: No. Don't you dare downvote this man. He speaks the truth. Mordekaiser still has access to his gunblade, that still requires Bilgewater Cutlass, which any sane mordekaiser would grab instead of its other half on account of the slow ALONE. Combine it's active with the no-nonsense lifesteal and you have a great starting point for your gunblades that also had the item's slow increased.
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: There is no way (like absolutely *no*) way to get CS Riven on the PBE. The error you got means that your skin pool is too small. You're able to get the rest of the available skins through Hextech Crafting. Any skins you still miss after that are unobtainable.
Yes but you can not activate the skin it is lock
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: Snowdown shop error
Me TPA EZ + Shyvana champ


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