: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Urgot!
Awesome skin and idea overall, but I do have a few complaints: 1. Skin is too orange. However you did it in the splashart was perfect, so do it like that or at least make it similar 2. Gatling gun is too short, it would benefit from being bigger 3. more detail on bandana if posible 4. He does feel a little smaller than the other urgot skins, but it could just be that my eyes are failing me 5. Ult chain could use some fiery particles 6. His legs seem really thin and could probably be bigger 7. In the splash, there is a metal arc sort of thing on his chest, but in-game its hard to distinguish from a tattoo. Maybe make it more metal-y 8. His haaaaat. His hat HAS to look more like the splash. In the splash it is amazing, but in game it seems like a fedora.
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: > As we have close to 1,000 skins in the game, categorizing and ordering them is going to be an ongoing process. Sometimes we have to go deep into the past: what was the backstory with Dark Candy Fiddlesticks? Did one exist? So this will take some time. But with each patch we’ll be adding a few more until we’re all caught up. With this initial batch, we focused on our biggest thematic sets, but you’ll be seeing a lot more shortly. The quote above indicates all skins will eventually have a bios, but you can read the rest of the post and ask the questions [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/lWoqABUI-skin-collections-tab-skin-descriptions-feature-feedback).
I managed to miss that, thank you for showing me
: The team's going to look at the muzzle again today and see if/what changes we can make. I'm also happy to follow up with our audio designer today! :)
Nice! To be honest, its a good enough thing that you guys make stuff like this on your own, but you guys give us the privilege to test it and even make changes to it. Hats off to you guys. [Insert M'Pengu Emote Here]
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Damn good skin, I've been waiting for a good WW skin for quite some time. It my not be robotic one, but its still really nice. I just have a few little nitpicks on it for you guys. 1. I think there can be some work done on the muzzle, as many have already said, but especially during his taunt. During his taunt, when hes talking near the end of it, his top lip stretches out farther than I think is natural and appealing. 2. There is no sound when you use W. Not sure if this is intentional, but I would like a powerful-sounding sfx like his classic. 3. The Q sound. The sfx for the Q doesn't sound as powerful as the Q sound from his classic skin. In his classic skin, you can hear the brute force of the Q taking a chunk of the enemy, but in Lunar Guardian, it just kinda sounds like he's taking a bite out of an apple. It doesn't sound as powerful as his classic sfx, and I think it would be cool if it did sound stronger. 4. Recall sound. Sort of like the Lancer Rogue Blitz skin used to, Lunar Guardian Warwick's recall is kinda quiet. Maybe it could be brought up a little? Those are all my nitpicks, good work so far Riot!
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