: As I already stated, most people keep Tiamat and only upgrade it later on to the game, so I'm really having a hard time seeing this as a buff due to spike. And even if you say it's a buff because it costs less, we are losing 10 AD while only gaining 250 gold. A long sword costs 350 while giving 10 AD. So even in efficiency terms it looks like a nerf to me.
I don't think this is 100% true. If you look at champions like Fiora who enjoy rushing Ravenous hydra into a black cleaver or tri-force it's a very welcome change. Heck, even the jax build that was around for awhile where he'd rush Titanic hydra into tri-force. Losing 10 ad for 250 gold actually isn't that bad. It leaves less situations where you're risking your life to farm for 250 more gold and the spike is sooner. Stat wise the item loses efficiency, but it's already a VERY powerful item.

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