: We talk about Gunblade a lot. Currently, there are no plans to change the item. It gives those who build it a different feel from those who don't, mostly in the form of a unique power curve (very strong at the moments of completed Revolver and completed Gunblade but vulnerable outside of that).
Thanks for the answering! The problem is that it does not only give those who build it a different feel from those who don't, it also gives them a different feel from themselves. A Katarina and an Akali who have it are completly different champions than a Katarina and an Akali without. They are so dependant on this item, because it flat out removes weaknesses and counterplay, especially in the case of Katarina. Her damage is supposed to be delayed and backloaded via her Daggers, but Gunblade adds to her unavoidable instant burst, granting her easy kills and the a secured first reset. The slow pretty much guarantees the W Dagger and more procs of her ult than should be possible. And all that resulted in nerfs across her kit, just because Gunblade made it easy for her to deliver her damage. And this leads to a Katarina that HAS TO build it in order to be a champion worth playing. That's a pretty toxic relationship between a champion and an item.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Now with Akali being reworked, the new tools she got and her shift in scaling priorites (more towards AD) she will be less dependant on Gunblade. She will still be able to pick it up, but now she can afford to pick other items as first buy aswell (things like Duskblade or defensive choices). Katarina is the only champion left who is so dependant on Gunblade that she is completely balanced around it. Did you guys consider nerfing or slightly reworking this item and buffing Katarina to give her more build options(similar treatment that AD Assassins recieved a while back)? It feels really gross to NEED this item every single game. A Katarina without this item is incredibly useless, while one with it is insanely strong. Same thing with Akali to this point, but the rework will somewhat solve this problem at least for her.
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: It might be due to the fact that they are actual spell cast, contrary to zyra whose plants are her passive.
That would only apply to her passive seeds, not her W since it's an own spell.
: yes as i said in my title. They dont count.
That's because the Plants count towards the spell they were cojoured with, so if you AA-Q someone and a plant that was counjoured by this Q attacks the target, Electrocute won't proc. I've tested around wiht it however and if you AA-Q someone and a plant that was conjoured by your E (while the E itself didn't hit the target) Electrocute WILL proc, same if you conjour one E plant and one Q plant, without the spells hitting the target, and then AA'ing. The plants are tied to the spells, just as Lux' passive is now tied to her AA. It's supposed to prevent Zyra from procing it without much effort, because she could technically just Q an enemy who is Standing next to some seeds and proc it with only one spell.
: Your extra stats you get from your secondary path should be based off the secondary you pick.
The reason why the primary tree is important for the extra stats you gain is that RIOT doesn't want to force Champions that use certain masteries to pick certain secondary trees. For example, an Assassin who uses Domination right now gains AD/AP, regardless of what he choses as secondary tree. He can go Sorcery or Precision, because both offer interesting choices and if you are crazy enough you can even pick Inspiration. If you would make the boni dependant on the secondary tree however you wouldn't really have a choice anymore. Pricsion would offer attackspeed as secondary tree and thos pretty useless for Assassins. Inspiration would give who knows what and only Sorcery would give the AD/AP that Assassins need, forcing them to take is as secondary tree. And the Assassins are only an example, this problem would apply to everyone. The main Goal of Riot is the varity of the Runes: YOU can choose what you want to use and no one is forcing you into taking certain rune paths. Naturally there are stronger and weaker paths but you theoretically can use whatever you want without missing too much.
: wait, is it true damage tho? It says adaptive Damage and I just tried it on Jax and it dealt Physical damage after buying Tiamat
It used to, guess they changed it again.
: there shouldn't be any problems though in theory. mages typically do not get flat AD which is why they were not compensated with AD increase. AA-ing early - skill spam mid to late is how they farm usually. Minions don't have MR iirc, so how is it that farming is affected by the rune changes?
Don't Forget about masteries like natural Talent or Savagery that mages tend to use. Those gave about 8 Points more damage to minions on levl 1 if combined and made lasthitting with mages who don't have any additional on-hit effects a lot easier, especially under tower. With these gone it's significant harder.
: Its not a problem that its strong. Its that its TOO good. Its makes almost all champs with mana problems nust magicaly not have any mana issues
With 60 seconds cooldown it's still balanced to my mind. A Lux or a Fiddle can sustain with it through lane, that's true, but mana cost are supposed to gate highly frequent uses of an ability aka spam. With the high cooldown on mana flow band you still need to buy some mana if you really want to spam abilities like Ziggs does or if you constantly drain mana like Anivia. With Fiddle and Lux this rune works that good because their cooldowns are simply too high to truly spam and it changes almost nothing for them. Also this rune won't Keep anyone from building at least Morello, cause it's simply too strong for an item.
: {{champion:85}} Kennen W and {{champion:4}} TF W (I did not talk about his E) are neither your typical on-hit effects like Teemo poison nor your typical damage amp like Draven Q. They have always been treated as spells that happened to be connected to the auto attack. It even has to be treated as a spell in Kennen's case because his passive can only apply marks through spells. Both Kennen W and TF W are able to apply spell effects like Ludens/Rylais/Liandry because of those properties. Very few champions in the game have this type of attack modifier. {{champion:77}} Udyr with phoenix stance is also part of the bunch among others. {{champion:432}} Bard appears to have something called 'on-action effect' but the result is technically the same. It's not a matter of how hard or easy it is to proc. There are always going to be champions who can do certain things easier than others. Damaging item actives DO count. They do so on live server with Thunderlord and they still do so now with Electrocute on PBE. You might just have taken too much time to proc the 3 hits when you tested it. On live server they still count as a hit along with revolver and ludens. But now on PBE with Eletrocute ludens and revolver are excluded for a reason while gunblade and the rest still apply the same interactions as always which is perplexing. Even {{item:3144}} cutlass and {{item:3153}} botrk active still count as a hit. It's a giant inconsistent mess right now. A lot of it might be part of some weird coding exceptions. One way or another the rune can't seem to make up its mind.
I didn't say that their spells are on-hit, they are attackmodifiers, just as Lich Bane is or Viktors Q and that makes the attack and the spell to one attack for Electrocute. And actually Kennens W is considered to be an on-attack effect, similar to on-hit effects and thus not an indipendant action. Bards passive as you allready said is an on-action effect, it's not tied to the autoattack itself and because of that it's coded as unique spell. And I know that Ludens and Revolver are procing THunderlords on live Servers, because they are a different damage source BUT they are triggered by an ability and thus aren't an indepandant action. Wasn't too long for sure, but whatever. Even if item actives count towards electrocute, they are ACTIVES while Revolver is some kind of an on-hit or rather on-attack effect, it's not an independant action. I mean, a single Zyra plant can't proc Electrocute even if it is attacking three times. You could argue that these are 3 unique attacks but it's only one action from Zyra: sommoning the plant. No matter how often the plant will attack or what spell effects it will proc, it's only one action. Same goes for Twisted and Kennen with their empowered autoattacks, Lux' Passive or Akalis Q. Also neither Twisted nor Kennen are having Trouble procing Electrocute, there really isn't any reason for further complains.
: IN the word ALL SOURCE that wouldn't mean TRUE DAMAGE INCREASE will not happen, That increase means nothing when a champion builds a good amount of armor, fervor would be much better for her late game.
But true damage NEVER was increased by damage modifies, just as it's not being reduced by damage reduction or resistances, so it's excluding itself from this rune. And I guess you are underestimating the power of percentage bonus damage. This rune actually is stronger than Vladimirs ult, although it can only be used at one person at a time. And let's be honest, a buff to her true damage is DEFINTILY not what she needs, she allready is the best item scaling Champion in the game and the mass of tanks on toplane are in her favor aswell. Increasing her allready high true damage that is a percantage of the enemies max. hp, that scales off of AD and can't be reduced by any means shouldn't be able to be increased, especially by such a high number as 12%.
: Inconsistency with Electrocute Rune
Electrocute is SUPPOSED to be harder to proc than thunderlords and it won't count items as such. It specificly says 3 individual ATTACKS or DAMAGING SPELLS, not 3 individual procs of damage from all sources. This being said, {{item:3145}} the Revolver and {{item:3285}} Ludens aswell as active items like {{item:3146}}. I don't know where you've seen These items counting into it, but it didn't work for me as I was playing Katarina. It won't count as hits because that would completly erase the difficulty to proc it and the reward for it is massive so it's justified. Same goes for on-hit effects and damage amplyfing attacks like {{champion:85}} Kennens W or {{champion:4}} Twisted's E, those are only one attack, not two. Bards passive on the other hand is not on-hit. It's activated by AA's but it is a seperate set of damage, unlike real on-hits.
: then Fiora is useless then
How so? The phsyical damage she does is still increased and the extra damage is a good Addition for her aswell. Also this mastery increases the damage from ALL SOURCES and that includes items and minions which can be huge in 1v1 scenarios and of course the damage dealt by allies, making it pretty strong on skirmishes and teamfights. The latter is a weakness of Fiora but with this mastery she will have a bigger impact on certain targets.
: Electrocute works with both things, same way as thunderlord. Havent tried shaco, but for example quinn aa E aa, aa q aa, e q aa, aa aa a works maybe a bug
I believe he meant that the means the first AA after Q doesn't count as two stacks for Electrocute, because his Q is not a damaging ability and neither is his passive (sorry if I'm mistaken, but that's how I understood it). So the Q AA from behind + E doesn't proc Electrocute, he would at least need another AA. That however should be no Problem because you can simply AA - E - AA to proc it after stealth and you mostly set a box near the enemy asap anyway..
: yes man but like i said COMPARED to others , is the weakest rune
That's simply not true. Lethal Tempo is a rune that doesn't work on every ADC, because not all of them can abuse high attackspeed numbers and Fleet Footwork only provides low sustain and some kiting power. Compared to them Press the Attack isn't weak at all and on some champs (Vayne in particular) it is even insane strong. Getting off 3 attacks isn't hard, especially with champs who have an attackspeed steroid by themselfs or who have an AA reset. The burst it provides on the third attack doesn't seem too strong but it's consitant due to it being true damage and 12% more damage from ALL sources is a lot. ALL source means that a tank can be 70-0 by a Syndra ult after Vayne proced this rune with a quick AA-Q-AA and that's definitly not weak. It's the opposite.
: Balance suggestion for rune "Fleet footwork"
I too think that Fleet Footwork is weak compared to the other ones, especially on AA reliant Champions like ADC's, but the problem is that lifesteal is still a thing which is the reason for its low heal amount. Adding too much power in late game would make ADC's with this Keystone unkillable if they aren't getting oneshot and at the same time it can't be strong early on either because the sustain would just break the balance of some early weak champions. Also increasing the AD Ratio wouldn't have the effect I suppose you want it to have. ADC's usually don't buy much of AD, champions like Yasuo or Riven would contribute way more out of this Change. And btw 50% total AD scaling would be insane.
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: Simultaneous Draft Picks are now enabled on PBE!
Works out fine but the visuals are a bit off. Like the yellow, blue and red colored bars next to the picking summoners. They are supposed to make it clear who picks, sure, but it's not really fancy as the rest of the champ select screen. Just a tiny detail issue of course.

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