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: Ranked Placements
I only had to play 3 (3w) and it was the same for some other guy I talked to so it may be bugged or something
: Yasuo support ?
Ok I tried this out heavily when he first came out and a bunch after and I gotta say it may lack some things compared to thresh, janna or lulu, but it makes up for it in my opinion. - You can save your adc from those last dreaded auto attacks from the enemy adc by okacing a windwall (or you can throw one down during a fight so the enemy adc gets less damage in. - constant poke and constant knock up if you can land all those whirlwinds. - you can quickly charge up your Q and completely negate a jungle gank - amazing ult to trap enemies in place for your adc to demolish (and you cant synergize well if you have knockup on your jungler) - The way i build him is tanky (sunfire, veil, etc) because you are gonna be in the middle of the fight with your ult and e so just tank and burn! - Buy a static shiv first or second for poke in lane and overall AS for Q These are my thoughts on support Yasuo and try them out if you want :D
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: Ofc :) I am getting offline now till Monday though, so sorry to the rest of the people that are still stuck to a low level.
Same issue for me, can you help me too please? Thanks for the help :D


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