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: Try Out Worlds Crafting!
Why not make it for ALL icons only witout recall and that it shows your divizion hud but only witout the recall animation??
: Correct. He means NA boards, EUW boards, EUNE boards etc. the boards of the live regions.
ohh thx... well i posted it here cause i tought riot members are here more active and im EUNE and i dont trust EUNE too mutch cause riot is NA :(
: Suggestions should be posted on Live boards.
what do you mean by live boards? you mean not PBE?
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: Sure, i get what you are saying BUT it should not say ALL damage when it does not work with turrets. I get it if it says ALL damage from minions, monsters and champions, but I don't Think that it should say ALL damage when it is not. BTW, I just love your name! <3
thank you :3 well turets are like higher power sooo it wil always be mentioned like (OMG TURETS CANT BE BLOCKED TOO) :)
: Fiora, Riposte (W)
about turrets.... only thing what can block turret shots is panth passive and it should not stand turrets dont work, it stands on what is works never on what it will not work
: the pbe is small server and he is down for maintenece everyday so its not easy to work on both servers at same time and pbe have small community and you want half of it on a new server that will encarse queues i think its okay playing with 200 ping its not that much lag
lol yes forgot about that but... 200 ping is srsly laggy you can hardly play tanks (assassins.mages.fighters.... its too laggy to control them) maby in the middle of the ocean :) so we bouth get a ping of 100 XD
: [BUG] King Rammus splash art
Unviable skins will not show in store to buy, and show that they even egzist
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: [REQ] New Recall Animation
I am talking about particles, because they look pretty old in this map and i am hoping to see new particles in future
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: Camera lock bug
Uhm.. this fixed for me " Hold Y button and at the same time hold someplace on the map so it would change where are you looking" Sorry for my bad english, hope this fixed for you and you are understanding what i am telling to you
: [INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"
RIOT when i click just click to start lol it showes me the EU west server not PBE eavne i go in folder an dtdo it there whye????

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