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: I haven't seen the yorick, lulu, leona, and fiddlesticks bots in any of the games ive played. is it just me being unlucky or lucky idk LOL xD and for burning brush i didnt know ivern can kill a teammate with his brushes lol XD but yeah i killed someone on accident with my bush as ivern. I also havent seen the children of the graves curse at all too. So just curious about it. :3
> [{quoted}](name=Kalo Krusha,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5GLOF01H,comment-id=0020,timestamp=2016-10-08T02:09:31.507+0000) > > I haven't seen the yorick, lulu, leona, and fiddlesticks bots in any of the games ive played. is it just me being unlucky or lucky idk LOL xD and for burning brush i didnt know ivern can kill a teammate with his brushes lol XD but yeah i killed someone on accident with my bush as ivern. I also havent seen the children of the graves curse at all too. So just curious about it. :3 I've seen all of those 4 except for Yorick so far, so they definitely can appear.
: Doom bots' AI and curses.
There is currently a bug that causes the bots to be stuck at lv.70 at level 71+. Riot is aware of this and is currently working on a fix.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Questions: Would it be possible to have Baron Nashor implemented into this mode in some way? Even if it's just his attacks I think that would add another element of spookiness to the game. Same as before but with Elder Dragon and/or having Devil Teemo summon all 4 Elemental Drakes at once to wreak havoc upon the battlefield.
: We wanted to keep it the classic Teemo mushroom, because we feel like it's more readily recognizable.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Stephiroth,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5GLOF01H,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2016-10-07T01:31:48.364+0000) > > We wanted to keep it the classic Teemo mushroom, because we feel like it's more readily recognizable. Honestly though it's much more scary to see a giant ball of death falling from the sky than it is to see a giant awkward Mushroom falling from the sky. Because of this the giant mushroom should use the Little Devil Teemo model.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
I noticed during my one Yorick game on the TT last night that the first time that I summoned the lovely maiden herself she got stuck between the top outer turret and the top part of the double golem camp (that little space between the two). If memory serves I had to actually manipulate the AI a bit to try to get her to move properly as she would just go back to the spot she got stuck at before. As far as the Maiden AI is concerned, I think a good thing to do would be for her to back off from an enemy champion when Yorick himself backs off from it (when both are fighting the same enemy at once I mean). That might be too smart but still. Also I think her size as is is fine. For the Health Bars, Maidens is fine, but the ghouls are way too small. Also, if there was a way to implement the Maiden's health bar on Yorick's buff/debuff bar that would be great, as I would like to know when the Maiden is dead and down rather than just guess or keep glancing over to her location every few seconds to check.
: Bots have always been bugged on TT ~~and Dominion~~ (rip). They usually don't move, don't purchase items, etc.
> [{quoted}](name=HeImet Bro,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=pbizlOoA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-26T15:35:14.069+0000) > > Bots have always been bugged on TT ~~and Dominion~~ (rip). They usually don't move, don't purchase items, etc. Not always. I played allot of dominion when it was a normal game mode and I rarely saw bots act up this bad there. Now that I've switched to TT it's more of the same.
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: An update on Championship Riven
For the PBE, what about people who had the skin previously but later lost it during the reset of all accounts (i.e. the hextech crafting patch)?
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
One issue I've noticed is that I can't zoom in or out when on the map. It's not a big issue but it is a bit of an annoyance to be unable to zoom in or out at will. Also, as a long time Dominion player it would be nice that more emphasis was put on contesting capture points rather than just straight out fighting over the middle shrine or the super minion nodes.
: Taliyah feedback thread
I like the idea of this champion, but here are some issues I've noticed. 1. In her base skin it can be hard to tell at times where her Q ground is at, at least on the Twisted Treeline map anyways. Sometimes I went across some patches of it and forgot they were there before then (i.e. until I went over them I had forgotten they were there). Because of this I feel that some more readability on this ability would be great. Perhaps just increasing the lighting on it to make them more visible would help. 2. Allot of times when I tried to ride on her ult I failed to do so even when I rapidly pressed the R button twice in quick succession. I feel that it's extremely strict and finicky on how quickly you have to press the button again in order to ride on the ultimate, almost too strict in fact. I think that if it was tuned to be less strict on the timing then it would be easier to use and allow players better and more opportunities to ride on it if need be. 3. When trying to use her W I often found myself spending more time trying to get the aim and location right than I did actually using the ability. On top of that it always felt weird and finicky to me when I tried to use the knock-back function of the ability as again, like with R, the timing just felt weird and strict to me. I think tuning this ability to where the arrow points in the direction of your mouse cursor and also to where it doesn't feel so awkward to try to use the knock-back portion of the ability would help improve this ability for the better. Thank you for your time.
: Annie Bot
Well at least this explains why my Twisted Treeline team of me (Aurelian Sol), Galio Bot and Soraka Bot could never kill her the whole game (granted her teammates were Galio Bot and Vladimir Bot but still).
: Bots don't want to build Items
Actually they are building items, but there's a bug currently that prevents us from seeing what they're building. It's especially noticeable when they buy Banshee's Veil.
: Custom Bots
Yes they should as it would add more variety to playing with and against Custom Bots. I personally like to play Custom Bot matches when I'm trying out new things (i.e. new champions, new builds, etc.) so that I don't drag my human teammates down if I just so happen to mess up and/or perform poorly, so having more bots added to the roster would be a huge boon in that regard.
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: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
Found a bug today while playing as Illaoi (the Void Bringer skin more specifically) on the Twisted Treeline. When using her W ability on an Inhibitor or Nexus, the ability doesn't get proced and Illaoi can do no damage to these two structures until the time to proc W runs out. Repro Steps: 1. Pick Illaoi. 2. Go to Twisted Treeline. 3. Push to Inhibitor and Nexus. 4. Activate W and then attack these structures. 5. Watch as Illaoi repeatedly attempt to hit with the ability but be unable to proc the ability or damage the structures with it. EDIT: Just tested it on Howling Abyss and Summoner's Rift and the bug is there regardless of side and regardless of skin. Also, if you use it to jump to one of these structures the ability will end once her orb hits the structure but no damage will be applied to it there.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gravelord Azir!
It's definitely a nice looking skin but while using it I didn't notice anything different in the SFX department for his abilities and VO. It could be just because I played only one game with the skin so far but still though.
: Now this i can agree with. All i know is i have been chat banned and i know for a fact that i never use language to actually offend someone because thats just not who i am. I might say "oh f you for picking heimerdinger" but thats pretty much as far as i will go and most the time i dont even have all chat turned on. But i like your points so thank you for that.
You're welcome but if you followed the link you can see that it was Lyte who originally wrote those points, not me, so credit goes to him for those. Anyways, if you haven't done so already you can always get in touch with Support and/or Lyte directly if you are wondering why you got chat banned there.
: You guys need to stop treating players like little children. Yes i agree if someone is sitting in game using the n word or telling someone to go kill themselves or something like that then i completely see where someone could get a ban for that. But if you are just sitting there talking shit or using curse words and you get banned for that, its a tad ridiculous. Im pretty sure most of us are older and have heard every cuss word in the book. There is also a mute feature so im not sure why this is even a problem in the first place. Someone says something you dont like? Mute them. No reason to treat everyone like they just got out of pre school.
From the [Tribunal FAQ]( **Why is verbal abuse punishable if there is a mute button/language filter?** Players shouldn’t need to rely on features like the mute button or language filter to engage with other players in positive ways. When a player verbally abuses another player and forces him to use the mute button, they have already created a negative experience for that player. **What's the point of having a language filter if I can get banned for 'adult' language?** We aren't out to punish players who use adult language; in fact, very few players are ever banned for saying stuff like "f***, I missed that skill shot" or "damn, f***ing close game!" However, the language filter is not an excuse to verbally abuse someone in the game. When you verbally abuse or harass someone by calling them "f***ing ******" or "n*gger noob", that's when you've crossed the line and will be punished by the Tribunal. I've said this before and I'll say it again, we aren't trying to clean online games of adult language; we're trying to reform or get rid of jerks who like to verbally abuse and harass other players.
: No griefing option? Not all griefing has to include intentional feeding. Someone can call out in /All where I am in the jungle/about to gank or whatever just because they don't like me and continue playing their lane.
I"m pretty sure that griefing would fall into the negative attitude option.
: Updated reports coming to the PBE
Glad to hear that this is coming to the game. Even better that we can select multiple report options as well depending on the severity of the offense. I can see this especially being a big help in fan-made custom game modes such as Hide&Seek, King of Scar and Draft Racing as well. I do have 2 quick questions though: 1. Why isn't this stickied? You'd think that with a major announcement like this that it'd be stickied right away, but perhaps that's already a work in progress there. 2. Why only 3? I mean yeah the ability to select more than one is nice and all for sure but how come we can only select up to 3 and that's it? Is it because you feel that 3 plus the comments section as well is more than enough to get your point across when it comes to reporting someone or is it something else entirely there like technical limitations or something like that? Thanks in advance and as always thank you for your time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Zombie Nunu!
I like this skin allot and I think it's very silly as well. The only change that I would make to it would be to it's passive particles. Instead of blue, make it zombie green please. I feel that green would better suit the theme of the skin than blue ever would. On another note, if anyone wants to play Plants Vs. Zombies LoL style using this skin then I am all for it ;).
: Ekko skin bag
Have you tried purchasing the skin from his skins section (i.e. going to the champion's info section and buying the skin that way)?
: Rioter?
Rioters are people who work for Riot Games so unless you work for them you can't become a Rioter.
: ***
Maybe if you had responded with a clarification message rather than just immediately assuming that they don't know what you're talking about and deleting your post entirely because of it they would have gotten a chance to communicate better with you. You can't go and claim that someone doesn't care about what you have to say when you won't even give them the chance to do so. We're human, we all make mistakes, and no one's perfect either. Communication goes both ways. Next time if someone misses your point, try to explain it to them in a respectful manner rather than just assuming that they don't care about you and deleting your original post because of it. To me that's just you expecting people to get your point right away and that's the wrong mindset to have if you ask me.
: he atack speed increase as hes hp falling under the 4 600 i think !
I didn't know that, but then again I don't play Twisted Treeline very much anyways, so thank you.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
Having played the skin, I actually like it. It actually reminds me of Succubus from the Warcraft universe believe it or not. My only complaint is it feels like the animation is not very smooth when it comes to her dance (i.e. it feels like her hands clip into her head/hair), but other than that well done, well done indeed I must say.
: Okay, it's great and whatnot, but as a 1000+ games Brand main, could we possibly get the color shifted towards purple? We've already got Cryocore Brand for the blue color, and duplicating a color scheme makes it feel quite a bit underwhelming (just as I didn't bother with Championship Shyvana as I own Ice Drake already). Purple works better for the villainy theme, anyway. Also, good job on finding a cool idea for a new skin for a champ that's already in a "sated" state. The only other option I could think of would be Arclight Brand (yellow color, and going beyond his usual attire). Arclight/Justicar/Warden would have probably sold even better, as it provides a distinctly different theme than all the previous skins. Also possible, a white or black theme (purest fire/ash, smoke), maybe even alternating in an evolving way, but that would be material for another legendary/ultimate "ascending" skin. **EDIT: After seeing him in game, the color scheme is indeed purple.** It's just the splash that's blue. I'd say it's passable.
I'd have to agree here. I like the looks overall, but using colors other than just different shades of blue and black I feel would improve the skin for the better. I know they're supposed to represent spiritual colors but in the MMO Pirate101 they use more than just blue to represent a spirit (technically just red at the time of this post but still though). On another note, I like the little fire gremlins of sorts that appear during his recall and dance animations, but maybe you could find a way to incorporate them into some of his abilities (Q and R especially, maybe even E as well). Other than that, all I would suggest doing is using a little less blue and a little more purple as Pyroblasty suggested here. If you can do that then I feel that you would really complete the theme of a Spirit Fire skin, at least to me you would. Thanks in advance and as always thank you for your time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
I like the way the splash art looks right now (it looks really amazing honestly). However, I feel that the transition to in-game is lacking honestly. I feel that since he is cosmic his VO could have a bit more of a cosmic feel to it instead of a void/demon feel as it is right now. For the particles and model, same thing, I feel a little more could've been done to give more of a cosmic feel to it (i.e. maybe more colors used for the abilities rather than just blue and white). Other than that though it seems fine and I feel you did a decent job considering what you had to work with here.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
Unfortunately I can't purchase it from the store, at least not with IP (I only have 1053 RP on my PBE account). The reason being is because whenever I do try to purchase it I get the following message: "Item championsskin_254004 not found". If that could be fixed soon then that would be great. P.S. And before you ask yes I did try logging out and back in and that didn't work unfortunately, neither did refreshing the store either. EDIT: Just got through playing with the two other new skins and tried again and I was successfully able to both buy the skin and use it in-game as well.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Blitzcrank!
I must say that I do like the look and feel of this skin so-to-speak there. However, I do have a few suggestions on how to make it just a bit better: 1. Make the colors a little bit darker. As a Battle Boss robot I imagine his colors being darker in tone to go with the theme of the skin. The actual colors themselves I feel don't need changing, but just making them darker variants of them I feel would improve both the look and feel of this skin immensely. 2. Instead of a wheel, have Blitzcrank hover instead. When I first saw the skin model, I thought that Blitzcrank would be hovering in-game (I mistook the wheel for a hovering device). Again, I feel that having Blitzcrank hover would better suit him as a a Battle Boss than just the standard rolling, but that's just me. Thanks in advance and as always thank you for your time.
: Leblanc
What they're trying to say is that on the loading screen of Hexakill whenever Ravenborn Leblanc is selected it'll display a bunch of random characters with Leblanc at the end of it there. This also causes Leblanc's name to glitch up on the champion progress screen (i.e. when you press tab in-game and it brings up that champion progress screen) and also causes this.
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' (with BANS!) featured game mode now live on the PBE!
I don't know if this is being fixed or not but when I went to select the mode from the pvp tab it said "blind pick" while the custom mode version said "blind draft". It was still blind draft regardless but still though if this hasn't been fixed yet then it should so people don't get confused by this in the future.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sandstorm Ekko
Found this bug with the skin after playing a custom bot dominion game. Though there's no official splash art of the skin just yet, the results screen shows the splash art of classic Aatrox with the words "Ekko" and "Assassin" slapped on underneath it as well also. Photo below.
: Health and mana bar missing
This happens regardless of champion or map. Thanks for the work-around though, even though I've kinda gotten used to just looking at the bars above my champion instead while this is being worked on right now.
: Bard creates toxicity
It seems that this argument always comes up whenever a champ with a unique mechanic like this is released into the game. It's no more trolling than a misplaced Crystallize or a Buster Shot just barely missing and nicking/clipping the wall for the stun or a Headbutt into the wrong direction, the list just goes on and on there really. As more people practice with him the better they'll get about timing his ultimate ability properly there, and if other people want to flame the Bard player for messing up one or two or even three times there with his ultimate well then so be it then, but just remember that if they flame about that then they're usually the ones to flame about any little misplay on anyone's part but their own, so there's that at least.
: Major bug with Soraka Bot.
Just an update it doesn't matter what map it is, the moment she gets below about half health she'll stand still and do nothing until she either dies or gets healed above that mark.
: Bard Bug Report Thread
My apologies if this has already been posted here before, but during a fight over the left alter on the Twisted Treeline map, I pressed Q but I instead got the indicator for W instead. Now I suppose I might have accidentally pushed both buttons at once here, but when I went to press Q again, I was still getting the indicator for W and not for Q (the game wouldn't let me use Q for whatever reason there) and because of that I ended up dying and we lost the altar because of it. Now I didn't have that problem for the rest of the game (before or after that point) but still it was very annoying that the game wouldn't let me use my ability when I was clearly trying to use it there instead of W for whatever reason there. NOTE: And before you ask, no, I was not under the effects of any sort of CC at the time I encountered this bug just so you know, so there's that at least.
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: This is going to be hilarious. Honestly I didn't like the Ascension game mode that much, I played 5 games before it got old, but I did enjoy hexakill (it was actually happening when I first joined league and I didn't realize it was a temporary event!), and having 6 extra people on a map should be even more absurd than having 2 extra people! And in response to people who comment about live server players disliking this, I don't think they will hate it. Perhaps everyone is hoping for URF to come again, and it probably will, but just because it's NOT URF doesn't mean it's bad. :P
I agree 100% with your last paragraph there. I honestly think that more and more people just need to be just more open minded about new stuff and things as well. Just because it's different doesn't mean that it's bad right off the bat there, so there's that at least.
: I've never been chat restricted, i just have different opinions, and the way i phrase things isn't so i can shelter the reader's feelings, and not insult them, i say what's on my mind, if not on the Internet, then when the fuck can i do that?
It's not just what you say, but it's also how you say it that matters as well. In your initial post here you immediately bash Riot for making a game mode that you don't like, even though you had yet to try it out for yourself first (I say had because I don't know if you have already played it yet or not). You also criticize Riot for making game modes that you don't like without offering some constructive criticism about the game modes in the process as well. When people asked you why you disliked them, you respond to them in a negative fashion while also raging at anyone who disagreed with you as well. If you want to have a civil discussion about something, then this is **NOT** the way to go about it. Just as you are free to express your own views and opinions on a subject, so are we. However, there are better ways of doing so then just flat-out raging about someone or something without offering constructive feedback about how you feel it could be different and/or changed for the better, and if people disagree with you, don't just go and rage at them for it. Doing that gives the impression that you're only looking for Yesmen answers and Yesmen answers only, which you won't get here at all whatsoever. TL;DR: You're allowed to share your opinion, but not in a way that bashes everyone who disagrees with you as well. Facilitating Civil Discussion means sharing ideas and concerns about something and how you think/feel that it can be improved upon in and for the future as well (in a respectful manner I might add). Naturally people may not agree with your ideas, but that's to be expected in a civil discussion though. However, that does not give you the excuse and/or the right to go out of your way to bash and rage at everyone who doesn't agree with you though-that just makes you look like a jerk whose only looking for Yesmen answers and Yesmen answers only, which again, you won't get here at all whatsoever, so there's that at least.
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
My apologies if this is already known, but basically the loading screen "tips" and "did you knows?" get covered by the Shuriman-themed scoreboard once in-game. This makes it nearly impossible to make out what they are if one wasn't fast enough to quickly read them while on the actual loading screen itself, so there's that at least. My proposal is that the tips and did you knows actually cover the actual Shuriman-themed scoreboard in-game for their duration of being up. This way, people will still have time to read them in-game if they were unable to do so on the loading screen itself. Thanks in advance and as always thank you for your time.
: RIOT as usual you have done a great job with the new game mode. I just wanted to share my opinion after playing few matches. As the game is on "Howling Abyss" and not on "Summoner's Rift" I tend to loss interest in the match after 10 mins as game play is mostly the same just spam the abilities with your team mates. The other team will do the same. It is not open to some fun ganks or game plays which we could do on "Summoner's Rift" as it have various options and objectives to think about. I felt "Howling Abyss" is more linear and tends to become one sided as the game progress. I don't play much on "Howling Abyss" so my opinion might be biased.
You can always set up custom game matches with the mirrored one-for-all mode on your map of choice, such as summoner's rift and the crystal scar if you really don't feel like playing the mode on the howling abyss stage/map at that point in time.
: [Major Bug] Crystal scar is broken.
The bot thing is currently on all maps, and for the crystal scar, it's the map itself that's currently broken, regardless of the champion that you play there.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Will this game mode be available on the other 3 maps as well or is it just purely exclusive to sr? I do hope that its the former though, as I'm curious to see how a 6v6 dominion match would turn out to be like.
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