: Can we talk about Neeko's Splash Arts?
Im agree with you. This splash art seems very different compared to other first skins. But dont worry, because this champ for me could have others skin and splash arts wonderfuls, i see it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Made a new one Camille skin. 2 years one skin. And tnx for information
I think that rioters obviusly are making a new skin for Camille. Just wait men.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: New Summoner Icons are not on the store.
Yeah, this is normal, In the pbe the first week of patch, they dont solve problems of icons or other things (ex. like chromas). So the tuesday or wesnedey should be fixed(at least in the last year works like that).
: Where are the ekko buffs for 8.19?
One rioter (before 2 months) says that ekko is fine in soloq, but if they buff this champ, probably would be very insane in competitive. But I had a good new for you. IDK if you know Jiizuke (Mid of Vitality). Hes a God with Ekko,SO maybe (just MAYBE) we should see him with this champ in worlds. PD: I want a Buff of ekko too, but idk if they wanna make some changes in AP items(yes, another time).
: Kha'Zix Buffs: Questionable
Maybe they think that this is a good way of crash the "meta-tank".
: This tweet from a rioter should explain it pretty well. https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1039598111864147968 Kha was probably picked when he was really strong before his R evolve change.
I hope so, because the meta-tanks are back and those assasains are very dissapeared (for example, one new item probably solve that)
: It’s not based on what’s popular in Korea, it’s what’s popular across the regions. Because of the time it takes to make the skin, championship/victorious skins may be out of meta by the time they’re revealed and ready. [KateyKhaos](https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1039598111864147968?s=09).
Im probably wrong, because after a few monts I dont read post of rioters in pbe of this topic. the last time (I think december of last year) they said all the things of my post. And of course, said that they dont have the same judgement championship/victorious to choose those champs. But after 9 months they changes this structure I guess and fuse those requirements. Anywere, thanks for the info.
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: Where's the game mod and skin :'(
The same thing happen with the skin "Beemo", first this skin only you can bought in the official server, and after a week this skins appear on pbe. I think this time the problem would be fixed earlier. Unfortunelly because I was very hyped {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: This type of issue is likely very difficult to solve, largely because I assume it is related to the path your internet takes from your computer (in LAS) to our servers (in western US). There are some pretty complex steps I could ask of you (involves downloading a program called wireshark, configuring it, getting a capture of it when you try to connect to a game, and sending it to us), but even then there still might not be much we can do to solve the issue. If you want to give it a try regardless I can help walk you through the steps, but it would be pretty specific and has no guarantee of working. Sorry that we can't more easily solve this problem =(
Well,that’s sad, Besides I dont have time of do this steps in this moment. So thats all. I’m very grateful for the support although that bad new. And again,thanks for answer me.
: Hey sorry for the super delayed response >< Truthfully it looks like there is little I can do to address your issue. I can confirm that the changes my team is working on are not related to your connectivity issues (which appear to have happened from about a month ago?) Where are you playing from? (outside the US?) It is possible that something changed with how the internet connection between you and the servers works, which is more likely the farther you live. I wish I had better news to share with you, but from the logs I am looking at, it appears your internet is simply unable to communicate with the PBE servers for some reason.
Hello Rioter afic,really thanks for the answer!. I was very anxious!. Yes, I’m playing in other region(more specific LAS). This error happen me one day that the server close for maintenance and when i restart the app and choose the champ,appears that. IDK how fix that error of internet,but is very strange because i never had this problem before. I dont remember exactly the date of this problem,more on less in the 4/20 (more of one month). One question,Whats the most fast solution of this problem? What I Should do? Because I like to prove this new skins and champs,and now is impossible. Really thanks for the answers,that reassure me a lot.
: Hi MidnightScorpion, Are you still running into this problem? I believe this was caused due to networking issues as you're connecting from a location far away from where the PBE servers are hosted.
And when there can fix or solve it? or what we should do for play anywhere?
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: Hi, my first game in PBE.
You’ll need to comunicate whit this specific rioter: “afic”. If you see his post’s, comment your bug. I had the same problem as you and tried to reconect too(for 1 month as today). But its very difficult that see your message because there are a lot of persons (like you or me) that had this problem. Get lucky men and be pacient.
: Unable to connect white screen
You’ll need to comunicate whit this specific rioter: “afic”. If you see his post’s, comment your bug. I had the same problem as you and tried to reinstall too (for 1 month as today). But its very difficult that see your message because there are a lot of persons (like you or me) that had this problem. Get lucky men.
: Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!
1. Priscille 2. I can't even play in practice tool so i haven't played any normal game (in this link i put a screenshot ( https://gyazo.com/2e810dbb2b4e7064e6d3046928b634ee ) . This happen me for a month. I had 4 posts in this page. In this post I be more specific ( https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/kfULc9H6-im-tired-with-this-problem-of-disconnection-rioter-afic-please-help-me ) 3. https://pastebin.com/4c2FPPKP
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: Would you be able to provide an r3d log of this game? Here are steps to do that (copy/pasting from a different thread): a. Navigate to the folder where you have PBE installed on your computer. For me it is: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE b. Navigate to Logs c. Navigate to GameLogs. For me it looks like this: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE/Logs/GameLogs d. Open up the most recent folder (you can sort by date modified to find the most recent one), and open the text document that ends in 'r3dlog' e. Copy the text document to your clipboard (hotkey shortcut is press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c f. Paste this to pastebin. Go to https://pastebin.com. Click in the text box just below ‘New Paste’ and press ctrl+v g. Click the ‘Create New Paste’ button towards the bottom left of the screen , and then copy the URL from your browser. Here is what an example url will look like: https://pastebin.com/t1t93uZK h. Provide that URL in your post
: Disconecting after character selection
I had the same problem after 4 weeks, and like you, i posted this problem like 3 times and the rioters didnt response. I know that the Rioter AFIC fixed like four post(when this disconnection error starts) but i never be able to communicate with him. There should be a way to communicate whit this rioter.
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: nope , no one is gonna fix it . someone have to find a solution
In this moment if you go to the new post , more persons have the same problem and the rioters are responding. Check the recent post and they said what should you do.
: What's your summoner name? I'm going to try and pull some of the logs and see if I can figure it out
I had the same problem, you can say me what I should do? This is my pastebin post. https://pastebin.com/Z5NeRHiw PD. I had this problem since last week.
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe Just sayin
Yeah, I do that (turn off the anti virus) but appear the same message... is very weird because this happen to me two weeks after the security changes. Maybe in a few days this would be fixed.
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