: don't start the same crap like people done with Heartseeker Quinn that made this skin look dumb now.... why those SJW/feminists people are so attached to Diana and always have to demand censoring and covering her. You must be fun on parties and I bet you avoid cosplay meetings and conventions. What year is this when people are afraid of view of female showing body here in there **SPECIALLY IN VIDEO GAME**... So Diana can't get attractive/alluring skin but 99% of every other female champion in this game can (even fully armored knight aka Leona that got beach skin)? what bs is this I ask?
I love Pooly party Leona because its so tasteful. Also im allowed to have an opinion. Though your also allowed to mock me for it i guess. I just want this skin to be as awesome as it can be thats all. I don't even mind the skin tbh i just felt it could use that one tweak to keep it more inline with Diana's theme. Also this isnt about female characters not begin Sexy Elise, Ahri, and Miss fortune all should be sexy because thats their theme. I just feel Diana's them is a bit in conflict with this. I would only want change if it improved the skin though. PS Heartseeker Quinn never looked good and probably would have been sup par regardless of changes ( but i liked the original more than the edits.) edit:removed a word
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
Love the skin and the amazing art on that splash but i wanted to give some feedback into the direction you took the skin witch i believe to be in contention with Diana's thematic. Its just a small tweak but i believe it would do a lot toward keeping Diana as Diana and not Elise I feel like this skins clothing was influenced by bloodmoon Elise instead of something more appropriate like bloodmoon Kalista or Yasuo. Honestly i don't think its problematic ( you obviously had a different thematic in mind that just bloodmoon warrior like Yasuo) but i feel the skin would fit far better if her lower half were more covered up by a short cloth instead of leaving so much skin exposed around the crotch area. Diana should radiant beauty from her strength and movement rather than missing clothing . TLDR: Please consider adding a cloth or simply cover up the exposed skin around Diana's thighs to keep her more in line with her warrior aspects and less with someone like Elise's sexy clothing choices Added rough image [Dia](http://imgur.com/a/lVu2g)
: Clinet crash in Definitely Not Dominion
I had the same issue yesterday. My first to games of Def not Dom crashed 3 - 5 minutes in and then crashed every time i tried to relog into the game at around 80%. My third game Today went better and i got to play the whole game and only crashed at the victory screen. Ive had no issues like this in normal PBE server draft games nor on my normal NA account. It seems to be linked to Def not Dominion. P.S. my first two games crashes were very shortly after i or a teammate captured the enemy super minion shrine. Not sure if its actually linked to the crashes but its the only coincidence i can think of to link them.
: [Champion] - Amumu can cry when out of mana
same issues. W doesn't turn off when out of mana and i cant un-toggle w if i don't have enough mana so i get stuck in perma mana draining w until i smite blue or tp to base. Also shows as toggled on when its off and vise verse. Very confusing for me considering ive never played Amumu before and couldn't tell if bug or design.


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