: We haven't found the item to be that strong at this tuning, but we're definitely prepared to make changes with more data. The idea is to tempt champions that are ahead into more aggressive builds - this item makes you tankier, especially when Dragon Heart is active, but nowhere near the tankiness you get out of even one defensive item. The activation paradigm is pretty restrictive - it's 500 range, and I haven't yet seen a situation where you have 3 enemy champions within 500 range and you don't want to get use out of the item. Melee range would make it almost impossible for it to trigger. The item actually was an active for a long part of development, but it ran into a core problem - if it's an active, it asks you to press another button at the same time you're trying to press all your other buttons! The hope with this version is that it retains the skill test of positioning properly, but not the additional mechanical test of reaching over and hitting a number button at the same time you're trying to mash your other abilities.
In your tests, roughly what % of all damage has it been blocking in teamfights? Who have you been using it on successfully, and who hasn't gotten good use out of it? I'm much more concerned about it on assassins that _don't_ usually get defensive items than on fighters that do. 500 range sounds like a good spot, but I'm still concerned w/r/t Draven and Kaisa.
: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
Spear of Shojin, with those numbers, seems beyond absurd. The combine cost is only 900 to get +25 AD (gold value of 875) and that passive, which seems incredibly strong. Even if it was ONLY 10dmg per attack, that's worth a hefty amount of armor, and should be priced accordingly. Imagine a champ with both Death's Dance and this item. You can basically just waddle into the middle of their team, soak infinite damage despite building pure AD, then regenerate it all back. It's so good I don't even think it would be a "Fighter" item, outside of Riven: imagine it on Talon, or Draven, or Pyke. You add this to a pure-AD build and presto chango, you're a tank now. Pyke with just this item and DD, and zero HP or AD from anything else, is going to block 33.9 damage _per attack and ability_ in a 1v1, and over 100 in important teamfights. That's in addition to DD mitigation, and it lasts for six seconds, and when anyone on the opposing team dies (don't worry, they will!) it refreshes. Absolutely bonkers. If you want to keep the item as powerful as that, here's my feedback: add a Pickaxe to the recipe, and price it at 3500 or something. I also don't think it building out of Kindlegem makes any sense; the design of the passive says, "save all my stuff for teamfights every 90s," and CDR says "use all my important stuff more often." (Plus, it seems like every single item nowadays has CDR on it.) Maybe build out of BF + Pickaxe + Cloth, and the armor from Cloth "turns into" the passive. I could also see some frustrating times when players randomly have three enemies in the area, auto once, and they waste the passive for the next minute and a half. (I assume it still triggers if there's one enemy visible and two hiding in a brush?) I know that y'all are justifiably nervous about adding even more actives, but this item really feels like an active to me. It could be a big, ult-like moment for the user, especially combined with a cool visual effect. Alternatively, maybe more restrictions on when it triggers: what if you have to deal at least [x] damage for it to trigger, or you have to be in _melee range_ of three champions? Maybe that last part is in it already, it's not specific. Atma's Reckoning seems cool and not particularly problematic, and your art rules. Hope you found this constructive! (this is the pbe account of KillGoldfish, I've done game design writing about League and other games, woohoo self-plug)


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