: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
Music is great, the players turning into boats during the dash is hilarious alongside the thrown oranges. Only problem I had was playing the map with literally 8 fps.
: Hey there, BillXie! :< Unfortunately, having bundles available for IP causes fires and mayhem for us tech-side at the moment haha. I've made the bundles worth 1 RP (assuming you own the required components already), and reduced the price of Lucian, Lee Sin and Dragon Fist Lee Sin to 1 IP for the time being. Keeping this in mind for future chroma packs, so that they will follow this same pricing for PBE testing. Sorry about that. Hopefully this helps you all out with purchasing the PBE content! <3
I have a slight problem where my account on PBE has literally 0 RP and is unable to get the Chromas to test, is it possible for me to get the Chromas some other method or perhaps giving my acc a little bit of RP?


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