: No URF for when 9.19 hits live. After we disable it later this week for 9.19, you can expect it's return during the 9.20 PBE cycle.
Ok, thank you so much. I will wait for arurf so in 9.20 patch. I hope it comes back in the next week. Heheheheehe
: Nope not a bug. We've disabled URF to gather specific data while investigating a bug. No clear ETA on how long it will take to get the data we need. And more bad news.... {{sticker:sg-janna}} You can also expect URF to be disabled the latter half of this week up until 9.20 hits PBE so we can focus on testing 9.19 until it hits live early next week.
So, may Urf come back to PBE next week? Or maybe arrives to the servers? I am so nervous. I want urf so much. Hahaha
: Urf is no longer available?
OMG, i love arurf so much... I want it back!!!
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