: Akali Q broken
I was about to go off on you but then I realize that you meant that it was a bug, not because you think it's strong....
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: Weird, I'm showing that it does. Can you give me any more information about where you saw this?
I just test her out real quick in a custom game. Everything was fine until level 9. For some reason, When i level up her q from rank 4 to rank 5, the energy cost went from 85 to 95 and somehow, the spell revert back to rank 2 in the tooltip. Then, I switch to practice tool and everything was fine. I'm pretty sure this is a bug so please fix this....
: Morellonomicon 2900g cost, why?
It's simple really because it goes beyond the 20 ap increase. You get 400 flat mana and 20% missing mana back on kill like that's just really good like now you have more burst to kill people and you're rewarded more than before for doing it too. Also, in case you haven't noticed, the item was buffed along with the price increase in which it not longer apply grievous wound against SELF healing but against ALL healing. The enemy team has {{champion:16}} ? buy morellonomicon. boom burst them down and soraka will heal less. Like the item is very strong so much so I would call it the {{item:3142}} of ap mages (if you understand what that means). Like it's too good to be ignored man and I feel like I would rush it even if it cost over 3k gold lol
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: Please learn how to divide text into paragraphs. It's really difficult to get through this block of text.
: Are you saying that phantom hit on an item with no gating mechanic is fair? The only reason devourer wasn't broken was because it was gated by smite and farming. You still get phantom hit without 8 stacks, 4 aas for 8 stacks. If I could get sated without smite and paying for the initial devourer, i would 100 percent buy it.
It's gated by the massive 3600 gold cost (just like IE and essence reaver), weaker component item(let's face it, pick axe or recurve bow is significantly weaker than getting a bf sword or zeal on an adc on 1st back.), and instead of getting the sated passive at the beginning of combat, you have to wait 6 autos meaning that if unless you set it up properly, I say you're weaker than an adc who rushed ie or essence reaver. Stop thinking every item is out of tune or something. There's always a weakness in every item and that's exactly how it should be. Just because an item is strong at it's fullest potential, like you know, how it should be, doesn't necessarily mean it's broken
: It sounds like you were all over the place in your thought process on this. I do however like the 4th Point you made. This gives priority to whomever has the objective control. Favoring those who play the game objectively (like it should be). This allows a learning curve as well for Jungle mains. It forces the Jungler to focus on objective focus targets. Making more for what could be linear, but bloody and exciting team-fights. This focuses on lane matchups and not tower trading META. This actually encourages skirmishes too. By seeing more aggressive top lane champions and assassins. This would invite that kind of META back, but don't fret. The ADC changes have helped against that. This would encourage further team compositions and bring back champions that have niche fits into comps. Four dragon camps seems too excessive, dragon spawn time reduced to 4:30-4:45 minutes seems more realistic and exciting to me, and I do not agree with the Elemental Dragons spawning after 35 minutes. I agree with Riots decision on that. It punishes those neglecting to go early game and favors the late game. So this will increase game times and reduce early game spike champions. Meaning fewer team fights and skirmishes. I must stress that do not expect Riot to implement one of these. If you want them to implement this, I suggest going further into detail and suggest further reasoning. Describe how team compositions are affected by each idea you have. It will also help you further your idea and flesh it out more.
Yeah, I agree with you. I'm gonna make another post explaining each of my ideas later on and you're right. I was all over the places in my thought process (like I didn't even edit it tbh) so I need to elaborate more but that's for another time. Again, I like the dragon system currently but I feel like there are more ways to improve on this
: Jungle Exp, BloodRazor Item, Guinsoos Rageblade, Elemental Dragons
Junglers should be stronger early so that they can facilitate map control. There's more to jungling than to clear camps all day and hope that you get your items so personally, I have no problem with jungle giving tons of hp. Yeah, bloodrazor probably needs some tuning to be on par with the other jungle enchantment (removes the cap would be a good start). Guinsoo is very strong but it's expensive as hell and requires you to spend time in combat to make the best use of it so it does have a requirement for you to access to it's power. As for the elemental dragon, I agree and disagree. I feel like the air dragon needs some buffing but the elemental dragon system itself is fine. I made a post about how it can be improve but I feel like it's here to stay anyway
: I think it's the right direction tbh. What is the point of a 1250 G item that can completely negate an ult? At least with zhonya the effect is still THERE if you for what ever reason don't time it right. Back in my day, we used to build an actual heath/resistance item to counter being bursted...
Yeah as a zed main, I agree. Like getting enough damage to burst people down is hard enough already, I don't want to live in a world where I'm like 10/0 but gets countered because someone gathered up 1300 gold successfully (when you considered that by afking for 20 minutes, you already have a 4k gold already lol).
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: You should have no reason to afk. The only reasons to afk: 1. Rage Quit (clearly an offense) 2. Have to Leave (plan your time better, if it is sudden then it should be a one or two time offense, not something repetetive) 3. Disconnection (Riot is trying their best to make a leaver buster that detects if it is from lag) So yeah, it's almost always your fault. Also, you can do League related things on other sites as well. Get creative with your time.
well I mean #1 is hard to argue with, #3 is an improvable flaw, but I think that #2 is kinda hard to do sometimes because you won't always know when you have to leave because it's really hard to do. But really my biggest problem with leaver buster is that unless you stare at the same client screen for 5 to 20 mins, you're going to have to restart the timer and that is dumb because if im gonna blocked out of queue for 20 mins, I wanna go make my rune pages or chat with friends on the client about stuff, not stare at the same screen for that much time and have to restart the timer if I don't want to wait anymore. I already have to get blocked out of queue, Im already going to wait even longer in queue timer because of low-priority queue, why do I have to get the 3rd punishment of not being to chat with friends on do other things ON THE CLIENT when I have to wait for so fucking long? Yeah, I see your point dude, but your solution is a way to get around my problem, not dealing with it directly
: Yeah but the low priority is supposed to *feel* like a punishment. If you can just keep chatting you won't feel anything of that low priority queue at all. You can still do stuff like, watching shows/YouTube or making homework, making tea, idk~
but I think that's it's so unfair for us to not do anything league related just because we afk. Afk is different from other offense because u don't necessarily do it on purpose. I may talk shit and troll people on purpose but afk, while quite a major offense to the summoner's code, is sometimes unintentional and I think that I would prefer getting banned for a month rather than to stare at the same client screen for 5 to 20 minutes and forced to restart if I click cancel on purpose or by accident. It creates unnecessary frustration and is certainly not needed by any mean. I agree low priority is a punishment but that itself is already a sufficient punishment in my eyes because you already have to wait longer than everyone else and adding the stupid timer is just an unnecessary overkill
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: I'm not sure why this would happen :( I played some games on Butcher's Bridge with the announcer, but did not get this issue. I'll keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the report!
Hey stephiroth, thank you for fixing co-op 5v5, it feels good to play my favorite game mode for once after a long month
: Hey guys, Sorry for the long time between my last comment and now. :( We're investigating the issue, and hopefully we'll have a re-deploy today with a fix. For now, unfortunately, it'll keep happening :( We don't have a solution that doesn't require a code fix. Thanks for your patience!
Also I want to bring to your attention that 3v3 and 5v5 queue has not been fixed and we still can't play it.
: Oh, when you experienced this on PBE, you were playing a pre-made 5? That would definitely change things.
you have anyway to fix it? if so can u plz do it by tomorrow update? thnx dude in advance
: Hey TheApex. I could look into this, but it may just be because not enough players on PBE are playing the co-op vs AI queue. :/ I'll try to look at the numbers and see if I see anything fishy.
tbh, if that was the case, I wouldn't have any complaints. The thing is as far as I know, if you go into queue as a premade 5, queue would instantly find a co-op 5v5 match but me and my friends have tried this many times and normally, it would take 3 seconds but in our case, we have to wait 5 mins and get nothing out of it
: Hey guys, Due to a bug, we will be disabling the map for a few hours after the new deploy. We are working on a fix (should be simple!) and we are planning to reactivate it later today hopefully. Sorry :<
Hey stephirot, I know that this is not the best place to post this but honestly, idk where to get rioter's attention better than to reply to you guys directly So anyway, over the last month or so, queue has not been able to find a co-op match. at first, I thought it was because of the hud update but even on days where you guys pull off the hud update, the queue still have not been able find a co-op match and it's very frustrating. I know co-op is not as big of a priority for you guys but honestly, I enjoy the game mode and really hope you guys fix this issue because I want to be playing co-op again....
: questions about salted devourer
well if u get sated devourer, every other auto attacks will proc 120 magic damage from devourer, 16% current hp from {{item:3153}}, and 84 magic dmg from {{item:3091}}. while the normal autos will procs the normal dmg, of course
: Suggested Devourer Change.
the thing is on skarner, it's better to go cinderhulk because it scales better with him anyway
: cant buy zed chroma
My guess is that since it's not coming out in patch 5.13, which is released next week, riot saw no reason to put it in the store since they are not testing it anyway.
: It is a terrifying amount of AP built up - but there's some significant costs associated with it. Terrifying but you have do have to stack up Tear and RoA to access it. (Yes, terrifying in the end-game - but if you're doubling down on build up items.. maybe that'll be fair - is the hope. Could be wrong there.)
Ok Xypherous, the following message has nothing to do with the new ap core item pass but I want to send you a direct message because I like you :). So anyway, for the past month or so, ever since you guys deployed the HUD update in the beginning of the 5.12 cycle, PBE's queue have not been able to find a co-op 5v5 match. I've tried to gather 4 other people and jump into queue to see if it can find a match but unfortunately, it doesn't. We waited for like 2 minutes when normally, if you premade with a group of 5, co-op will take like 3 seconds to find 5 bots for us to murder for fun. Idk if you guys don't want us to play co-op (which I don't think so because if so, 3v3 co-op and dominion shouldn't be working but hey, it is) or that you guys have too many problems on your hand and don't care yet (I understand), or you guys are just not aware (you are now :D) but honestly, I just want some answer....
: Dont nerf yi/devourer
Idk why you would nerf yi or devourer. Sated devourer is not the original feral flare. It doesn't have infinite healing nor does in have the infinite stack dmg. Yes it procs literally every single possible on hit effect every 2 autos but it has a limit. However, I think that THAT actually make it stronger than all the incarnations of devourer, by far. Even then I can see it make yi viable in top-level play, not make him a top pick because quite frankly, it's risky to pick {{champion:11}} because in the current meta, tanks are commonly found in jungle and support because of the dominance of cinderhulk and yi doesn't bring the most efficient map pressure, have no cc, and is easy to shut down. Therefore, I think that yi won't get nerfed despite how strong it made him look and sated devourer is necessary to increase jungle diversity
: So you mean the queue which will never find a Co-Op vs AI. 5v5 match? I think it was only me.. but I am sure it was before new Hud was added to PBE. Probably most of the bots got banned for intentional feeding xD
well now it's because of the hud update, unless riot fix it or remove the hud update before it goes live then queue will once again find co-op vs AI 5v5 match but hey, 3v3 and dominion still works
: Don't understand what's your problem. Can you post a screenshot or explain in a few words?
well basically, with the HUD update, we can't play co-op 5v5 for some reason
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: did you try to run a repair on login?
sorry for asking this and make myself look stupid but how do u do that?
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: Because they figured we didn't need to buy any runes other than the cheap rune package, and that we wouldn't need any extra RP because all skins that need to be tested would be 1ip. Which I agree with the RP, but not the IP. Buying runes is important.
but you can earn IP through playing games like you would do on live servers anyway so yeah, not much of a prob tbh
: RP in PBE
you don't need to test all the skins because most of them are bug-free and only the new ones are the ones that would have bugs
: No more promos?
are u advancing on the ranked ladder though, if not then it's a bug lol
: Azir Turret health bar is blue rectangle
yeah I can confirm this weird bug.....
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
there are 2 bugs that I found on the updated summoner's rift I played on custom today: 1) audio bug where the announcer did not announced "Welcome to Summoner's Rift" at 0:30 and "30 seconds till minions spawn" at 1:00 even though both message appear on screen. 2) {{item:3106}} did not count feral stacks in the updated Summoner's Rift like the {{item:3106}} on live (even though it was what it's supposed to do according to the 4.13 patch notes)
: Thanks for the reply. I appreciate somebody actually explaining what they think and why. I do see a lot of your points, and I see I exaggerated a tad bit on how worthless it was, but I still disagree that it's a good spell. My problem with it is both the heal and the shield are pitiful. What Riot tried to do was combine them to be like, "Hey! You can't complain because of the heal AND shield." With the pitiful shield now lasting 1.5 sec, really, the spell can't claim to be useful anymore. Personally, I'd prefer a powerful heal or a powerful shield. In a way, it is better than live, but I'm still not a fan of her live builds. I think this rework is far from complete just because of the sheer amount of people complaining. You are right in saying time will tell but it better bring good news!
hey at least she gotten stronger but yeah, it's quite doubtful that she's on the same level as {{champion:412}}, {{champion:201}}. or even {{champion:25}} to create pick diversity. the way I look at sona, she's an all-round, squishy af, and yes very weak but extremely versatile support. and I think her strengths lies in her versatility. I mean let's look at this: 1) poke: her q has poke in lane like the way {{champion:267}} and {{champion:25}} does in lane so {{item:3303}} is the best "hands-down" stating item on her atm because of the poke she offers and her poke is actually her best category because she can poke 2 champions at the same time so she can get a lot of gp10 while doing so and the fact that it buffs your next AA is like {{champion:267}}'s E. 2) peel and sustain: again, she has the trait of sustain that {{champion:267}} and {{champion:16}} does and I agree when u said that her shield should be stronger cause despite all of my counter points, I still think the shield is pure shit while the heal is really good... but I think for her w to be good, the shield has to offer a lot more than just a shield because like {{champion:25}}, {{champion:201}}, and {{champion:412}}, she has a shield but it lacks the utility functionality that the other 3 shield have. {{champion:25}}'s shield ensure that as long it lasts, you will never get hit with CCs, {{champion:412}}'s shield gives peel or high mobility engage, and {{champion:201}}'s shield, if use correctly, will reduced dmg from incoming projectile or negate the very first one. {{champion:37}}'s shield does not offer any of this and even though I don't main or play support, I find that really lacking and people don't complain about that lol... weird. the same goes for her heal as well.. it is so damn lacking in term of game play. I mean {{champion:16}}'s heal gives armor after the heal and {{champion:267}}'s heal is a poke and heal, but {{champion:37}} is pretty bland in the sustain department and I think for her w to be good, it's beyond numbers, she needs more utility with her w (remove {{summoner:14}} and/or healing reduction?). 3) mobility utility: her e just makes me think about {{champion:267}} where it gives percentage move speed instead of flat movespeed so I think that her e and q is good... 4) engage and disengage: to the surprise of no one, her ultimate is the highlight of her strengths. if you look at all the other supports, there's either disengage({{champion:201}} , {{champion:25}}, or {{champion:143}} ) or engage( {{champion:412}} , {{champion:89}}, {{champion:1}}, and among others) but her crescendo is so good because it's projectile speed is really high and it's AOE so a 5-man crescendo could let you do anything. so yeah strangely enough, {{champion:37}} has all the tools that all other supports in the game gives to a team, thus, allowing her to fits any team comps, whether it's aggressive or passive and I think that's why she's a "true support" and versatility is her biggest strengths so I like u said u prefer "a powerful shield OR a powerful heal" but really I think it's better that she have a "Moderate heal AND shield" and by moderate I mean just the shield should gets buff because the heal is moderate to the point where it's strong enough to potentially save your life but not like {{champion:16}}'s ultimate so that she still get to keep versatility that she's good at and still be viable because I really enjoy looking at her in league games :D
: thanks for the information :)
ok the thing about {{item:3078}}, {{item:3057}} , {{item:3100}} , and {{item:3025}} is that their "spellblade" passive had ALWAYS procs every 1.5 seconds but riot put 2 seconds because back in the days, they didn't like having decimal numbers in their tooltips but now that many items and champions have decimal in their tooltips riot are just like "fuck it, we'll just make it 1.5 seconds" so the point is the procs time of the "sheen" family had actually always been 1.5 so tooltips update does not buff or nerf and here's a quote fro riot pwyff: "re: Spellblade changes on the PBE - it's just a tooltip fix (from a day when we didn't want decimals in tooltips?) - always been 1.5s cd"
: shows that everybody has connection issues doesnt it?
yeah but that's not the first and won't be the last and ur post doesn't exactly stats WHY "everyone" have disconnection problems but since u don't seem to know, it's because those people who d'ced are probably window 8 users....
: all win 8 players have this problem
well not all because so far the "window 8 bug" that's been going on so far had 2 exceptions, one is a dude who uses window 8 ultimate who lives I Dubai ad the other is a dude who uses window 7 x64. but beside that, everyone else who is bugging use window 8 and those who does not are fine...
: They are taking out the data because 4.13 is near. And that bugs me because that means that Sona's rework hasen't been pulled out for some reason...and it's not finished yet.
: Hey Riot can you nerf a champion?
sigh..... these idiots on PBE *facepalm* YES! {{champion:79}} does damage but he falls off hard late game compared to most of the other champion in league, he's like an AP {{champion:58}} in the top lane with only more damage cc, mobility, and utility... I mean, riot never nerfed renekton even though he does dmg they won't nerf {{champion:79}} anytime soon, especially if the just finish nerfing him so chill and enjoying dominating top lane with gragas...
: Just tried to play a custom game after downloading the new update and it still wouldn't let me ingame ;_;
yeah been going in since Thursday's update now so....
: i wish i would hav read this before i started a game... oh well Hopefully i dont get banned for afk...
good news: you won't, bad news: you can't play league this weekend cause my brother, riot have not found a solution to this yet....
: All it does it make the game more slow paced.Also, the change doesn't add any counterplay. The power of the item is exactly the same. It hasn't been touched for such a long time. Why kick all the other champs that use it just because Ahri and Syndra use it?
first of all, you're damn right it makes the game more "slow paced". second, it does add counterplay because it will give your opponent a longer window of opportunity (or survival) not get bursted down by a full combo of {{item:3128}}. and lastly, {{champion:103}} and {{champion:134}} are popular champions atm that uses {{item:3128}}, yes, but that's a very stupid reason to pinpoint why an item is nerfed because if a champion is too strong because of an item because if that was the case, riot would either nerf the item then buff the champion that uses the item ( like they did with {{item:3100}} ), or they would nerf the champion directly. and we haven't seen either one happening so Riot is just nerfing the item straight up so that people don't get bursted down by {{item:3128}} as often as they have in the past. nevertheless, still very viable...
: Hi, Are you a Windows 8 user? At the moment we (win8 users) are not able to pass loading screen successfully. I asked a few people on the Public Beta Chat and those who have this problem are Win8 users. It seems to work fine with older windows versions. We just need to wait for a fix :(
and the fix won't be here atm since riot don't even know how to fix it themselves :(
: When is the new map coming back?
whenever patch 4.14 is on pbe, which should be next week
: Reasoning behind DFG nerfs?
well I don't personally think it's that bad of a nerf, waiting 30 extra seconds is not that bad or detrimental to champions for one. also, I think that the minor nerf happens because {{item:3128}} is too damn strong of an item, I mean it amplifies so much dmg, (scaling dmg mind you...) that I think that all ap caster with high ap ratio would look at this item and it's just so annoying to get bursted down by a full combo enhanced with {{item:3128}}. so I think that by Riot's logic, the nerfs would be to create "counterplay" and make other items look more viable, best answer I could think of...
: I don't think executioner's calling needs to be buffed it just needs to build into something good
that would call for a large item rework and significant lower price..... I mean 2200 is quite a high price for an item to build into another item.....
: Something is wrong with my client
the changes to the client and summoner's rift VU has been removed in preparation for the release of patch 4.13.....
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