: I love this idea - the main problem however, is that the item telegraphs your build, so counter-play begins before you even have the item. I personally dislike items that build into bigger one....but only have one build path.
Yeah that's definitely a good point that I didn't even think about lol, but I guess given the circumstances there's not much we can do about that unless they add a second item that also works off of the whole mana-sap concept, which is doubtful.
: The problem with adding an item that has the same passive (weaker, I know) for the build path would mean that players would just build that and sell it later. At least, I would. I think they should just decrease the cost of Essence Reaver a little and replace the Vampiric Scepter with some type of mana regen per 5 seconds item.
Yeah one of the possible routes I considered was somehow incorporating a mana regen item into the build or maybe even a tear, but I decided against it because it'd basically make it another Manamune. Maybe they could try adding a Faerie Charm to the recipe somehow along with the vamp scepter?
: Big Lissandra bug on PBE
I've noticed this, too, and as a big Lissandra player it makes me worried that this might get overshadowed by other things...
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: [Audio Bug(?)] "Clicking" sound while on shop
I've noticed this, too. At first I thought it was just the shopkeeper tapping his foot or something, but it can get kinda glitchy sounding sometimes lol.
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
: Just tab out and open the client. Usually stats will be there and the game will be counted as completed, but of course the game will have a bugsplat.
Yeah that's what I've been doing, it gets kinda annoying having to do it every game, though.
: Just recently got on PBE myself, so not sure if this is a longstanding bug. I am also experiencing this on every game I play. For both AI and customs games.
I'm glad to see (if that's the right way to put it...) that I'm not the only one with this problem!
: I've noted a weird bug relating to this posted one. While I do get the "Victory" or "Defeat" voice and screen, and I can press "continue", I don't get any post game stats. It passes me to a screen that says "waiting for stats" that sits verbatim. I waited about 12 minutes once to see if it would load stats to no avail. There is a button for "skip stats" that lets me jump back to the main client screen. Happens every time in vs AI game, beginner level.
Hmm, after seeing some other people's responses I'm wondering if these end-game bugs are only associated with co-op vs. AI games?
: I've had a few games now that have skipped the game summary page and jumped right back to the home screen after a victory. Not all my games, but at least two. But never have I noticed the weird end game behavior where its stuck on the nexus. I was wondering if maybe the continue button is just hiding? If you click around the middle of the screen, maybe it'd still work? Then again, that seems unlikely considering all the other weird behavior. (Hopefully I've attached the correct log; its my first time doing so.)
Incidentally, I tried just randomly clicking around the screen to see if the continue button was just invisible, but no luck. =(
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