: Hey, I'm happy that you agree with my opinion but I would not go as far as to say Riot "does not want to hear negative feedback". Yes, there have been some cases where they went through with something that seemed like a bad choice because they thought they knew better, and it didn't work out. In other cases it did. I am not here to attack Riot, and as a very casual 3D artist / game designer I actually applaud and respect their work *extremely* much. Riot has gone from a tiny company that could barely balance champion designs, to a world-wide trademark that manages to appeal to extremely different cultures and age groups. They have risen up to the task as a cultural staple of our age, actively promote civility, human rights, teamplay, fairness and diversity both in their champion roster and in their playerbase. They realize the influence they have and they use it to not only entertain but also *educate* people, as is their moral obligation. So in _NO WAY_ am I trying to attack Riot, despite thinking some (thankfully just a few) of their design decisions could use some improvement. **Like this one. xD** And that's why I am trying to give constructive, structured feedback, make sure they hear it, and my job is done. I sincerely believe that they are doing their best to make this game as fair, fun and healthy as possible, because as an aspiring developer I know for a fact that this is the only way to make money from something: keeping your customers happy. I have never spent any money on any other online game I've ever played, and yet I've spent over 300 euros in LoL over the 5-6 years that I've been playing. And it has always been a very conscious decision. And the important fact, both for Riot and for me as their customer, is that I'm actually *happy* with my purchase, because I feel like I invest in a satisfying product that evolves with healthy designs and moral values in mind. And they profit, of course. These people have to eat. They don't *trick* me into buying their stuff on impulse. They make appealing products which I elect to buy- and they stand the test of time, they do not lose their value, so I feel safe to buy more when I see something I like. It's mutually beneficial - I pay whenever I want for my entertainment, they still make good products that make me happy to buy them, and so in return they make profits. :) So to clarify, me giving negative impact is me trying to **improve** the game I love, not shit-talk it. And if I was in charge of the game, it would probably run almost exactly like this, and the designs would also function on more or less the same principles. ##Except for the Kha rework. xD
Meh im bad at making sentence in english ...... When i said that im with you it was only concerning your opinion on those changes for Kha'Zix. > I truly think that riot should consider more negative feedback. It just feel like they don't want to hear them. This sentence was my personal opinion about negativ feedback and Riot perception about them and im trully sorry if it felt like I was putting you in this opinion too. Like really sorry. > So to clarify, me giving negative impact is me trying to improve the game I love, not shit-talk it. That's what it's all about i can't be more agree mate. But you know too many time i've saw some constructive negative feedback like the first one you made for Kha ignored by Riot. And so I still think riot should consider them more. One last time Im sorry I made you waste your time to defend yourself It's my entire fault. {{item:3070}}
: Hi, I talked to you on the sub as well on Kata's rework! :) First of all I'm sorry if my comments on Kha sound a bit bitter, it's just that he's one of my mains and I fear that he's going to be worse after the rework. I totally love your ideas so far and I didn't mean to sound aggressive. You have my sincerest apologies if this sounded like a *"FUK U RITO U RUIN MY MAIN!!!"* post - and I do find the other reworks _absolutely_ brilliant. But since I have your attention, let me briefly elaborate on my concerns: * **Q and R evolutions feel counterproductive to each other.** The new Q Evolution pushes him more towards extended engagements (you need to Q the target multiple times) however the best tool for extended engagements, Active Camouflage, now got turned to something completely useless for duels. So you're left with baseline Void Assault. * **Most importantly, the new Active Camouflage does not have a clear identity**. See, it only works out of combat, which immediately makes it useless for playing "hide and seek" and juking, so the natural reaction is to try and use it to set up ganks/engages with it. However it only lasts for 3 seconds, forcing you to either miss out on the stealth if it's not the right time yet, or rush in potentially prematurely. I really try to understand what it is good for, except for maybe early invades and a glorified Nidalee passive for map mobility. I feel like old Active Camouflage was so much more useful, especially in teamfights which are of course Kha's weakest point, but also invades, outplays, killing a target when you're behind... What outplay potential does the new Evolution offer? :/ It would make much more sense as a _Tactical Evolution_ if it also worked in-combat, and it would make much more sense as a _Strategic Evolution_ if it remained out-of-combat-only but it lasted _significantly_ longer, allowing you to stealthily move from brush to brush right under the enemies noses, and jump at them from where they least expect it - even if that meant a much longer cooldown per-brush after breaking stealth. But now it's strictly useless for combat and it's not ideal for ganks and stealthy map movement either. You can't travel between most brushes within 1,5 seconds, let alone 1,25... and even if you go into *one* brush and try to pounce on them from there (which is way less cool than playing "the floor is lava" from brush to brush), 3 seconds feel restrictive. ---------------- Maybe I'm missing an obvious use case here, but the bottom line is that, as of now **it feels like it has the disadvantages of both a combat stealth (incredibly short duration) and a "setup" stealth like old Rengo or Twitch (only works out of combat) and the advantages of neither (usable in fights or extended duration).** **I would love to hear your insights on this and, again, thank you for your time!**
Hi man Im totaly with you ! :) I truly think that riot should consider more negative feedback. It just feel like they don't want to hear them. I play with the bug since more than 3 years now and I came with the same conclusion that you made in your last post.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
So here is my {{champion:121}} Feedback: The MAIN problem is before is lvl 6............. and 11 and 16 too LOL Too weak man like really. The w is totaly useless now (less damage, less utility). The Q have decent damages but the cooldown nerf and the nerf on the w just counter it. The jump is still the MUST HAVE lvl 11 but the w is worst than before and the Q is weak. Now let's talk about the R :** Drakarys** post say it all. **Out of combat ** why ? And you can't control it as he say it's just like a non-combative glorified Nidalee passive. Riot pls listen it's very important. We get it, kha need to catch isolated target. But please uderstand that most of the time if you're not in wood division they are not. In team fight they are not. In most of ganks they are not. And actually his early is too weak. And one more thing. The Q and the W ARE WAY TO WEAK when the are not evolve AND when targets are not isolated. (Feels like a deja vu in my post...) The two only good things actually on PBE for {{champion:121}} is the passiv and the fact that you didn't touch the jump. I can only see a globale nerf on those change sorry but It needed to be said.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
So yeah after some test: -SHE CAN'T 1vs1 !!! Like even if you are on 3-0 you can't 1vs1 ! -New impure shots don't deal enough damage when you switch your focus ! -She don't have follow up ! You can aa a minions then aa + Q the adc and .... that's all ? PLS RIOT give damage to this impure shots ! For the sake of {{champion:21}}
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Hmmmmm i don't really understand this new impur shot..... Now if i want to deal some damage i have to change constantly my focus ? Useless for an adc in lane when you want to kill someone. Idk like if you want to kill someone you gonna focus him with your supp. But with this new impur shots ........ ? I don't get it. I hope she has still a decent 1v1 with this change. For me it's like a jarvan passive but .... she is not jarvan . So now it's more a slow poke character and not an all-in bully anymore ? Btw i like the change on the ult with the critical strike but it's just force her to build some crit item instead of ad/arpen item. A lot of mess in my mind with this change so i gonna test her on the pbe ASAP :)
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: Kassadin Q
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: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
: Here is a excel calculation of the damage he loses. Needless to say that he loses pretty much: http://uploaded.net/file/n1414qas Base Damage or AD Ratio, one of those should be kept as it is on live imo
Can you take a screen i can't open the file idk why XD ?
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