: DJ Sona's Joke, Taunt, Laugh is not audible
To quote all the fanboys, "She's a mute so of course she wouldn't say anything during her emotes!" But no seriously, it's probably a bug or something that just hasn't been hooked up yet. At least that's what I'm hoping for. I don't need another low point for an otherwise amazing skin.
: What is this referring to? It's quite likely that some of the things I have under my room for improvement category are actually bugs, but I was trying to keep the bugs category limited to things that were unambiguously screwy, rather than just lacking.
Oh, it was referring to Nintendan's post. Riot said that pressing QWE adds layers to her music, but I didn't notice any in all the testing that I did. It's temporary, but it goes away. I think it's just a bug or something they haven't hooked up yet.
: [Skins] DJ Sona detailed feedback
Perhaps it's just one of the many bugs they said they're dealing with at the moment. Remember, Riot told us it wouldn't be released in this upcoming patch. Maybe this is just another issue they're ironing out.
: Honestly, If you have a problem don't buy it. I Love it SOO MUCH and so do others. People may not like it but compare her VO to Gnar's VO. He talks complete gibberish aswell, people still play him.
> [{quoted}](name=Jordan is Bae,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=g4pPNuoQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-02-04T21:33:58.861+0000) > > Honestly, If you have a problem don't buy it. I Love it SOO MUCH and so do others. People may not like it but compare her VO to Gnar's VO. He talks complete gibberish aswell, people still play him. The problem that many people have with that however is that Gnar is understandable. Even with all his baby talk, you still can grasp at what Gnar means. The same is true for Rek'sai, a champion who speaks entirely in clicks, whistles, and grunts, is more tangible and comprehensible than DJ Sona. I've made several comments on DJ Sona already, but I'll summarize my views as well as the others as best I can. 1) What Riot did with her voice is a neat idea, but not all neat ideas are good ideas. This is not a good idea. 2) It feels lazily done and is ultimately a cop-out. That's harsher than intended as I understand work did go into remixing her voice, but from a customer's perspective, being told I'm only receiving 3 minutes of gibberish dialogue for 3x the cost of Rek'sai and Gnar (points mentioned above) is disappointing. 3) It's gibberish. Once you get past all of the reasonings and excuses, it's ultimately intangible gibberish. Listen to it on it's own and it's a terrible mess. Listen to it as Riot intends over her music and it's harmonic gibberish. For many people, this takes away from Sona rather than enhances her. As I said elsewhere, the first support champion I ever played is now suffering a head injury. 4) It's disheartening to see a skin do so many things correctly, surpass and even embarrass the other two skins in it's class with how much quality is contains, only to see it fall so incredibly short of a perfect finish. 5) Finally, how nobody at Riot through all the months of development time ever had the foresight or ability to reach the same conclusion that so many of us reached within minutes of DJ Sona's reveal. Essentially her go (gibberish over) is taking away the greatness of the skin for myself and many other people. From the comments I've seen here and several places elsewhere, including a few times in game already with randoms, her voice is the only point of contention and the weakest aspect of the entire package. While we're complaining about her go, we're praising the rest of her. It's Riot's own standards set by themselves time and time again that we're asking Riot to adhere to that they seemingly are choosing to ignore. The skin is a 9/10. It's close, really close, to being a perfect 10 but that one aspect is providing enough concern that I'm personally not even certain if the skin is worth purchasing. That's not intended to sound like the childish threat that gets thrown around often on the internet. As a customer, I'm legitimately debating whether or not the skin is actually worth the asking price. It'd be like finding the perfect car but later being told it only has 3 wheels; the dealer is the only person that can sell you the 4th but they won't no matter how much you ask. Do I want a 3-wheeled near perfect car? Or is my money better spent elsewhere on less perfect products that actually work?
: Feedback and thoughts about Tristana splash art (PBE patch Jan/22)
: The reason that Tristana splash art's update is not appropriate (PBE patch Jan/22)
1) I paid for her and I like the way she looks. 2) She's one of the furthest personalities you can get from Jinx. Jinx is insane. Tristana is adventurous. 3) Also, pedophiles? She's an adult, she doesn't look like a child, and you're just overreacting. 4) Sexy outfit? The way you people talk, you make it sound like she's out there wearing only ribbons. 5) Killer-like Trist. Now I think you're just trolling people. 6) Her gun has **always** been bigger than her. That's part of her thing. 7) It does not make her like a killing machine. It makes her a character that has a really big gun. 8) Yeah, you're definitely trolling. Sharing the happiness of fighting? One of her few lines is "I wanna shoot something." 9) I think the opinion they're holding is that they want the splash to be more reflective of the concept art. I don't think many of them think the same way you do.
: Feedback and thoughts about Tristana splash art (PBE patch Jan/22)
I personally think it looks fine, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be improved. For starters, when comparing her concept art to the new splash (which is what I believe a lot of you are doing), there's a difference in the way her nose is drawn. The concept art shows it to be almost mouse-like or at least animalistic with downward pointing nostrils. The splash art portrays her having a button nose. She has a sharp jaw line in the concept art. The splash art, while I understand it's at a 3/4 angle, shows more cheek tissue than I would've expected to see. Her eyes are drooping slightly along the top line in the concept, specifically our left. I can only assume that's how large her eyes are normally when she's not half-winking. Contrast that to the splash art where she almost looks like she's opened her eyes wider due to the droop in the top line being not as apparent. It almost looks manic I suppose? Again on the eyes, her upper lashes aren't as thick. So visually, here's what I'd do. Keep in mind I think what Riot gave us is good already and what I'm suggesting probably isn't right, but it's whatever. Changes were made to the eyes, the mouth, the nose, and the side of the face. http://i.imgur.com/RKJf4fp.png http://i.imgur.com/CPKXzr0.png
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: I thought Tristana's Visual Update was next?
They might be doing several changes to her as well. A new vo, new model, new spell textures, etc etc. Thing is, we don't know what they're doing until they show us, but it could be a reason as to why she hasn't shown up yet.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Tigre Braum!
El Tigre never removes his mask. It is the honor and spirit of the luchador. Love the skin and concept. Will definitely buy.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
I have two questions if you don't mind answering. You said this is the antithesis to the championship skin line. Does this mean that every year, we can start expecting a new dauntless skin at the start of the season? And, if the first question is yes, is this what the palette will be? Red and white tones versus the blue and grey tones? Just curious. Personally, I tend to enjoy skin lines than I do one-off skins so if this ends up being a line, I'll be more excited.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Rider Sejuani!
I wonder if this what those cute lil' poros grow up to become. What if every poro we've ever seen was just a baby and the adults are big enough to ride? Anyways, like everyone else is saying, big poro is a bit too blocky. For me, I think the most eye-glaring issue are those tufts of fur near its fore legs.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
I think she's too pink to be called **Blood** Moon. I'd recommend a red similar to the one Akali uses in her BM skin.
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: Q seems to miss on anything that is in combat, including minions. It always hits on monsters that are idle. When using {{item:3085}} and having 2 enemies near the main target (so hitting 3 at once), the main target does not take any damage. I don't think anything even shoots at the main target.
I was about to post this. Restating what Cha^2san just said, if something is in combat, his q will just sail right past them. If they're idle, the q will always hit.
: I honestly can't wait for servers to go up so I can test PP Twitch. REALLY looking forward to what this skin has to offer and may just be the first Twitch skin I purchase on live. SLY COOPER FOR THE WIN.
Yes! I immediately thought of Sly Cooper the moment I saw this skin too and that isn't a bad thing!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Kog'Maw!
His gun looks a bit too black. I mean, it's not so muted it looks terribly atrocious, but just enough that it's a little blobish. Could you run some blues through his gun to bring out some of the shadings a little bit better? Kind of like what's going on with Skarner or like the reds in Cho'gath's? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JZCCY4W9UyE/VFl7moH6d5I/AAAAAAAAcM0/OYRVzK_4doI/s1600/kog.jpg
: I'm 1000% for this! I love Sona's voice. Let's not get our hopes too high, though.
Cautious anticipation. I'm leaving room for disappointment.
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: Will his death animation be changed? Right now, collapsing into a pool of blood is not real fitting with the theme.
This. Also, since you guys are messing with Vlad at the moment, can you guys take a look at Blood Lord Vlad's height? He's incredibly tiny, especially next to everyone new/reworked. Anytime you find a moment to look into that (probably not this patch cycle qq) would be awesome because he's less of a blood lord and more of a blood mite.
: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
**The new Karthus ** tl;dr The new particle colors are too similiar to each other. Please adjust them for clarity's sake. These are just my opinions. Feel free to synch yours with mine or completely disregard them. The new Karthus looks and sounds great (13 mins of vo, can I get a transcript please?). Watching how he moves and listening to him talk makes me feel like he's powerful and immensely so. His skins look sharp and I found the nod to the Chinese artwork of Karthus entertaining (Phantom Karthus looks like the Chinese splash art). Unfortunately, I do have a complaint about the particle work. Not that it doesn't look good, it looks good-great. My complaint is that everything is green, and not just green, but the same shades of green. Imagine this. Blind normals and both sides have a Karthus. Unlike the video you guys posted of Karthus killing Teemo, there is going to be a cf of green bombs going off with defiles and walls of pain dropping once a team fight starts. It'll get worse once either one of them, or both, die in that fight. My most major concern is readability. All of Karthus's skills appear to share the same color palette and that's what will cause the confusion. You have to recognize that team fighting, regardless if it was a planned fight, is already filled with chaos and confusion. If you guys want to use green, I'm fine with green. I would suggest however that your fx team uses some of the other thousands of greens for his skills. I'm not suggesting a major change, but a few slider adjustments to make Lay Waste easier to notice in the midst of the chaos for example. Maybe make it darker? Maybe mix some purple in there? I don't know. What I do know is that in the video, Lay Waste is already slightly harder to see under Defile and Wall of Pain both running. If we add some of the other "green" characters, like Thresh or Karma, things will become even more chaotic. Then we add the other 7 characters to the match and you see where I'm going with this.
: I do want to mention that if we add more VO lines and voice processing, the price would likely elevate to 1350RP rather than the 975RP reflected in the PBE store :x Thanks a bunch for your feedback though! o u o!
Like so many people have agreed to after I made that post, I don't think too many others would scream murder if the price was bumped to 1350. As the skin stands now, it feels 3/4 of the way finished. Pop the colors more, add that voice processing, do some particle changes that have been suggested, and I think it would be very worthy of a 1350 price tag. More so than Void Fizz honestly.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: River Spirit Nami!
This is a feedback response since I haven't had the opportunity to try her skin out yet, but I'm a tad bit disappointed in the vocals for it. I like how she sings with a different tone during her recall and I was half expecting to hear a similar sound overlayed onto her existing vocals akin to Full Metal Jayce or Soul Reaver Draven. Anyways, I noticed in her splash art that while she has black orbs for eyes, she still has yellow irises. You don't really see that in the actual skin unless you're zoomed in further than what's logical to play the game. From a distance, she has two eye shaped voids in her face. I don't know how intentional that is or not, but it's just my observation.
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Will this be available for ranked queues when it finally releases? Obviously not as far as selecting your champion, but will I be able to queue for a position instead of begging for a role at champ select?
: For me it looks like i dont have any VO like the most of the guys here. I tested it with {{champion:266}}{{champion:92}} Also Yesterday (16.1) i didnt even had the Announcer. After the Patch today that works for me. I also have the Issue that the Nexus Explosion at the End dont have the "Boom" (Only that swipe Sound at the Start end and the beginning of the Expl.) Im using a Razer Megadolon Headset (USB Soundcard Integratet)
I'm getting this problem too. I used several champions and didn't get audio on any of them. Also, while I was testing out Xerath, sometimes I couldn't hear the coin sound when I last hit a minion.


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