: it isnt bugged lol
Dude... 3k damage from one item lvl 1 pyke is not bugged? Trust me it is and people are abuseing it
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: Akali: Gameplay Update Suggestions
As much as i like to see a chance for an assassin to fight back with a kick to the current dominating mid laners. It is partly hard to make more potent, from my point of view. Because she is already (to the skilled in akali) a qoute on qoute " broken champ". A fed akali can pretty much carry the game the same goes for kata.
: Riot are just lazy because they 2 "busy" on playing the TFT
It's understandable the delay for a patch, but they can simply disable bugged champs, like when they disabled yummi and qyina for a less than a day , that one time if you remember. Easy simple.
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: Wukong, Nunu, Shaco BUGS PATCH 9.14
As much as i want this to get fixed ASAP. By this post .(TY by the way) I am afraid that this will become like the Ludens Echo bug (Almost stuck for 3+ weeks) . And thus, people who didn't know, now will know and try the bug from its share. I already AFKed 2 games because one of my teammates was wukong top, he literally reached inhib at 9 min or less. Not fun at all. I may encourage people that face a bug abuser to report, but i dont blame them though so i dont actually report them. I just AFK and go play TFT until the bug is fixed. This is REALLY not fun, please don't abuse bugs its just unfair , doesn't matter if you have the bugged champ, you can win without the use of bug. It has been so frustrating to try champs in pbe because of these ignored Bugs.
: I forgot my password, how can I get it back?
Forgot password button under the password bar in the login menu
: Aurelion sol is way to strong and needs a nerf in TFT
Yup, not even a lvl 3 draven can do what that dragon does
: Thanks, it worked.
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: No need to thank me
Ahh i see a fellow Login Guardian (Lol nice one btw) i hope they do so :p
: I think I'm going crazy. Why don't hackers find a way out?
Won't help, the server capacity is limited. Plus there will be no maintenance until Monday :/
: 35 hours wait :D???
No maintenance until Monday sadly
: Is there any way to get in quickly?
32hrs and raising,,, i gave up already waiting for live
: ty dude
np Bro Have Fun - stack some Dravens for me :P
: [TFT] Assassins and melee carries aren't viable.
That is true - i tried even the 6 assassins 4 ninjas strategy - almost one shotting everything - but a draven or vayne or lucian can always slip away from their grasp in late stages - idk why - but i guess they will make it more balanced in time for live. best regards GL HF try glacials - most broken with 3 assassins and one stacked ADC
: Help me start a TFT game
try disconnecting internet - then the trying to reconnect pop out will come - then reconnect internet ... may solve automatically. or if not try ending the league client from background processes in the Task manager - and then QUICKLY reopen the game and log in. you will get a 1m position 1 queue log in and the problem should be gone 100 percent. already tried it before... just make sure to be quick if you choose that option. sadly I'm am not the ones lucky enough to get in- i cant invite :P GL HF
: [TFT] Combining champs shouldn't combine basic items they have.
yeah, it should give us the option to choose whether you want them to fuse ... or simply upgrade that champ and just get the item off of the champ you took from the circle select. sounds reasonable i think
: You wait an entire day to log in you leave your computer on through the night you wake up wait another 3 hours and you finally get in and then what? a reset and you're back in the queue that's not fair of course people sit on PBE and keep it open instead of logging off because they don't want to be in queue for another 24 hours to be able to play the game you only want this to happen so you can get in and then you would not want this to happen people who get in should not be kicked out
uhh nvm man -- I guess overall you are right .. it's not worth the wait for me ... I posted this in hope to maybe get in at some point .. though I managed to log in one time but logged out to leave room for others as I imagined such would be the same the queue time for me kept raising .. now it settles at 35hrs .. well .. guess I will wait live .. sorry for your time .
: I could turn that right around. Imagine people that are nearly in front of queue, just got in the client or are just playing their first game... and are then thrown right out because someone on the boards wanted a server reset. There is no solution that is “fair” for everyone.
I already faced that :) waited for 10 hrs .. maintenance comes ... relog to another 10hrs :) I wouldn't be posting this if I hadn't faced every possibility. plus it is just the tweet about not shutting down the server for Monday means that i won't be able to log in at all .. so as many others. that is why--- I'm waiting for live --- if --- we don't get a reset to the server. I do not mean to disturb the thread or anything - but also - the post is already posted anyways and its downvoted - it's not gonna make a bad time for anyone nor it will change anything. thanks for your time Amy - you should go to other posts as they need your kind help - already have taken a lot of your time.
: You want to play the game like everyone else ? you also want people who have waited for 17 hours to get kicked out so you can play? how is that fair? a reset is the last thing they should do no update should come to the PBE until monday so people who got in can actually play the game instead of randomly getting kicked out
well - is 31hrs reasonable ? is 17hrs resonable? nope .. i get you ... but what i mean after logging in it is more likely people won't log out. so for the people that are actually not playing but holding a spot .. to move on.. for the players that are at the time ready to play. thats my point. not just to kick the ones that suffer of course! and also - i like dat username POG
as a further notice on the rp quest - it resets every 20hrs .. so how to get it .. is simple. play any matchmade game. though i noticed if you play TFT it may take 2 games to earn the reward . my advice for a quick RP earn... play an Aram mode. and enjoy your RP. ( buy purple loot chests - more chances of high lvl skins :P)
: [Client] - Can't play after a pc crash during the loading
did you try to disconnect from the internet to make the " trying to reconnect" pop out then replug internet ... it may solve it automatically
: Yea at this point, it's devolved to that lmao They want play-testers and have half a million willing but whatever. Probably 1/4 of the people in client are even there xD feelsbadman
yup, sadly we are not convenient to their interests as streamers to give us attention or a pass for the wait. guess live is the best solution. solo Que throws here i come lol
: Cannot open shop in LeagueClient
it may be in need of a re-login ( via task manager, the "process in the background not the main be careful" and quickly reopen client won't have to wait i promise ) or is that the shop is temporarily down at some cases. other than that if you still can play .. my advice, don't risk it for the shop you can buy stuff later on after the mode hits live.
: Yes, and nothing about my statement changes lmao. You understand what I wrote above right? Not only is it an inconvenience to Riot but it wont solve the issue lol So deal with it
: Don't worry once TFT hits live Server population will go down Then you can join pbe
thank you that is what im looking forward to the most
: Please don't post in the [Bug] section if you're not reporting a bug. Furthermore, a server reset is inconvenient for Riot: currently PBE is full of players testing, therefore the primary goal of testing is achieved. Keep in mind the PBE exists for *Riot's* convenience, not ours.
so the convince of players are not important anymore ?... sure i won't post again .. will wait till live just wanted to post because according to tweets there will be no maintenance till Monday .. which means no way to get in unless i wait 30hrs . that is why i post here because we deserve a chance to play.. but Alas .. our convince is not important anymore
: Login Queue is BIG
i already gave up .. there is no way i am waiting for 30hrs to play 2 games then sleep guess we will have to wait for live
: https://twitter.com/RiotAugust/status/1142199042992009216?s=19
: Do you have a link about this ?
: They literally just had a maintenance yesterday which is basically what you are talking about lmao and it fucked everyone up and caused an authentication problem.
You understand what i wrote above right? No maintenance resets until monday...
: My Teamfight Tactics changes suggestion
They probably should make the Mini Legends " Can Move through Units" - since some try to ruin your selects by body blocking.
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: TFT Bug - Too many champs
Well , i don't consider it as a bug, it gives you the chance to keep champs you want to upgrade and at the same time not lose the champ that you selected in the ring. I mean, maybe it deserves another solution like, puting a temporary slot at the bottom that disappears after you pick up the champ from the selected ring when full on champs. Other than that, it's okey, its not like a lvl 1 extra champ causes much threat. While a Draven lvl 3 can 1v9 :p
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: PBE players should be rotated
True... Not fair... Especially the ones who were in pbe for a while before ... Reporting bugs and testing stuff ... Not just for the plays or rp ...but sadly my friend don't forget that there a ridiculous amount of streamers + others on the whitelist that can log in... And plus riot won't even respond to anything but saying.. (That the capacity of the server is small) and that they wont upgrade it to fit more since it will hit live and the activity on pbe will return the same as before which is pretty low. I just want to play SR in pbe to test some skins i can not afford honestly and practice my gameplay in many ways , like what happens if i flash from someplaces... Or if i summon a herald next to an epic monster or something.. You get the idea... I hope the patch comes live pretty soon this is just ridiculous
: > [{quoted}](name=Shaco Clown ,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=jNW4EXwr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-21T15:48:54.983+0000) > > you waited a 15+ hr que ? > > and it saddens me to say it but you have to relog to fix .. or try switching to shop inventory etc, or try reconnecting internet so it dissconnects and reconnects automatically I did all that but nothing worked. I decided to completely terminate league from task manager and something bizare happened. I opened client again and I was sad to see that I had to log in again. As I logged in I only had to wait 1min in que time. That is some luck if you ask me.
Well that's Awesome my friend! .. Hope you are enjoying the game. I hope to log in tonight after maintenance. There is no way i am waiting 30+ hrs
: Rito finds a new way to force me out - Need help
you waited a 15+ hr que ? and it saddens me to say it but you have to relog to fix .. or try switching to shop inventory etc, or try reconnecting internet so it dissconnects and reconnects automatically
: > [{quoted}](name=Shaco Clown ,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=lJkKGPEW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-21T15:23:30.155+0000) > > u telling me im at 3.9 mill position right now :P ? LIFE IS good no ? :D I think you meant 1.9 million, but yes. My advice is waiting until server maintenance, which should be a few hours from now.
Ty man , but already done that... Seems to drop to 6hrs ... No matter what i do i have to wait a long time ... Though it is better than 31hrs but it's ridiculous... That when i reach the stage where i can actually play.. I play a game then go to sleep :/
: > [{quoted}](name=PBEXt,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=lJkKGPEW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-21T15:04:31.867+0000) > > How do i see my actual queue position? > i saw a post yesterday about this somewhere but i can't find it anymore... > > (not sure where i'm supposed to post this tbh) Each minute in the queue is 2000 players. Each minute takes 15 minutes in real time. Convert the number of hours into minutes, then multiply that number by 2000, you get your position in the queue. If you were to queue right now, the wait time is 15 hours. 15 hours converted into minutes is 900. 900 x 2000 = 1.8 million players in the queue. You would apply that formula to find your position in the queue. E.g. if you had a 2 hour wait, it would be: 2 x 60 = 120 minutes. 120 * 2000 = 240,000. Hope that helps
u telling me im at 3.9 mill position right now :P ? LIFE IS good no ? :D
: increase server size
i doubt the would do .. as they said they expect aftet ppatch 9.13 comes to live servers it will return the same amount of player in that server. do we have a choice ..sadly not. i have a 31hr 56min que wait time :/ so yeah i feel ya . my advice ... wait for maintanace time .. log in instantly .. you will be at 1hr to 2hr wait time best times for me so far . since alot of players and streamers have a pass to enter instantly .. we will always wait
: Is this for real or is it a bug? Like, what? Seriously?
im the same as you .. not a bug .. 31hr 57min for me .. i am sure some people desides to put the client on the que while sleep or afk . what can we do about it ? nothing sadly. what makes me happier ? .. streamers can instantly log in :) ( im not a streamer obviously
: Actual queue position?
am at 31hr+ log in que wait ... doesnt even matter at this point man
: PBE LOGING TIME 20+ hours
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