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: 2 Bugs from inspiration path
The Biscuits have been stacking perfectly fine for me
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: cry some more. and learn what sentence structure can do for you.
You're the one crying so hard cause you can't read some text. Sentence structure has to do with your grammatical rules that formulate your sentence. Although since you're dumb and can't understand it, Sentence Structure is what order you place your words in one single sentence. So how about you stop crying and learn what sentence structure is.
: walloftextsohardtoread.
: OP you need to read this for context on Azir:
Well it clearly wasn't part of their orignal design for the skins as well as they hadn't done it for any of the other teams, even the other skt skins. The reward should always be the same if you win worlds cause if they gave four skins for a team that lost one out of three for every round, I would be so incredibly mad and I'm sure they would too. It just doesn't seem like something that is really fair.
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: Same thing with thunderlords, abilities aren't counting as hits for it, at VERY least on vel'koz. Chill on the 'gamebreaking' though. League is still running last I checked.
Well the fact that an item is completely useless when it's such an important item breaks the game for any high damage supports that make no sense to get relic or coin with and causes the support who's a head in the game to have the least amount of items, which is a thing that riot tried to get rid of with the gold granting items. Also it's kinda hard to completely run down a server with one glitch tbh.
: Quote from the above change log: "AP Damage Conversion When your attacks trigger AP damage conversion (occurs when attacking a turret while your AP is more than double your bonus AD), the converted damage is now magic instead of physical"
That's a really strange thing considering that towers still get magic resist
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: How does this relate?
1. If you don't know about the damage, you're at a disadvantage 2. It makes him hugely strong for lower elo players if they take a lot of time to learn him which not a lot of other will which will put him at a bigger advantage. 3. The large inpassable terrian is all you should need. Also URF is a temporary gamemode that's all about being stupid and having fun. Of course there is going to be a small meta but it's bigger than the current SR meta and just disclodes Yasuo cause he has 2 abilities that aren't affected by cdr.
: Because it was a bug. Not only that, it was stupidly powerful. "But everyone can buy it, so its fair!" 1. If people don't know about it, they are at a disadvantage. 2. Then it would be forcing URF games into even more of a meta. No diversity at all. 3. The movespeed bonuses should be all the reward you get off of distortion upgrade in URF.
So Azir shouldn't be able to have an inpassiable terrian that deals damage?
: i found it really annoying that maybe someone will rush Distortion just to get that 15 cd on spells , having 60 cd on spells is perfect. and yeah death timer should be less
Well then why does 10% reduction on summoner's stack outside of urf but not doing urf. It makes no sence. Just like how the masteries doesn't properly apply a 5% bonus cdr cap
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: That's muting/blocking, not reporting. The only way reporting does not work optimally on the PBE is because people *think* it doesn't work and thus don't bother with it. But people really can get perma-banned here. The problem is that nobody reports the toxic players, thus they don't get noticed by Riot, thus they go free :c
I do a lot and add a small description normally because stuff like this is stupid.
: That type of behavior is expected on the PBE. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. If you want to test out builds then go on live. There aren't enough changes this PBE cycle for you to test things out. PBE is a testing grounds for NEW content, not for you to test out what you can on live.
> [{quoted}](name=ZavernKinkyBooty,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=RxlRuZ3U,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-13T16:25:35.674+0000) > > That type of behavior is expected on the PBE. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. Also this shouldn't be the norm. Especailly since they locked in Shyvana which has had no changes to in a long time except for maybe the nerf to devourer. They blamed past experiences on their team for no reason. There's also the face that there is no reason for people to have such a high level of toxicsity.
: If people refuse to communicate or work together, you can report them; it works :3 It always happens with new champions/new content and there is not really a way to stop it; draft and all will limit our ability to test and people will just force the role they want anyway. Naming by boards is forbidden, though, so please remove his name. If you have proof, you could still report him by contacting support (login with your live account and specify you're talking about PBE). Make friend in the public chat/games and play premade with them; greatly reduces the amount of trolls you can get and you can make sure everyone can play what they want to play :> **On and to the person down voting all my posts** (dw OP, not talking to you atm): the least you can do is make yourself known, coward. Ain't nobody got time to deal with this nonsense. PS: ZavernKinkyBooty is also right. You should focus on testing new content :>
Reporting and blocking people on league of legends is like putting duct tape on a murderer's mouth and letting him go. It doesn't stop him from hurting other people, you just can't hear him.
: That type of behavior is expected on the PBE. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. If you want to test out builds then go on live. There aren't enough changes this PBE cycle for you to test things out. PBE is a testing grounds for NEW content, not for you to test out what you can on live.
Except I do things like test out devourer and how changes have affected other junglers. Just because devourer got nerfed doesn't mean that people who don't use it aren't affected either.
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: YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.
and yet when I explained it quickly and simpily I get a -2 by someone who probably just has three pbe account or something
: Shen now actually requires skill instead of point, click and press. Yes, you need to aim, position and timing. Shen Q is the same as Rek'sai Q, enhanced autoattack. Difference, Shen's Q is up all the time once it's late game. You can get 6 Shen empowered Q Autoattacks off if you timed the skill correctly during early/mid game.
Yeah but it makes since for rek'sai to have a three hit empowred auto because her abilities actully benefit from her auto attack because her q increases her rage which increases her e's damage or turn it into true. Also it make more since when you think about how she scales with ad better than ap. How ever with shen, you build tank and ap so it most cases you have to activate your q again because your three hits ran out before you could proced them.
: We're watching this - aware that it's a problem, seeing what the easiest way to address is (re-adding them or just granting ip/rp) We did set chests to 1ip so getting those to refresh your account should be pretty quick.
What would be something nice is if you could select how many you wanted to but like how you can with runes
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: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
I'm going to need like a whole bunch or rp and ip then because I have none to get anything back :/
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: I was being stupid and having an argument with someone acting equally as stupid. My apologies, but the comparison i made was based on the definition of a real word, the comparison you made was based on a fantasy's concept.
and yet you insist on being stupid and iggnorant
: this is starting to get depressing. How is anything about this game reality, The game's world is NOT reality, The game's world IS AN IDEA do you know what a concept is? "An abstract idea" IP is an idea within an Idea, its the games own currency to its own world, its not a fucking gift card, its not tangible, its not an actual physical object, ITS A FUCKING CONCEPT - an idea. so stop fucking with reality and fiction, please.
You're the one that compared it to a power drill. Honestly your whole argument makes no sense.
: ... Yes let me buddy up to your power tool bro, here power tool have 5.50$ ... The power tool didn't respond, how about i ask the owner. Spending influence to buy runes from a runewright? naaaaaaaw, favors never come in handy. As i stated from the beginning, >Faction affinity exists in the concept of IP As a concept, it does exist. As an actual reality no it doesn't.
But it's not a concept. It's like a gift card. It's technicly money but on for that store and you can't use it anywhere else. You can say just because you have a gift card that you are a regular at starbucks
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: OK, i'm ***REALLY*** sorry for the necro, sometimes i forget to check the boards again its the concept of IP, the way you spend your influence with the IoW is how you earned champions, which meant you spent "points" in favor of a faction which rewarded you with a champion, the one you traded influence for.
Not Really. Like I said, it's points of influence with the Institute of War. Are you gaining influence with the different runes?
: Runic Echoes Feedback
Try it with Fiddle, it's amazing on him
: Untargetable is not immune. it's not being able to be hit by targeted spells. Any skill shot ult is not a targeted spell.
But Fizz's e counts as untargetable and yet still immunes him from all damage and cc
: "Influence points" Who do you have influence with... factions you have an affinity for, people you're familiar with... you spend influence on factions you have an affinity for. sorry for the necro.
But you don't have influence with the different factions. You have influence with the Institute of War. Not with Garen or Xin Zhao
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: What? First, Aatrox is (yes) a Darkin. I'm not at all sure where that blood thirsting creature originated but if he were to live anywhere, it would either be Noxus (but that would cause a war to break out) so I thought of Mt Targon and how there's constant wars and thought he'd fit better there with lores not being tainted. Annie's family originated, if **I read her lore** correctly, from Noxus. Her family was banished after a tried uprising. Bard is hard to give a home, but since Soraka (who is just like Bard) lives in Ionia, he can live somewhere too, right? I thought of Shurima because of the video. Its more than likely Ionia but I just think that he'd be more free in Shurima. There's a lot happening in Ionia (Shen vs Zed, tons of distorted places and many champs waiting for a fight like Master Yi, Wu Kong, Udyr... I just wanted to put him somewhere a little more open and also calm.) Brand use to be a pirate taken over by the fire he'd found. Besides, where is he suppose to go? The only other option is Shurima. Fiddlesticks came **directly** from the Institute of War's lore. Now he's just a Scarecrow brought to life. Isn't that a horror trope? Something the Shadow Isle's is full of? Or we can put him in Zaun. For Gnar, you should had at least made this one a exception. I mean, Kennen, Poppy, and even Amumu say they have lived in Brandle City. Gnar was supposedly took in by Heimerdinger. Or at the very least accepted by his own kind. I thought Riot did away with other world lores. Its why Nasus, and Renekton got lore changes and also why Taric is more than likely getting one. (Even so, he lives in Demacia.) Even so, **where do you think Malphite is suppose to live**? If Ahri was transformed from a fox into a human and she lives in Ionia, why not say that Nidalee who changes from cougar to human (and back) is also from Ionia? Nocturne was birthed from nightmares, that I know, but where is he suppose to stay? Honestly, the Shadow Isles seemed like a great place until I remembered that he likes to haunt dreams and Zaun seemed like a place that would be easy enough. For Rengar, I'm guessing. He lives in a forest. Its that vague. Ryze... I don't know. Only Ionia allows you to really do something this dangerous. Other countries put up restrictions. (Even Shurima had restrictions.) A jester. Shaco is a jester. Why not come from a kingdom? Both Demacia and Noxus are great contenders. I chose Demacia because... it seemed to perfect. All they have are just and good people. Lucian destroys evil spirits, Vayne hunts down monsters, Garen fights for his country, Galio protects to make up his fail to his creator, Poppy searches for a owner for her father's hammer, Taric uses his power to help others, Quinn and Valor fight for Demacia, Lux wants to be like her big brother, Jarvan is a king that fights, Shyvana wants to be like other humans and helps Jarvan, and Xin Zhao fights for glory. Shaco can be that darker side of Demacia. Tahm Kench's lore comes from Bilgewater. I'm also adding Nami to this. She was even free during the Bilgewater event (meaning she is supposedly living near there). And Zyra, I don't actually know. She could even live in Noxus or Zaun for all I know. Besides, I don't get why I had to explain myself. These were personal thoughts on the matter and I wanted to help/have some fun. Don't get sassy and treat me like the idiot here. I may not know everything, but these champs come from stories that can be easily changed with just a pencil, some paper, and a Riot employee to acknowledge it.
When Nocturn come from the twisted tree line so there. And "stories that can be easily changed with just a pencil and some paper" is a really bad habit that they have started and need to stop. Litterly none of the connections make any logical sence. A crazed clown murderer would not come from a land claimed as "The home of the Righteous and Just" Nidalee hates the human population for destroying forests for their homes and wants to protect nature. There is nothing to tie Rengar to Ionia, for as far as we know he may not of even heard of the place. Just because the person brand possessed is a "sea farring murader" does not make him a pirate. Amumu is also not from Bandle city for he was once an anchient shuriman that was killed as a child and mumfied and he has no clue to his past other than he is now undead and his parents (that look like full sized humans in his splash art) are also probably dead. Also horror tropes do not = Shadow isles for nothing within shadow isles is a horror trope in the slightest. Bard is the equlizer of the world and there for is on the side of the good of the planet rather than a specific part of it. Annie's parents may be from Noxus but in no way to children inherently side with the immedite town they are in, especailly if their parents hate noxus and she was very little (still kinda is) when they were killed.
: to be fair faction affinity exists in the concept of IP though...
No it doesn't. Because affinity is the proneness to like a certain object or people. Ip is an out of game thing, bascilly like a prize for winning a tournament.
: Or how Rengar lives in a forest... so, is that Ionia? hm {{champion:266}} Mt Targon (loves to fight) {{champion:1}} Noxus {{champion:432}} Shurima (can also be Ionia) {{champion:63}} Bildgewater {{champion:9}} Shadow Isles {{champion:150}} Brandle City {{champion:54}} Shurima (or Mt Targon) {{champion:76}} Ionia {{champion:56}} Zaun (or Shadow Isles) {{champion:107}} Ionia {{champion:13}} Ionia {{champion:35}} Demacia (or Noxus) {{champion:223}} Bilgewater {{champion:143}} Ionia
Do you just not read lore or something? The places you matched them with are crazy
: 1. I think this post should be on the live servers' boards, not here. 2. I like the idea, but I think it could be slightly different. Riot could make mastery emotes for each faction and, based on how many level 5 mastery champions you have in a certain faction, your ctrl+6 would trigger the faction emote instead of the champion mastery emote.
Riot doesn't listen to people on the live servers, especailly not as much as on the pbe. Also the reason I said it would just show the champion and say their champion quote, all they are paying for is the people implamenting that in cause there's no new animations or voices that have to be payed for and done.
: Idk, maybe put them with their birthplace
Like how Jinx is from Zaun and not piltover
: 100% support something of this. My thought was that you pick a faction and when you play someone from that faction you gain **bonus** something for it (ip, mastery, something)
Yeah. My original idea is a % bonus to ip when playing someone from your faction. although only like a 5% increase though.
: As a Yasuo player, I like it! Zyra players might disagree though xD
well not like the full plants, only the buds. so you can plant them behind him
: I must say, good job riot
: Login Screen Distorted
The Dragon is panting and Tristana's hand is moving up and down a bit because she's trying to point and follow a flying dragon.
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: I never said it did. Having higher dmg allows him to kill minion who has more hp successfully. Btw, Thresh can use Runaans once again. Tested yesterday :3
The flay bonus is crap and shouldn't suggest runic shield if they are going to break it for him now. Coin would just be better if they are going to make him unable to execute.
: > [{quoted}](name=PBExpertKing,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=ZGxN8N4G,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-17T14:48:20.776+0000) > > Except that with {{champion:421}} dies at red buff if that's your second camp, even with potions. The hunter's machete gives you no sustain and the tanky characters that need the extra sustain, mostly don't use mana. {{champion:64}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:421}} Hunter Machete gives 8% life steal. Ad junglers have it easy. It doesn't matter if you don't need mana. You just want it for the 20hp/5 and the extra 15 exp. Your level will on par with your midlaner.
Except that the main part of the jungle item doesn't do anything and the 8% life steal doesn't do anything early because no one has high enough early damage in the jungle for it to really do anything. The only reason why Mundo is so good even with the machete is because of how they've changed the defensive masteries and they now give him so much early clear that you can just demolish jungle.
If you use your third q or windwall passes over the plant buds, they should be counted as destroyed with out granting vision of yasuo cause the wind did it
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