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: Is there a way to add some of the red flowers from her recall to the particles of her ult or something? I think that would look very pretty
I agree this would be a nice touch despite the skin already being exquisite
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Solar Eclipse Leona!
: Eveylnns R does not do any damage, nor does it Execute champions.
I've never experienced her R NOT do dmg. You probably missed or someone healed/shielded/shen ulted/etc to mitigate that damage. As for the execute portion, the X does not indicate that the champion will be executed because its there. The X indicidates that if you ult them, you will do double damage because they're below 30% help. This will typically execute many squishes, but perhaps not someone who has build MR or is a strong tank/bruiser. "Enemies caught in her reveal are devastated, taking magic damage, doubled against enemies below 30% of their maximum health."
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
I have read the update. Thank you for the 45% discount. As I was reading through the threads, my first thoughts were the exact same as many here on the board. As for variants overall, I am really pleased to see the team putting together variants of skins that already exist. Think about it, some of our favorite skins might get adorable model changes that are just to die for. I look forward to the future! I can't wait to look at all of these skins in detail and post on their corresponding threads, but I just want to reiterate how grateful I am that Riot listened and raised the discount to 45%. With all of the money draining new features that riot has come out with: borders, event passes, massive costly orb bundles (Just spent ~$100 and got the worst loot ever in comparison to past orb bundles purchased for less), exclusive chromas, too many chromas per release, I am very glad to see something very reasonable and fair come out. Makes me feel like Riot is at least trying to listen while still trying to be a company and make money. Thank you thank you.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Orianna, Nami, LeBlanc, Graves, and Fiddlesticks Chromas!
Feedback to future chromas if not the current. Pink/Yellow fades work really well too, I guess you did that with Amumu sort of. I noticed Riot like Pink/Blue fades with the Pink chromas mostly though :) For the Nami chroma, I really don't like the Amethyst. The color scheme is just off to me and purple is my favorite color so I like want it to be perfect. A suggestion? Change the orange accents to yellow, and the contrast between the pink and purple needs to be it needs to either be a different purple or a different pink... *shrugs* The green LeBlanc one is just ugly, no wonder Nami didn't get a 6th chroma, leblanc shouldn't have either because the green the team went with simply doesn't work to me. Maybe she should have been purple with green accents ...maybe my love for purple has clouded my judgement I like how there are different patterns on each of Orianna's balls in the chromas. I think the Peridot Orianna skin should have respective Peridot colored hair since her hair is in such a jewel fashion, it should match the way the base and Amber ones do. Maybe the team tried that and it looked ugly tho.
: Hey! A quick check-in! A few things should be updated when PBE hits today: * Collar size has been reduced * Texture adjustments to her head to help it pop out more/see her face. * Color adjustment on her orange skirt - it is less gray, and it has more of an ombre effect into reddish-orange. **EDIT:** Ack, forgot one that was your suggestion! * W/RW has lingering effects to be able to see it, and some of your green triangle stuff.
Is there a post or link available right now to see what's being put into the PBE today?
: I gotta ask, is the hologram a reference on how LeBlanc is not really there and could be anywhere comanding this robotic body? On the other hand, when are you going to announce the cancellation for these skins? If Sewn Chaos Amumu/Blitz didn't receive negative feedback and got cancelled, and these aren't... then why would you put this on live?
They already announced the skins are not getting cancelled because they hit the quality bar.
: Well, seems like pretty much everybody else thinks it's the other way around. I understand your hype for having a new skin for your main, but wake up: it's a hideous skin, visually confusing and overloaded, and it belongs to one of the worst skinlines for "futuristic/robotic style". Good for Riot you're going to buy it even when it's not pretty at all. Seriously, I understand, I did the same with Sweetheart Rakan/Xayah, but I'm not dumb enough to convince myself that those were cool skins.
I think everyone can have their own opinion. I made my own post on this thread and admitted that Program is one of my least favorite skin lines. But the skin does embody the essence of what the Program theme is...and there are some great changes coming tonight for Program Nami.
: Yet another disappointed LeBlanc player here. Please don't go through with this skin. Blood Moon or Star Guardian are perfect themes if you can't think of anything unique for her. Thanks.
Just to make you aware. As posted by a Riot employee on the Program Nami forum, Nami and LeBlanc WILL be launching. No cancellation in mind.
: Well, seems like you have no imagination or google skills. Please just google it, it's an amazing concept (maybe somewhat similar to Koi Nami, since it fills it's theme of nature spirit). Elderwood has a mobile assasin, a centaur and a mystic balloon. So yeah, it can have a mermaid.
I was laughing because I was imagining what and Elderwood Nami would look like....So people can't imagine having a program nami skin because that is so not her, but they can imagine her having an elderwood, another, what many would consider "not nami" skin? I have plenty imagination, there is a plethora of gorgeous nami skin concepts and elderwood nami is not among them. Cassiopeia (another footless champ) is more likely to get a elderwood skin than nami
: Hi hi! > After trying out the skins in PBE in a customer for 30 minutes last night, I decided that the sound of activating her e on herself or another player is not prominent enough. Lemme see if we can get this boosted up a bit! > Her laugh NEEDS to have particles. I don't care if they're 1's and 0's or little triangles to match whats going on, but you can't just not have particles on her beautifully spam-able laugh There are actually VFX on her laugh! They're just not water, so they're a bit less obvious. Buuut, imma see if we can punch them up! > Her hair could use more wires and perhaps thinner wires. They look more like dreadlocks in their current state, but I can see it being a little late to change the whole model. Unfortunately yeah, we aren't able to change the hair wires. > Not liking the 2 brown wires. Don't really care that wires are sometimes black and sometimes brown so someone was like "let's mix it up. Keep them all black, or change the brown to grey, or make the brown a contrasting color: purple. This is a fantasy game after all, I don't think the world will end if she has purple wires for hair Happy to suggest this to the team and see what they think! > I think the ultimate and bubble is beautiful executed and perfectly captures the essence of the Program theme. <3 >I wish she didn't flip twice in her recall, seems a little dramatic, but probably too late to reflect on that Right, it's a bit too late for that. :c We wanted to play it up a bit 'cause for Deep Sea, we had a lot of feedback that she wasn't active enough. > Really excited for her new voice effect, love when a champ's voice changes (like in Deep Sea) just to spice my game up a little Meeee too! > So excited to see the chromas and how they look on Program Nami. Wondering why there are 5 for her and 6 for LB so looking to see what's going to happen there! I think he chromas will help with everyone's hatred for "program green" Please give us the usual....ish: Ruby, Pink, White/Rainbow, Black, Orange?!, Amethyst?! Chroma numbers can vary depending on how many options work with the base VFX and things like that! You'll see some of the usual suspects in there. ;)
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to as many posts as a you did. As you can imagine, I’ve pretty much been keeping up with this board. For the changes you’re passing to the team, so glad to see the post on twitter about what is coming for her W, Q, and Laugh Now that you’ve explained about the recall, I get it, thanks. Saw the chromas and my favorite color is purple. The purple one unfortunately looks the most clashing and I am very unhappy with it. Purple and green are contrasting colors...I'm so tired of people trying to put pink and purple together. I don't have much hopes for changes, but thats just my opinion. The white and pink chromas are absolutely perf. Ty <3 Also, please add me, I don’t even care if you never message me xD. I’m Program Nami on PBE and Live NA.
: This needs to be canceled. The chroma's sort of fix the issues I had with it but the fact we will still have ugly orange and green particles is a no-go from me. Not going to buy.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
What if....*points at Karma & Jhin last year* Leblanc got another skin within 6 months? Would all of us be so mad? Lunar Wraith LeBlanc? Blood Moon? Arcade? Justicar? Any skin you've ever wanted LeBlanc to have ever? This is me trying to make people feel better, not standing up for Riot and heavily supporting the Program LeBlanc skin. Ya never know what Riot's hiding up their sleeve :o
: While i'm not a Leblanc one trick, I do spend a lot of my time playing her as she is one of my favorite champions. While I am very disappointed with the skin theme, because honestly there's way too many mechanical skin lines that just seem lazy because they in theory "fit" any champion. Like Mecha A-Sol for example. It seems like when a champion hasn't had a skin in a while and riot knows that, they throw them a mecha skin of some sort because they can't think of anything else. I would prefer her have a different skin, but if this one is kept a few things I think could make it better. 1. Please give her her crown back in some form 2. Make her head a different color or a solid robotic face preferably 3. Put more particles into her w and make it more impactful. It doesn't feel powerful. 4. Instead of her e being like an energy tether, make it into orange and black wires like Nami and Lissandra's head, or change the colors of the wires, but wires would look much more cohesive with this skin than the current e which looks like karma's w. Thank you for considering this feedback.
I'm on your side for everything, but 4. I feel like I like the way the colors and beams work as the e is connecting and procing. Just a different opinion though
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Fiddlesticks
Love this skin. So perfectly scary and we all know what it feels like to be suddenly ulted by perhaps a fed fiddle. Love the way his W changes as it progresses. His recall is really cool. I feel like during his ultimate you moreso hear crows even though they're spinning blades I think it needs to sound...more....spinning bladey. :) I agree with another post that I saw, his stand still should be something different since its a 1350 skin after all.
: Please listen to someone who plays LeBlanc religiously. We don't want this, this skin is just like what happened to the Sewn Chaos skins. We've waited 2 years for a new LeBlanc skin and have put out plenty of concepts that we wanted to see. Riot isn't pandeing to its target audience (which should be the mains of that champion), they aren't listening to the demographic that they are trying to sell to. My advice for you as someone who would love to work in your art department one day is to listen to the amount of negative feedback, the fact that I just got into a game as LeBlanc on live servers and people were mocking how ugly the skin you guys decided to green-light was is actually embarrassing. I'm not saying that the model you currently have is beyond repair, I even did a few tweaks on the LeBlanc Main's Reddit that I'll link below. There are some easy things you can tweak to make this model appease your current audience and make them actually wanna purchase this. The problem is that I assume you're going to see that this skin won't sell well (because it isn't what LeBlanc players want), and you're just going to shelf her for another two years without a skin, when it isn't that we don't wanna buy it - it's that you gave us something that is plain, uninspired and just doesn't fit what LeBlanc stands for. Please take a look at this Reddit post that I made, I would attach an image but I can't through this site. The response was very positive and as an amateur artist these changes seem to be what the LeBlanc community would like to see from a high tier gaming company like yourselves. These people enjoy an amateur, college artists changes more than the actual designers work (which seems like this skin should've been critiqued from the start). Please Riot, do the right thing and listen to your community, your demographic and your consumers. Sincerely, ThePaleWoman (1 Mil LeBlanc Mastery, Future Riot Games Employee)
First, I'm sorry for your loss, religious LeBlanc player. Second, I agree with your edited image that her head needs to be more apparent from the back of her cape.
: Okay, after seeing the blue chroma, this one should be her base skin with these colors being the main colors of VFX, usually we don't get new VFX with a chroma and that's the sad part but this chroma solve the model problems. Could you try to make this one base with blue and gold VFX, would be so much better than the green one. But still a poor theme for LeBlanc, a sad choice that could be a little bit better with blue being the base skin.
: This skin is so ugly. I'm definitely not going to buy it :( :(
: As a Nami main, I didn't like it. I love nami skins and own all of them until now. But this one I won't buy. Her hair, face, color schemes are disappointing. I liked the effects, but it is not enough
: Hello there! I'm not the biggest fan of tech-related skins, but still excited to see a Nami skin nonetheless. My main concern with the skin right now is that it looks a bit "evil", for a lack of better words. I'd attribute this feeling to the pointy shape of her headpiece, casting a shadow over her eyes, obscuring them from view. It reminisces of the Lancer Paragon skinline, feeling more medieval than, say, futuristic or cyberpunk. I'd suggest making her eyes bigger and brighter, so they're not just two tiny dots that are visible only when you zoom in. I'm a huge fan of the Program take on Soraka, for example, making her a friendly healbot that might've been corrupted, but right now it looks like Program Nami was _made _ to be corrupt in the first place. I'd also say the dark colors of her cable-hair contribute to that. Maybe lightening them up a bit, adding some texture so they don't seem so bland? They're a very visible feature of her model, after all. As a last note, I'd suggest adding a brighter glow to the end of her staff, making the cyber part of it pop out a little more than the white plastic (or is it carbon fiber?). Right now it looks dull and like a prop, rather than the source of her magic. Not gonna lie, I'm somewhat disappointed with the theme choice for Nami, but I believe that some small tweaks might make the skin look and feel more cohesive to her character, rather than an "easy cop out" that some people are feeling from it right now. Overall, thanks for always working to bring us great content! It's always appreciated.
I feel like Nami always has extravagant head pieces and I have love what they have done with her face, but I see where you're coming from that you see her as evil. I also feel they were trying to be careful NOT to make her a heal bot like Soraka since Soraka is THE healer of the game, but certainly she could look a little more friendly in reference to her current state. I can agree with that brighter glow at the end of her staff, totally would improve the skin!
: I'm so sad seeing my main character receiving a skin like that... It doesnt combine with Nami {{sticker:sg-janna}} I was like soooooo excited waiting a new skin for her, and then when it released came THAT THING ?? Riot pls, i want to spend my money in something good. ~make Nami great again {{champion:267}}
the "make Nami great again" makes me not stand by you
: I honestly did not like the look of her. She seems to have the Predator's head. I preferred something like this: but this is a personal preference, I understand the theme of the skin, but I really did not like it. :(
Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to be blessed with a PROJECT skin as well
: I never mentioned that she should have a cute, pretty, e-girl skin. Even a Blood Moon Nami would've been decent, Elderwood probably, even Infernal, but Project is a terrible skinline, and in visuals, this Nami looks like Predator.
> Elderwood probably Because Elderwood would be so fitting for a fish LOL
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Feelsbad when your main gets a skin from your least favorite skin line q.q. Only 3 days ago I said to my boyfriend, I'm going to change my IGN name to the next Nami skin that gets announced and so it happened. I am Program Nami on the NA servers :D A lot of hard work went into this skin and I have already seen all the comments against this skin so I'm simply going to make a post of suggestions about the skin being that it probably will make it to live. I love the design of the skin. I feel like the Program skin line is improving with Nami and Leblanc being added. -After trying out the skins in PBE in a customer for 30 minutes last night, I decided that the sound of activating her e on herself or another player is not prominent enough. -Her laugh NEEDS to have particles. I don't care if they're 1's and 0's or little triangles to match whats going on, but you can't just not have particles on her beautifully spam-able laugh -Her hair could use more wires and perhaps thinner wires. They look more like dreadlocks in their current state, but I can see it being a little late to change the whole model. --Not liking the 2 brown wires. Don't really care that wires are sometimes black and sometimes brown so someone was like "let's mix it up. Keep them all black, or change the brown to grey, or make the brown a contrasting color: purple. This is a fantasy game after all, I don't think the world will end if she has purple wires for hair - I think the ultimate and bubble is beautiful executed and perfectly captures the essence of the Program theme. - I wish she didn't flip twice in her recall, seems a little dramatic, but probably too late to reflect on that - Really excited for her new voice effect, love when a champ's voice changes (like in Deep Sea) just to spice my game up a little So excited to see the chromas and how they look on Program Nami. Wondering why there are 5 for her and 6 for LB so looking to see what's going to happen there! I think he chromas will help with everyone's hatred for "program green" Please give us the usual....ish: Ruby, Pink, White/Rainbow, Black, Orange?!, Amethyst?!
: Post it [here]( instead. Every new champion, skin, game mode and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread which can be found as a sticky thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there for increased visibility.
Yea you have a really good post, please share it where it is more likely to be seen and taken into consideration
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Janna, Count Kledula, and Trick or Treat Ekko Chromas!
Feelsbad there are chromas for basically every skin that comes out now. I thought to myself, "Well I love chromas, but they'll never tarnish the theme and color pallets of the Holiday, Halloween, and Valentine skins." I think the chromas are well-made and well thought out and I never don't appreciate them, I just fell they're so overdone this season. I'm a Janna main so I am certainly excited for them (her 2nd set of chromas). I'm just not enjoying the new theme of "New Skin = New Bundles: Skin, Skin + Ruby Chroma, Skin + all Chromas" I spend $100s on league each year and patiently wait for the chromas to become available for IP, but Riot has found a way to counter their own exclusive essence emporium that happens twice a year - Gold and Ruby chromas. The gold ones I understand more so than the Ruby, since they're craft-able, but why do you continue to find new ways to charge more to your loyal customers? Side note - Kledula's chromas look better than the base skin :o
: As a filthy Janna main, I must say THANK YOU for this skin. My only concern is that her ult seems a bit too "weak" and lackluster. could you add more effects? make more noise? something cool? It kinda looks like her previous sword skin's ult animation.... just slightly recolored lol Oh and actually her W is great but upon impact it feels weak. Would be nice to add a louder sound and/or effects too
Yea I think even a little more SFX (cuz that might be easier to add) would make a world of difference to put that skin above and beyond awesome!
: Honestly... Leave this skin as it is right now. It is absolutely perfect!!! My new favorite skin of all time <3 <3 <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} All these people say change this or change that... But this skin has perfect SFX, VFX, and just the fluidity is on point. It's just beautiful well done Rito :333 Edit: Little details I noticed and love -Sound changes each ult -Diamond inside her orb (that changes to an adorable heart when her q passive is up) -The bubbles during her recall -Her face is super cute (and she has whiskers!) -Her q looks beautiful with the light glittering details -Her auto attacks feel very fluid (which is rare for ahri skins these days imo) -The way her tails light up after an casting an ult (while you have charges up) is just gorgeous -Her charm heart looks wobbly and adorable, and it leaves this beautiful diamond effect on the charmed target -Many more!! The only things I could POSSIBLY suggest changing is maybe make the "stance" or "phase" at the end of her recall a little longer? It feels a bit awkward how quickly that passes. Maybe have her continue doing that in base for a second or something. Other than that this skin is absolutely flawless.
I agree she gets to that pose at the end of her recall and then almost immediately spawns to base. I guess because the dance is too long, but then I guess that should mean her recall should end differently so it doesn't seem so abruptly stopped
: Will the K/DA Skins receive new dance animations? Currently they use the default dance.
I think they're just keeping the dance to the recall animation. I wish it was both tbh too.
: but they change janna’s hair in her new skins, so why not change ahri’s tails in her new skins.
I don't disagree with you, I'm just trying to explain the why not. Janna's hair is much easier to animate than Ahri's 9 tails. Janna's 1820 skin is just a bun so clearly they've done more work on her hair in her Sacred Sword skin. At the same time, Janna's 1820 skin is much older than Ahri's, so they have come a long way since. Also, since Ahri's tail is so geometric in this skin, it wouldn't make much sense for them all to combine.
: Halloween cat ward pumpkin color tweak
I'm liking the more vibrant orange
: The initial plan is 2500 World tokens hard. Then it will only be available if it drops for you via Loot. We might adjust that later, but currently that is the plan not to have it come back at some point arbitrarily. Balancing out that issue between something never being obtainable again and the desire to access a specific champion fantasy with a skin was precisely why we created the Prestige Edition concept, so that you can all still get the base skin, K/DA Kaisa, any time you want to experience K/DA. So the rarity being specific to the Prestige Edition only. We'll be looking at the balance at the end of the event and consider other options for future Prestige Editions, but having to make that conscious choice is precisely what makes it rare, hard to get.
Lower it to 2000 and I think a lot of us would be slightly happier <3
: > [{quoted}](name=Cachos Afro,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=qKY4WrdK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-09T18:00:55.145+0000) > > Also, great work on Kai&#x27;Sa skin > I LOVED HER > She&#x27;s looking a lot like Taylor Swift hahaha Glad you like it! We haven't decided yet if the others K/DA skins will receive Prestige Edition skins, depends on reception on this one and if players really want them, but if we made them they would come out in a different patch, not this one.
I definitely would not want to see more Prestige skins for the same skin line being that they're suppose to be so high-end they need diversity to the player base.
: Hello, I'm here to complain. I am very upset that you are releasing a special skin (Prestige Kai'sa) and saying that you can get it most easily by buying the worlds pass at the start of worlds, but surfaced almost no information telling players this until 2 weeks into worlds. Yes, there was a single post on the News section of the website (which doesn't actually tell you the price, not allowing the few players who saw this to plan accordingly). But there was nearly nothing in the client or social media to advertise this. I follow league on most channels and have been watching nearly all of worlds, and I only just found out about this skin a couple days ago. I can't imagine how many people only found out about this today. I think saying you can earn it by playing consistently since 2 weeks ago is pretty unfair, given how difficult it was to even have heard about this. Telling anyone who has missed this information until now that they can "supplement their token earn rates" with the token purchases in the shop is ridiculous. Assuming you learned of this today, you have missed 17-18 days already. Assuming you play at the rate posted, you have already missed 944 tokens. Rounding up to 1000 for easier math, that is 2 purchases of the largest bundle for approximately 12500, a bit under $100. Seriously? You expect people to pay $90-$100 because they didn't religiously check the news page? I think that is preposterous. I'm sure I've made a couple of mistakes, but the one thing i can say for sure is that I've known about this for only a couple days and am pretty livid that I'm expected to pay so much for it. /end rant Edit: I discovered that if you buy the battle pass you get 200 tokens immediately, so probably $80-$90, not $90-$100.
I was able to understand from the day they posted it that I would need 2500 tokens for this high end skin plus more for whatever else I want. So I have been saving since the start and was not mislead at all. This is the only aspect of your post that I disagree with.
: How is it a cash grab? The Worlds Ticket is 1650 which is 300 more than an Epic skin (1350) and 170 less than a Legendary skin (1820) and gives you an Icon, 4 Worlds Orbs, 200 Worlds Tokens to get you started. That is a massive value for the small cost. Then yes, it takes 2500 tokens to get to the Prestige skin but it is a full skin, it's not a Chroma. They aren't going to make it something cheap and easy to get at, when they had to spend the time to make it, give it all the same features as the regular skin, plus a new splash and border. They are basically giving this skin away for free since it is gained through tokens rather than RP directly. Yet, there has to be some kind of money involved (the Worlds Pass) in order to get the chance to even build towards getting it.
It will actually take a ton of games to get the 2500 tokens after only buying the worlds pass AND you're basically only going to be able to get that skin unless you invest a ridiculous amount of time, and possibly money if you don't have the time to get tokens to get everything you'd want. Because who wouldn't want all the gold championship chromas + borders if they're also going to be rare and can be obtained without having to own the skin/champion yet either.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Ahri
I love the little burst of pink when she throws a charm. Also, her charm travel, a horizontal spinning heart. Nice to always find a new and exciting way to animate her charm. Also love the three distinctly changing sounds for all 3 of her dashes for her R
: Great Skin. Just a few thoughts. Will there be any possibility of allowing her to stand upright whilst walking and having her tails clump the same as in SG Ahri ?
SG Ahri is a 1850 skin so they purposely made her tail like that to fit her "school girl" outfit before she breaks out into fight mode. All of Ahri's other tails act similar to her 1350 or less skins
: Such a beautiful skin! Kinda makes Pop Star Ahri look bad tho :/ Regardless, it's an amazing skin but I wonder and also would really much appreciate if you could make her tails glow green after she heals herself with her Q, like how they glow pink when she uses her E. I don't know if it's a hard think to do but if not it could make those gorgeous tails even better. Still, a really nice job whoever did this! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Its also a 975 skin with 6 chromas. Basically it was Ahri before she joined K/DA ;D
: Hi! I only don't agree with 1 'thing' about this skin: how can people (who have not so much time for nerd in the game or so much money) get this wonderful skin, over the 1350RP version too? Don't you feel like it's very excessive? :/ Since the 1st time I saw her I hoped to have a change of get her; and when I read She'll be available ONLY for 2500 world's tokens... I just became sad (who works do it for live etc, not for suffer in real being happy(?) into the virtual...)! So, my question is: how can NORMAL players get that? Must normal people 'surrend' to the idea of see that skin only in some rich(?) people account? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Thank You. EDIT: I know that You want to let this skin(?) feel very unique (prestigious) etc, and I'm not (if I can use this way of saying) 'complaining' You about that; I simply can't explain to myself the real sense behind this - in my opinion - 'risky' choice(?)... Why? Because, thinking about the 2500 requested tokens for get the skin, I seen that - without gaining tokens playing - the most expensive tokens bundle 'only' give you 500 WT(world's tokens) for 6250RP (around 40€/$); and so, for reach the amount of that desired skin, a player will need around 200€/$... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I agree with you. I play the game a lot and definitely plan on getting this chroma, but I definitely have a concern for being able to get all the other rewards offered by the tokens that I want without having to buy a bundle of sorts. Maybe the orbs should have been given a chance to drop extra tokens.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
I'm so happy to see Eve get her first 1350 skin. I love all the SFX and VFX. The one concern I have is with her Q. I feel like her following q's don't really match being that they're all gold. It kind of makes me think woah gold like Prestigious Kai'sa?! I feel like Riot has done a good job making gold feel very high end to own. To better match the skin, I would suggest making the tips of the spikes transition to fuchsia/purple to give them the splash of color they need. I will admit that her Lashers look very similar to Tango's, but I mean they fit the K/DA theme so I'm for it. In the end, I could really have no complaints against this skin. Just wishes and suggestions Speaking of wishes, Eve is sitting on that car in her splash, I know she's dancing in her recall to match the others, but it would be amazing to incorporate that car somewhere :O
: Oh no, looks like PBE got a bad build of K/DA Eve D: Should be fixed upon next PBE Deploy.
Thank goodness! I was so confused why I could essentially see her butt and she was purple rather than fushia
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Enchantress Lulu
Hello, My thoughts and feelings are pretty aligned with how everyone else is feeling about the minor tweaks that could potentially happen. Any improvements are welcome, but I am certainly extremely happy with the skin as a whole. The mask on her base cosmic skin does throw me off a little if that does manage to get looked at to perhaps align it with the icon coming out for her. My only comments are on the splash arts that were just released. They're absolutely gorgeous. Ashe is definitely like not Ashe in that splash, but in a good way if that makes sense haha. Gotta beat PROJECT ya feel? My only thing is, that the colors all seem very dark while the in game models are bright and so full of those gold colors that originated in Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. I don't think it would hurt to lighten the colors a little bit or maybe throw more color into the splash arts without completely taking them out of the dark because I see the theme for the three of them are in the darkness of I get the perspective they were being drawn in. They just a little close to that of the dark star tones in their splash arts, that's all im saying. Lulu and Asmols poses are very aligned with all of her other lulu/pix splash arts. Its just the level of light and color that I feel could be meddled with to further show off what amazing skins these are. Thanks!
: Sort of the same for me. My client closed itself after a match. I was expecting a post-match report but instead, the client simply didn't re-appear. This issue is reported to have happened to several players for example: for players who have bought a (new) capsule - client closed after they purchased one.
Yea that probably means you got into the game before the client crash.
: Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.
Yea I haven't been able to play PBE all day because of this issue. The only way to get into a game is to get into a game BEFORE the client crashes. But that means getting through champ select and the game actually launching before the client goes :( I WANT TO PLAY
: Really nice and usefull (for begginer players)
I find that even tho I've been playing League for a while, the way I position my screen at baron, I don't always have the health bar on my screen. So it will be nice to just have that :D for the not beginner players that have different preferences for where their screen is located.
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