: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
Hello Rioters, I have a problem with the home button again. When I was in the profile tab I still hear the music but no chance to see what my team mates discuss.
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: Jan 22 PBE crash issues
Hello Rioters, I don't know if that is relevant to this problem, but when I try to buy a skin during the champion selection the client give me rejection 2 times and not let me buy skin.
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: Actually hardest role to get in pbe was jungler for me. Support was 2nd easiest after mid
I think that is not very easy to be support, not at all. First of all you have to care more for your lane partner, second you have to be aware of what is happening on the map after the 3-4 min, and not only put ward in the bush and sad "My work is done", after that you have to know what type of champion you have to select to be responsive to your ADC and to the team in general, and at the end your role in general is to care of for your team. PS In season 2 and 3 support role was to buy wards and boots nothing more and now a lot of the players don't realize the this is not the main part of the support any more.
: Definitely not to be released to general public. It is good that they are testing it first on PBE. There are so many problems that they have to face with the teambuilder. Right now there are a lot of bugs or some script that is not perfect yet. It is much more complicated than the simple matchmaking queue: 1. A player chooses 1 out of 5 roles. His MMR is 1000 (for example) 2. 4 more people choose their roles. Their MMR should be close to the first player's MMR. 3. There are more people who will choose top/mid lane, so basically it leaves less support players to be chosen, and they have to be chosen at the same MMR as the other players in the team. 4. If the team leader doesn't like one of the players (maybe he doesn't like {{champion:76}} support, for example) he will have to kick him out and wait for another support with the same MMR 5. When the team is done, they will have to wait for a SECOND team with similar MMR. So, these factors mean that we will have to wait to get into a game for far longer than normal. That is not fun, especially if the code is not perfect, as I said before. Another thing is PBE. That is the reason we signed up for this thing. Well, I did, at least. So let's let them test it on us, improve the team builder, get rid of bugs determined in these two days, and we will see what kind of teambuilder we will get for testing next time, or maybe it will become permanent.
I don't understand why a lots of people think that will be less player playing support role in season 2014? I noticed that after the 3.10 patch a lots of people started to see supports like on more tank or one more AP carry and not any more like buy boots and wards play style. And in EUNE server that I play I have noticed that there people starting to play more supports that before.
: Teambuilder first impressions
Hello Rioters :D, I have a suggestions like most of the people already notes that is better to allow players to attend for a two positions, because lots of champions on top and jungle and even mid lane overlaps there roles like Dr.Mundo{{champion:36}} Nasus{{champion:75}} Kha'Zix{{champion:121}} Nidalee{{champion:76}} ...... and many more. Another thing is that a lots of players sad that there no be people to attend for support role, I don't think that this is truth because with the new meta and the new role of the supports there will be more and more players that will prefer one of the most important role. One more thing is that with team builder will be opened places for unconventional pick's like Pantheon support {{champion:80}}, or Shen support {{champion:98}}, even Thresh {{champion:412}} top. All so will be great idea if you may see what is your team against up. PS. I like very much the idea behind Team Builder and I'm peaty sure that Riot will make it even better.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hello Rioters :D, I know that this problem is mentioned earlier, but i will do it again. The problem with the home button when you are in team selection dos not appiars when you go and try to change runes. Second, the last game I had I have lag that start mid game and at the end of the game I have "Attempting to reconnect" and for 25-30 seconds can not see or move.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hello Rioters :D, I'm new of the PBE but I have suggestion about Team Builder. I suggest the possibility people to attend for 2 positions like top or jungle even mid most of the champions on this lanes overlaps they roles, like Dr.Mundo{{champion:36}} Nasus{{champion:75}} KhaZix{{champion:121}} and many more. Yesterday when I attend for the first time we have in the chat a little discussion about that. Some of the players doesn't have problem to switch roles after the select. PS I like very much the idea of the Team Builder and I supported it on 100%
: Joined the team builder queue as solo (looking for group) and accepted the invite when one was found. After joining the team builder lobby screen I clicked my view profile button to mess around with some rune pages, but I couldn't find an option to close my profile and go back to the lobby. Normally there's a little home button near the queue time box for custom game lobbies but not for this mode, so I effectively couldn't see what was going on with my team and left queue.
I have the same problem first time when i join the team builder but the second time was alright


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