: Reportet for insulting. I hope you get a ban.
If you can't take insult you shouldn't be on the internet idiot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pro Abortion,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=9kTGtbwJ,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-06-19T02:50:53.669+0000) > > 2-4 games a week but you play 4 games everyday. I see you're seeking to justification for being trigger by a PBE bug AHAHAH. Idiot. Just report his comments. I wrote an admin to delete and ban him form forum. No one need people like this guy here.
Oh my god. No why did you report me? Whyyyyy? SHut the fuck up retard ROFL.
: Imagine being such a bronze player that you have to go on other peoples comments to spew you're bullshit. Listen dude, I DO only play on PBE because I work 70 hours a week and don't have time to play on the main and test servers and you're 100% correct about not being able to climb on the main servers because I can only play like 2-4 games a week normally. Get out of here and go see a psychiatrist about your clear anger issues.
2-4 games a week but you play 4 games everyday. I see you're seeking to justification for being trigger by a PBE bug AHAHAH. Idiot.
: I bet you're probably one of the losers that has to abuse the bug to actually win game. Now it makes sense why you're so butt hurt about people reporting it. Am I taking your fun away? Do you suck that bad at a stupid game that you have to abuse game breaking bugs?
ROFL You are fucking retarded. HAHAHAA
: ??????? Do you mean Riot like producing bugs and testing bugs lmao have you worked before? Or you just staying in your barn and type bullshit in front of your screen? And that bug totally ruined any playable in test server. And what you said is insulting test server players and telling everyone you are a noob. So nice.
Are you saying this fucker goes on PBE to test shit? Are you actually that retarded. HE fucking mains PBE plays nothing but PBE and cries when there is a bug because he can't play on an actual server. Riot did not make it their priority to fix the bug on PBE because they are patching in TFT. IF you can't test on PBE and RIot hasn't fixed it. Then don't play dibshit.
: PBE queue times keep resetting me
: Ludens Bug Abusing on PBE isnt fun
If its not fun to play then go play one live. Why are you complaining about fun on PBE server JHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAA. Idiot.
: Que Amy to tell you that it "Isn't helpful to post clutter when there's already a post about this bug" Sorry to be spiteful but at this point it's been 6 DAYS since this bug was discovered and riot hasn't done a thing. Rioters can post all day on the forum about the new DOTA chess rip off but can't address real issues.
Are you fucking braindead? Imagine calling bugs on PBE "real issues." You dumbfuck, its a testing server plus. Are you that retarded that you think the bug will go to live servers? Lmao i bet you're one of those players that main PBE all day because you're dogshit and can't climb. "Real Issues" LMAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
: (BUG) Attempting to reconnect, stuck in loading screen
LOL this is so gay downvoted LLOLOLOLOL {{champion:36}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ice King Twitch
Compare to other skins (vandal, ganster, robber twitch) this one doesn't feel smooth. His autos seems curvey and when he clicks r his autos it doesn't have the long leaving trail of poison (in this case ice) so it kinda just looks like a projectile fireing.
: What happened to ranked (flex) BORDERS?
Yeah i agree. I grinded pbe for chellenger border to see if it changed. It be nice to reward ranked season for pbe players of skill calibur worthy. Pls give challenegr border LOl.
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: freeveorra2017
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