: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
I made my own thread before seeing this one, so i'm just going to post a quotedump: > [{quoted}](name=PrimaryFizzician,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EOowcOrI,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-25T00:27:05.093+0000) > > Blood Moon Diana is extremely pretty, but the SFX for when a Q mark is consumed by her R is very hard to hear, especially compared to her other skins. > > Compare https://youtu.be/5u__dUSW_go?t=101 (blood moon) > to https://youtu.be/O-2BtxnZTkU?t=160 (infernal) > > It seems like a small thing but at least for how I play, it's a pretty important SFX: in chaotic teamfights, knowing if your R reset properly is really important for determining when to flash / zhonyas, and if there's a lot going on it can be hard to tell without looking down at the UI.
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: The fractional health actually does matter quite a bit, even though it doesn't show when you click on the plant and see the 5/5 or etc on its card. Things like damage over time, proc damage (so Blade of the Ruined King, certain character passives, etc) all do fractional damage to Zyra plants.
...Would it be too much to ask to have the plant health numbers rescaled such that every piece of damage dealt to them was visible? It seems... not that great to have a mechanic like that be completely invisible to players, from a UI perspective. (I'd ask if you could show the fractional health and fractional damage instead, but I suspect that would be more work from a technical perspective.)
: Please do elaborate as to why you think so.
Voidling creation being instant cast gives him an extra layer of safety on top of his passive, because he can block many skillshots with ease without having to proc his passive until he's really committing. Voidling damage can get out of control really quickly, especially when building AD and vs a melee opponent in lane. It's not clear what the appropriate counterplay to this is. His jungle clear is extremely safe and fast. His passive makes it hard to stop him from steamrolling your team with 20 voidlings in a teamfight; you need to poke him, wait, and then engage, but you can't wait too long or he'll get the passive back up (it refreshes extremely quickly at higher levels).
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Only when something new comes out will people want to log onto their pbe account -_-
: Why LOL PBE not work to win XP now after last update???
They are trying to tell you guys to upgrade yo shiet lol
: PBE down.
They're patching right now.
: Xerath reworkV9 thoughts
There's a large thread for Xerath feedback and Zenon asked people to keep all of it in one place. You might want to repost this there.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I played the rework in about 4 test games yesterday. Disclaimer: I main Xerath on live and love playing him: He got me to plat in S3. I recognize that his play pattern has major issues (boring for most people, has no counter-play), but I'm still going to compare the two. point-by-point breakdown: * Passive: it's... nice? Mana is cool, and against melee champs I can sustain myself a bit, but it doesn't keep up with his higher mana costs (since he now has 3 spells that cost mana, and his Q costs more). Still more relevant than his old passive, so there's that, but I don't really understand what it's doing there. * **tl:dr: Nice, I guess, but why?** * Q: excellent, though I will need more practice using it (right now I am far too likely to fire it immediately when I did not intend to, especially under pressure). The increased damage (compared to live Q) makes it amazing for farming: 2 Qs will now clear a wave without much AP, and it's possible to 1-shot mage creeps before buying a deathcap, something that's basically impossible on live. * **tl;dr: Awesome** * W: I love this skill. Great for farming, great for setting up a tag with the Q to harass or the E for a kill, great for disengage when a melee jungle ganks you, and it gives vision! I'll miss my 40% free mpen on my old W, but this skill is very cool and the range feels very Xerath-y. * **tl;dr: Excellent replacement for his old W ** * E: Not having to hit with two skills to stun? Cool! On the other hand... I can't use this skill to get away from people because the duration is too short at low range, but since the range is shorter than my Q and W range I'm not 100% sure how I'm supposed to be using this effectively. Someone commented that it should have a range and hitbox closer to Dark Binding, which I think would be pretty awesome, but far too strong given how much he can currently do. I got a lot of absurd use out of it in a game where I had an allied Elise because I could chain it off her cocoon. * **tl;dr: Hard to use because the effective range doesn't match his other skills** * R: For me, both the most interesting and most disappointing part of his kit. The range is huge and I got a few clutch kills / kill steals (especially against people who weren't familiar with the rework), and one amazing blue steal. But... unlike his old W, this is too easy to cancel with a move order, and the penalty for doing so is harsh. It prevents you from casting your other spells when you're using it, and has a short start-up delay before you can fire the first shot. Finally, the delay between the cast and landing is enough for anyone with boots to dodge unless they're otherwise locked down. The combination of these things makes it really unclear when you're actually expected to use the skill. You can't chain it in lane from your W or E because the start delay means you're only going to land one hit before they can move again - you'd be better off landing a Q. You can't use it when you're in any danger whatsoever: the start delay, combined with the inability to use your other skills, means trying to use it when ganked or jumped will get you killed (This is a pretty big change from his old R: old R+E was xerath's primary disengage when jumped on, and the few times I habitually tried that I really regretted it). It doesn't feel like a good idea to use in a teamfight because the reduced damage to multiple champions and inability to cast other spells makes it feel mediocre. I had more teamfight impact using my Q and W on cooldown and landing E when I could. And because the hit delay makes it easy to dodge, it really only feels useful for teamfights you can't reach, catching people not paying attention while recalling, or stealing a buff from a jungler without smite. And as satisfying as it is to catch those blind shots, the spell is frustratingly inconsistent. * **tl;dr: Cool on paper, but extremely unclear effective use-cases and frustratingly easy to dodge. ** Overall: I like most of the changes but the R is kinda painful.


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