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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Hey! I just wanted to say that this made one Zyra main happy as hell :) Keep up the good work. One question, will she get higher base movement speed or any higher base stats? thank you! :3 And is her root duration the same at all levels?
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
How does the W ability work vs kalista exactly?
: Everything has to be taken in context. This point is completely irrelevant in isolation.
She is an AD carry who can't even damage the enemies if she does not switch targets. Is that fair?
: I did, but there are a limited set of effective actions that can be taken with the patch lockdown being imminent and the lack of more objective data to analyze. There's a fundamental disagreement around Love Tap that cannot really be addressed directly. We want her to engage in this new pattern which is why the numbers are tuned the way they are (including her base stats). I know you guys are concerned with the effectiveness and over-reliance on Love Tap, but that is the design direction we are committed to, and we would like to observe how the results pan out. If it turns out that Love Tap is overly "gimmicky" and unreliable, then we can make adjustments to reduce its power budget and put that back into things like base stats, but shutting Love Tap down before it even gets a chance to breathe leaves us no room to explore the possibility of this design space.
I mean. I understand ur thoughts and concerns. But less ad at lvl 18 than lvl Cho? I find that a little bit harsh.
: Some really good points. Love Tap should probably affect structures based on the current design. I'll look into what makes sense here.
Please tell me u got more out of that than the simple tower problem.
: KINDRED isnt melee or ranged
The same thing happens with Caitlyn. should probably be fixed soon lol.
: Hey guys, there's been a lot of awesome feedback in the thread. So much that I don't have the capability of responding to you guys individually in this case So instead, I want to ask some generalized questions that will help guide us forward (try to keep answers brief and concise): **1. What is your assessment of her general power level on PBE? Does she feel overall strong or weak? 2. What is your assessment of her power level in lane? 3. Is last hitting minions difficult? 4. What is your assessment of her power level in late game? 5. What is your assessment of Bullet Time's power level at level 6? At Level 16? 6. Does Love Tap feel effective and rewarding when it can be utilized (note that the adjustments made to Love Tap on Friday have not hit PBE)?**
1. She is in the bottom tier of the marksmen currently. Much weaker than live. 2. Her laning phase is fine, but she can't really all in anyone without a Blitz/Thresh/Morg. Also her 1v1 potential is almost 0. 3. Last hitting is fine. But her base dmg is so horrible, that it's very hard without ur passive 4. Her late game is maybe the worst out of all marksmen if she can't get a perfect ult. 5. Bullet time is fine. And it scales well enough. 6. Love Tap would feel both effective and rewarding if it didn't punish the player so much for focusing one target. If someone like Shyvana/Gnar is chasing you, ur damage is so low that killing them will be a nightmare. My suggestion is basically to nerf the damage of her passive early game, and then let it scale more later. To compensate for this, I want her base ad/scaling to be at least the same as other adcs. Cuz right now she has just too many weaknesses.
: [BUG] Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune Q counts as an autoattack. It's the same with spells like GP Parrrley and Ezreal's Q
: And for a good reason: Her new passive, Love tap, gives her attacks a lot of power when swapping targets. Late game it's around 200 dmg when swapping targets.
But she can't switch targets constantly. Right now anyone can jump on her and kill her instantly, cuz she has no dmg in a 1v1 situation.
: I'm pretty sure this is due to her new attack passive, which does physical damage. So early game this is pretty similar to gaining X amount of bonus AD (only thing is it won't crit). And new MF hurts significantly more than old MF, at least from what I've played.
From my experience. She hurts for the first few levels, then falls of drastically.
: ***
Kindred deals the enemy's current health dmg on every auto, based on her passive.
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