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: Game crash in loading screen.
I didn't have any problems playing SR. This problem seems to appear in connection with the new ARAM map.
: Cannot currently buy SS Upgrade as GP
Just had the same problem: - The buy button was greyed out (on all 3 items) - Enemy GP could still purchase them without a problem
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: Cross Map Consistency Pass
The nexus turret currently has a **constant AS of 2.5**. This means that Super Minions often wont even get to attack the turret before dieing. It was stated that the turrets would be buffed but this seems to be a bit much. Is it an intended change or just a bug?
: [BUG] Twisted Treeline Minimap
Just had this bug as well.
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
I don't know about the huge queue but I have had a lot of Bard insta locks even after his release on the live servers.
: Toxicity in PBE
At least we are able to test the instant feedback system that way.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playing Card Skins!
Heyho, today I saw Syndras new splash art slice for the first time and I wanted to ask if it were possible to move the spheres a bit more into the picture? The full splash art is perfect but the slice of her somehow lacks the concept of Syndra. :)
: If it helps: the user might have received the maximum number of gifts. **Reason:** I sent to the same user, together with another player from my team, a mystery skin gift some hours ago (worked for me). If it's other users, just ask them if they got more than 3 gifts today.
That is why I tried sending gifts to a lot of people. (Every time with the same result) I talked to my friend and he got one skin in the a day ago. -> Didn't work. He tried sending me a gift and I hadn't received one in ages. -> Didn't work.
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: Just a friendly reminder that Wukong's ultimate deals physical damage and as thus is **not** absorbed by the shield, thus not breaking it - the damage is in fact dealt normally, just without the knock-up.
I know that Wukong ult deals physical dmg. I used that example to show that the shield still works in some cases.
: I think you should probably also post it on the Live boards for it to get much more feedback. Nevertheless, You are right. If it is a pbe bug then my post is probably useless and waste of your time so you would have stopped reading by now. If it isn't then ... hi.
I experienced this bug today on PBE and don't know if it exists on the live servers. (hi)
: From my understanding of what you are saying, that does seem kinda jacked up
This is how I see it: How it should be: Shield absorbs CC, then damage How it currently works: Shield absorbs damage, then CC
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: Let's talk about PBE Boards!
I would love it if there would be 3 kinds of answers to every bug report: 1. This has already been posted (link to the post) and if no update happens in 24h the thread gets deleted. 2. A small note for bug reports which shows that the Riot staff has seen the post/is working on it. 3. A note for when the bug is supposed to be fixed. In case the bug is supposed to be gone but you still experience it in your games.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Rammus!
I have found a small issue regarding the name: It is too long for the loading screen. Guardian of the Sands Rammus overlaps a bit with the border around it. It seems to be the only GoS skin with this problem.
: [ARAM] Snowball Summoner's Spell review
Hey, after finally getting to playing some games with the new summoner (2h initial queue op^^) I feel like I can add to your feedback: 1. **Cooldown**: I agree with you. The new summoner acts currently as a gapcloser _ability_ for tanks - not as a _summoner spell_ . The 20 second CD leads to tanks being in a stronger state than mages with the old chalice. I suggest changing the cooldown to more or less 1 minute. (keep in mind that there is still the 25% off when reactivating) 2. **Hitting Minions**: I don't think that this is much of a problem. Imo there are 2 factors that matter when dashing: a) The dashing person seperates him-/herself form the team and is automaticly singled out. b) The dashing person is in range vor meelee abilities (for example Garen Q), meaning hitting the most important skill is guaranteed. => When dashing to a minion you are not as far away from your team but you also can't be sure to safely hit your ability, making it more or less balanced. 3. **Clarity**: I agree with you. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to realize that you actually hit someone. Making the two icons a bit more differen would definitely help a lot. The new summoner is a great addition for tanks/fighter/assassins. Some might argue that they will be too strong but in the end it should all balance out as the other roles got additional strength as well. (BT for ADCs and Ludens + Chalice buff for APCs) I hope this feedback helps :) {{champion:111}} Purzzle
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: Weird Morgana's (?) vfx from her W
Had the same glitch in my games. I was using the Classic skin and there were no other special/new skins in the game so I don't think that it has something to do with that. The purple fire shows that champions stand in her W and about 70% of the time the vfx doesn't go away (tested in custom game). It stays on champions after their death and revive abilities (tested Kog'Maw). It is not a debuff and doesn't draw tower aggro.
: Got an S recently with Nami Support, with not so many kills, a few deaths and a ton of assists. So this seems to be okay.
Thanks for your reply. I played a Nautilus jungle game, went 2/4/15 (4-0 drakes/1-0 barons) but only got a B-. I guess I just haven't understood the factors taken in count yet. :)
: Champion Mastery - Feedback
I really like the new feature as it adds something like an achievement system (one of the only things LoL was really lacking imo). But currently it feels like the grading system is not quite balanced yet. This might be because I don't know all of the factors but currently I feel like some stats heavily overweight others (kills > having less deaths/many supports) which might lead to some roles having an easier time to level up than others.
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: heh still on live server it works well why is that?
It doesn't work on live. You are mistaking the Flay passive damage for the execute passive of Targons.
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: That's normal, it's a one way potal ^^
What OP means that Bard goes through the portal and the bots that targeted him before bug out and don't do anything until the portal disappears. Usually the bots should either go through the portal or attack other targets what they don't do.
: Top lane pathing (purple side)
I can confirm. Had the exact same problem in my last game.
: [Scoreboard] - Displaying wrong amount of Dragons
Just had the same bug in a Bot Game. The bots had 5 dragons on the scoreboard but they didn't have the dragon buff on them.


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