll be implementing it as Joke instead of Idle3 for now, but I'm still able to change it further.)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhUAc86A_uE I like them! Some look great (Irelia, Cait, Naut), some are meh (brand, alistar, corki), but that's because of limited option for existing animations. I think morgana is a bit confusing, isn't there another animation you could play before she starts dancing? Maybe taunt->channel windup->dance? (can you use "channel windup", or does it count as gameplay animation?). But omg, she's in such a bad state, model and animation wise {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Some thoughts First I'd like to say that I think the best ones are those that play animations throughout the recall (Heca, Irelia and Koggie are my favourites), and it's still really unsatisfying to see them just stand there after playing one animation ({{champion:40}} is the worst offender of this) Also, as an {{champion:28}} main, I'd love to see her use her joke (I may be bad, but I feel GOOD!) in there somewhere. She may be severely outdated, but that's a good animation. Also also, {{champion:84}} could probably loop that anim and it'd look better (doing stretches right up to the end) Also also also, {{champion:12}} might be better suited to go idle4>idle3>idle5, so he has something else to do. Maybe that's not an option because idle5 looks too much like his passive (E). But if that's the case, why is it in his idles? Also also also also, {{champion:34}} should fly around (idle2) before going back to idle1 Also also also also also, {{champion:22}} would be fantastic if she went idle5>idle2 Also also also also also also, it seemed obvious to me to use {{champion:63}} 's dance (where he dances around the fire). That at least lasts 8 seconds. Also also also also also also also, like I said, {{champion:40}} stands out as the worst to me, I think she could loop her laugh (where she flies around in circles) and that would be cool. Also also also also also also also also, can {{champion:38}} use his channel spell anim? It's really a shame that it's not used anywhere else (except in like featured game modes or whatever) and I think it works for his character, certainly better than what he got here. Also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:89}} should start her taunt again right at the end of the recall so she's pointing her sword into the air as she teleports. Just an idea. Also also also also also also also also also also, I suppose it isn't an option to just delete {{champion:82}} from the game, so the fact that he has an auto for his anim goes against your rules. Also also also also also also also also also also also, please for the love of all that is green don't make poor Morg do that awful dance for her recall. I sit beneath the Gods and the stars and beg you not to do this. (pray for morg). Loop her laugh animation. That would look better and suit her better. Just don't use the dance. Whenever I see that all I can think of it this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQB4nAjZIdE Also also also also also also also also also also also also, can {{champion:35}} dance after laughing? That would be fun. Shaco is fun. Also also also also also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:58}} could go idle3>idle2 and take up the whole recall time Also also also also also also also also also also also also also also, {{champion:26}} ought to stroke his beard throughout the recall. You already addressed Shen and Kayle so I'll shut up about them. I'm really happy that this update is coming, and I think it's really good that you're listening to people suggestions for this. I hope I can help improve how this turns out. PS: have you ever seen so many also's? Also, also doesn't sound like a word anymore.
Janna: Fixing. Evelynn: No VO would play, and I don't think there's that much of an upgrade changing it to joke from the current implementation. :o Akali: I don't want to loop it, but she does need a little more. Alistar: I'll look into it. Brand: Still looking to use other options than dance when I can. Kassadin: Not wanting to use channels. They are gameplay animations, even outside of Dominion. Leona: I'll test it. Mordekaiser: Already fixed. Just missed one before PBE. :D Morgana: She makes me sad. Shaco: I don't really like the dance as a recall. I tested it out, and... yeah, not really the best. Goes outside the ring, loops poorly, and Shaco players already enjoy using the dance normally (especially while waiting for a gank). Still kinda on the fence though. Anivia, Ashe, Renekton For these, reverting back to non-idle1 might work. Gonna test it. Thanks for the feedback! Also, never say also again. :]
: While I like the idea of recalls adding more personality to characters, I feel like LeBlanc's recall doesn't add much to her persona. She is not some beauty-obsessed freak that checks if her makeup/hair is still in place. She is a powerful deceiver that uses MAGIC to look the way she looks. In my opinion she is an assassin/mage that's ALWAYS in control: * in her lore, being the leader of The Black Rose and basically Noxus * in game where she has complete early lane dominance. Things go the way SHE wants them to go and her personality screams: I'm invulnerable, powerful and she teases you with it through her slipperyness (crazy mobility), her deceptiveness and for example, her laugh when her clone dies. Because of this, I feel like her DANCE should be her recall. It just fits her persona and the teasing she does through the rest of her gameplay and lore WAY better than being some make-up obsessed lowlife checking if her hair is still in place during the recall. Through all these years I found her her dance so iconic to the character and it's a shame that you guys are not using it for the recall. Please consider it. Much love, a LeBlanc fanatic.
I don't look at that animation and see vanity. Mirrors have a lot of wide applications (looking over her shoulder, perhaps? looking into a magic mirror to spy on her enemies?), so I don't think she's acting purely in that sense.
: Janna's recall animation seems way to short comparing it to some of the others, it still feels like she has no recall since she is in Idle1 for most of it. I think to make it look better you should try something more like Laugh > Idle2 > Idle1. Rammus has a similar problem but I know he doesn't have much to work with, I think he should just loop his dance animation until the recalls done.
Yeah, Janna is kinda poop. Aiming to fix that. Rammus... I didn't have a lot of options, but I kinda like the simple shrug. The "ok" version of a recall.
: Will the recalls get sound? like already existing sound effects, voicelines, laughs and steping sounds?
SFX, no VO. I'd rather keep VO on the emotes themselves.
: I hope that some Rioter could comment on my thoughts or atleast read this... I think it's a very good idea the simple recalls for the champions that have no animation BUT, there are some legendary skins that should deserve a better recall, or maybe update them a little bit, not a full rework, just update. I'll give an example : Demonblade Tryndamere. His recall should be very different, his W it's still a chicken, he lacks animations overall. Maybe change the sound of his W and change the chicken animation. Something little like that, afterall it's a legendary skin! Same for some like Brolaf, Gentleman Cho'gath ...
You're not wrong, but it's often not an option. For example, Gentleman Cho'gath has no unique animations- so nothing for me to apply as his recall.
: Hey, Janna - Would be nice to see Janna's laugh as her recall, it really fits her there. Sona - Better would be to use her dance, otherwise it's boring. Morgana - maybe make her whirling just for 3 times, can't watch her like that, my head gets dizzy, but maybe it's just me.
Yeah, Janna is on my list for a little bit of work. Her animation set is a little odd, but I'm sure I can find better. Not convinced that dance is the only option for Sona (and again, trying to stray away from dances). Morgana... I just don't really have options if you want to see movement. :S
: About Teemo here, I do love the idea of him laughing while backing but having multiple laugh animations in a recall looks really repetitive.. Any chance there could only be one? maybe even with some idle mixed in?
He just has so few options, and so few of them read at all. :<
: For Fioras is her Teemo drawing animation too long for the recall? I feel like that animation would be better. Also will these have sound? "Talent Honor Discipline and pretty pictures! > Laugh" Would be great.
Opted to not use her joke as it's a bit too out of character for a common animation like recall. And no, only SFX, no VO.
: is it possible we use Kayle joke anim and Fizz taunt? they feel much fitting also why a big part of these end on idle1?
I'm okay with Kayle's joke, but Fizz taunt seems a bit more BM for just a Recall. They end in Idle1 so they don't loop the animation.
: They are all already on pbe?
The Soon was while PBE was coming back up. Edited to Now!
: I'd love to share my feedback and opinions but first I need to see the animations, where can I see them?
In game on PBE, or using an animation viewer that I'm sure other players could recommend. :D
: Where's Prehistoric Cho?
Oh, he just wasn't on the list for some reason. Adding.
: The grand majority of them add quite a bit of QoL to the champion and feel pretty natural. I'm excited to have {{champion:50}} feed his bird on the way out, it's kinda cute :) The most notable odd ones are usually the dances, but generally there aren't better options (Such as {{champion:53}} ) {{champion:27}} dancing kinda fits the goofy nature of the playstyle of the champion but not so much his lore. I would suggest idle 2 rather than dance. (Or perhaps idle 2 *into* dance, as it's pretty short?) Poor {{champion:25}} gonna be even derpier with that recall, lol.
Not implementing the Singed change just yet, I want to hear a bit more on it. And yeah, poor Morgana. :<
: Honestly I expected Rumble to go through full cycle of cranking: Idle 3 > Idle 2 > Idle 1, like, he starts out by cranking up Tristy, then checks if everything's fine but the mace isn't working so he cranks that up again, and for the ending he's cranking up some more but a bit lightly this time. I guess that will do as well C:
Implemented. It'll end about when he raises the mace hand, but it at least looks like he's erratically doing maintenance throughout (which is what I was aiming for).
: Diana? her recall (and dance) animations for her basic skins are boring and plain as hell... btw I still remember how IronStylus once mentioned that he wanted to give Diana this dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ge7rrpq3Iw source: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/12alr9/why_isnt_dianas_dance/c6ts9de/
This doesn't affect any champion that has an existing recall. :)
: Why not use idle3>idle2 for Shen {{champion:98}} it make him look around then do the hand move for teleportation since idle2 is +- 3 sec long and idle3 is 4-5 sec its seems more realistic to look around for trouble and make the tp moove when you are safe then just do the tp moove and wait like nothing after and i think it fit more Shen to look if is allies are in trouble, then back when all seems ok
I like it. Comes out to a pretty perfect 8 seconds (but you'll only see him looking around on shorter recalls).
: I would think LeB's laugh animation would be a bit more fitting to her personality moreso than her looking at herself in her scepter.
I considered it, but felt it looked a little weird for her without the iconic condescending laugh.
: I appreciate the "Ruuuuruuus." You guys need to set ground rules for feedback more often, it helps keep players focused on suggesting realistic changes.
I was just posting these are they were the rules I gave myself when deciding, to rationalize the decisions. The idea of "set ground rules for feedback" is interesting though.
: where is pax sivir?
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