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: Try to reinstall PBE and see if that helps. :]
yeah i did , it worked :) thanks
: Have you tried to completely reinstall? :]
no i didnt ! i tried repair but it didnt work tho
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: Position in log in queue over 9000!
welp 3 hours i'm waiting to login and i must say when i do i'm not gonna log out or turn my pc off ever again
: The automated system that automatically levels you up to 30 seems to be broken, so I'm afraid there's no solution right now until a Rioter fixes it. :[ (This is also why Team Builder is constantly enabled.)
it's been 4 days ! riot why u do dis to me ?
: Useful information for new PBE players
Hi ! i recently joined the PBE and i did every thing i suppose to do , buying bandels , playing tutorial, playing normal game ,so i waited 24 hours as it's suppose to be but still i'm not lvl 30 yet , help please !


Level 30 (PBE)
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