: no it isnt
Easier to get value out of the proc More up-front damage on a fresh target More overall damage in a teamfight by benefitting allies More long-term solo dps after LT's first proc is over and you have to deal with its cooldown The same dps across the length of the first proc It's easy to test this stuff in the practice tool, right now Press the Attack is simply better.
: Lethal Tempo is way to OP on Champs Like Master Yi
Press the Attack is objectively stronger on him. You're just seeing a snowball champ snowball on the server with zero matchmaking quality. It really means nothing at all.
: Ultimate hat not working on Teemo
It also applies to shroom generation, you can watch it occur in-game. The only odd behavior is that extra stacks are being granted based on the old wording of Ultimate Hat rather than the new one, i.e. "When you put your ult on cooldown," so you only actually get stacks if you use up your last mushroom charge.
: > That's an intended part of the system. Did you even read what Sparkle said? And there's no way to play tricks like these on players. So you tell me.. it is indended for a Rune to be useless.. so apparently if you choose it.. oh well, your bad. That's not how a game works. Do you even know what balance is? And Cassi DOES get movement speed on levels. The best idea would be if the rune would give the movement speed. Or if you wanna take things so literal.. the Magical Footwear can give "crawl" speed to Cassiopeia.
> [{quoted}](name=Helga Lovekaty,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=hc1xvE4H,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-01T19:55:57.675+0000) > > so apparently if you choose it.. oh well, your bad. That's not how a game works. this game is all about constantly making choices. sometimes you make the right choice and sometimes you make the wrong one. balance does not mean there are no right or wrong choices because then it truly would cease to be a game.
: Is there a reason why Diana can't proc Cleave buff on inhibs?
Inhibs have always been more restrictive than towers about what deals bonus damage to them. For instance, Twisted Fate's Pick a Card will apply its bonus damage to towers but not Inhibs.
: Dark Harvest needs a cooldown on its proc.
Lack of a cooldown is the most fun part of the ability. If it really needs a nerf (doing well on the PBE with a snowball mastery doesn't mean much because game quality is trash-tier) then just nerf either the base damage or how well it scales.
: Precision not filling it's niche
Press the Attack doesn't have a cooldown so three autos later (encouraging you to build high attack speed) you get the damage burst and get the 12% steroid again. Fleet Footwork lets you kite forever. Lethal Tempo is just bad right now.
: Lethal Tempo to strong
It's strictly worse than Press the Attack at the moment.
: Well yeah that's good but why doesn't this apply the movement speed to her overall speed? Like after level 11 or something she can get +10MS from the rune like she has boots.. Since her MS is adaptive to the levels.. on level X with that rune she gets additional +10MS because of that rune. Although that's a solution for Magical Footwear.. Not sure what happens with Predator. Obviously there's no reason to use Predator with Cassiopeia but still.. out of all those millions players.. someone will pick it and someone will waste a rune.
Because she doesn't use boots. She can't just get the movespeed without boots. Predator also does nothing for her because she can't buy boots. If a player picks a poor set of runes for the champion then they will go through the match at a disadvantage. That's an intended part of the system.
: Is Lethal Tempo too op in some specific champion?
Press the Attack is better at every stage of the game. Even with the build you mentioned that ridiculously overcaps attack speed, Press The Attack will achieve the same dps over the length of the Lethal Tempo proc and have superior dps afterwards. You should look for a build that doesn't overcap your AS and instead go Press the Attack to deal more individual dps as well as increasing the damage of your team.
: I'd say it depends on the champion, for example, I wouldn't take Press the Attack over Lethal Tempo on Kayle or Kog'Maw
Then you would be an absolute detriment to your team as you would contribute much less damage to teamfights as well as having a worse early game. Kog'maw will literally deal more personal damage in the late game by himself using Press the Attack. The fact that the rest of his team will also deal more damage is just gravy.
: Kassadin ult cd lower than in urf
I don't think that really matters since the mana restriction has always been more important.
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