: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!
I've tried to access the sign-up page on 3 different browsers and 3 different devices and I'm getting a 500 error each time. Is there any way I can get it checked to see if my account is linked, and maybe have someone link it for me if at all possible?
: We've found that the current options available to tanks - namely the live incarnation of Spirit Visage is pretty overbearing for most sources of magic damage. I'm not sure how much you agree with that statement saying that it's lacking when the ones on live strictly probably just deserve to be nerfed given their power level.
A lot of the power from Spirit's Visage and Banshee's Veil are in the healing increases, and in the spell bubble. Spirit's Visage is good against poke, but it feels a lot less useful when your comp doesn't have healing or your champion doesn't have a lot of regen. Banshee's Veil is good against burst, but it feels a lot less useful if they have reliable poke to pop your bubble with. Go ahead and specialize them heavily into those two aspects, but give people who don't care about either of those two things a third MR/Health option.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I'm not really liking the changes to spirit's visage and banshee's veil. It doesn't feel like tanks have any good MR options. AD bruisers have maw, AP bruisers have abyssal, and tanks used to have spirit's visage and banshee's veil, but now those two are being pushed away from having large amounts of health and MR. There are three different health/armor items for tanks to choose from, why are the health/MR options so lacking?


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