: New Ryze
Yea.... I already have to deal with a infinitely scaling veigar, I don't need this too...
: Unless this person is Goku I don't think it's his lmao.
: Nice challenjour m8, gg
Unless this person is Goku I don't think it's his lmao.
: Please, please be better people!
I would like to make a first hand apology I had no idea that name calling was forbidden.
: Upload the picture to imgur and take the DIRECT link and paste it
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: Offensive summoner names and toxicity in game
I would only revoke accounts for offensive summoner names, you never know in chat maybe someone just isn't having the best day, that's when we as a community should try to help them but i think you are on to something here. Happy Testing! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: login queue time
im at 7000 are there this many people who show up for urf?
: This comment is so full of ignorance and stupidity that it's mindboggling.
I love your name for the comment your replying to xD.
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: Please add further balance changes/bans to URF.
: Mecha Sion Ult Bug
I noticed with the new Sion skin that with the ult i see myself (and others) who use it to kinda glitch in and out of the train form periodically going back to regular Sion for a second then back into train idk if this is a bug but this is a post about his ult so i figured i would comment it here. Have A Great Day Guys.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: yeahh, riot said that will come back 2 times this year on the server, but not in April 1st
April 2nd confirmed
: OFA Mode need rework
I think colors would be iffy, however i do like the idea of the numbers
: Devourer
slight nerf yes, complete removal nah
: Suggestion: Enable One For All on all maps and not just for Summoner's Rift.
I think this is an ok idea, i don't get bored personally, but i would enjoy a break of a aram or something from time to time {{champion:63}} OP
: Terrifying: Brand and Heimer Scary: Yasuo and Darius Fun: Kindred and Teemo And my personal favorite OFA champion: Twitch
lol brand and heimer are practically perma banned
: Kindred is way too low and bugued to be released as it is
this idea sounds like it would bring bugs upon bugs to pbe but what if with her q if you cast on a champ, you have a guaranteed hit?
: Add URF into one for all to make it more interesting.
I think this is a good idea. I don't think they would combine it with urf i think there saving that one for something bigger tbh. but adding something else could be fun idk if they would but i liked all for one mirror mode.
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: Quick question
you don't. but out of curiosity why do you need it?

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