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: [TFT] Ninja 4 is bad.
: [TFT] Aurelion Sol is still better than all other T4 and T5 units
Nah. MF can down an entire team with 1 ult, Kata can likewise, and draven is designed to be a hypercarry. Don't get me wrong, Aurelion Sol is an amazing champ, but lots of tier 4 champs are great.
: [TFT] Pyke is OP, needs nerfs.
Absolutely. I've seen many a comp dedicated to pyke zooming around the entire board repeatedly. It's bizarre how easily he can stun 6 people for multiple seconds, and still be considered a tier 2 champ. I think akali and pyke should switch tiers, honestly.
: > [{quoted}](name=cocacolalips,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=1s9HcuK7,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-28T14:40:40.733+0000) > - Pyke's AI is actually good, unlike other AI. Other AI, like, Kennen?
"Let's ult 20 hexes, but stand way over here so that it barely hits one person!"
: [TFT] Tier 5 units are bad. Buff level 1, remove level 3.
I often don't bother getting tier 5 champs because it's so hard to get them to level 2 before the game ends, and they're just bad compared to a level 2 tier 3 champ that I could put in there instead. The only exceptions are when they're required for a comp, like Kayle for a noble/knight comp. I don't know if the probably is primarily with the champs themselves, or that the length of the game is too short for them to be viable, but something is wrong for sure.
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: [TFT] Unit cap per level incorrect
I've brought up this issue as well. For me, it will immediately change to the right number if I put in a champion, but won't notify me that I can. So if I get level 3, it will stay at 2/2 until I put the third one in, when it instantly becomes 3/3. Usually, though, it just auto-selects from my bench because I thought I had max champions. It's caused me a few mistakes as well.
: [TFT] - Level 6 with 7 Champions on Map
This is a known feature. It happens when you have max people on the board (like 6/6), and also max people on your bench, so that the one from the carousel has nowhere to go. Instead, it automatically gets placed on the lower left of your board. This can be used to your advantage, but the disadvantage is that you can not rearrange anything on your board at all; not even move the ones that are already on there. I don't know that they have plans to change it in the future, but it's always a choice you have to make of whether it's worth it to keep the extra champ, or be able to upgrade/move the champs already on the board.
: I've seen this happen too. Funny thing also is my Khazix casted the spell, used mana, did no damage even while the target was alive and stationary. This happened twice to the same target.
I thought I saw this other times as well, but I haven't been able to confirm it yet. It's good to know I'm not crazy, so I'll keep my eye on him a little closer from now on.
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: TFT is now on live!!!
Unfortunately, there are so many people on live TFT that they put a queue to play. Yikes.
: [TFT] Knight 6 is bad; Should get 50% CC immunity on top of damage reduction.
I have very consistently run knights (with a combination of nobles, glacial, imperial, or ranger), and gotten level 6 knights a couple dozen times. I've never once thought the level 6 knight (which requires Kayle) to be worth much of anything. It's as you say: by the time you can get all 6, damage has shifted either far away from autos, or each auto is doing 600 damage (so blocking only 80 does nothing substantial). I don't know that I would add tenacity at level 6, though. Keeping in line with tankiness, I think there should instead also be an increasing magic resist per level (10%, 20%, 40%??).
: I don't know why are you playing TFT with the sound on... You literally don't need the sound in that gamemode
I shouldn't "need" it in order to want sound (that doesn't sound like dying puppies constantly)
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: how can you be in 34h queue? did you sleep?
1. I put it in queue. 2. I turned my computer settings so that it would not turn off automatically when I don't touch the computer for lengthy periods of time. 3. I waited for a day and a half. 4. I got in and started playing.
: Alright riot, this isn't how wait times work
Y'all are complaining about a couple hours, when I've been in 34h and 17h queues... But honestly, I think this is a rare problem due to the servers being overloaded, and the wait time predictor not being able to handle it. I think we all place too much emphasis on that wait predictor; it's a luxury in the first place, and does absolutely nothing to actually get you in faster, and the number going up means nothing more than that it was inaccurate to begin with.
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: Tft AS items
You're entirely right. If you happen to get two guinsoo's on the same champ, they both help each other stack, too, and you can get a champ shooting 6-8 times PER SECOND. I mean wat.
: Just buy a second monitor and have League on one and this site on the other monitor. At least that's how I do it. And I also can't really imagine how they should add a whole menu of it in-game. They should at least add the feature that you can actually see what item you would get if you hover one item over the other item in your item place holder ^^
You should NOT have to "buy a second monitor" just to know what's going on. Right now I have to alt+tab to check the cheat sheet to see what items do, and that's very time in this fast-paced game.
: Draven, I just won with him and felt bad (TFT)
This happened to me yesterday (so obviously a different game). I was the guy with multiple level 3 tanks getting absolutely obliterated by a level 1 Draven. He killed a couple units so fast that 2 of them died simply on their way to try to hit him once.
: Draven (TFT)
For real. I've seen him far outperform Kayle...???
: [UI IDEA] [TFT] Show results of item combinations
I was literally about to make this exact thread. I've had two items on my sideboard before, but been unsure of what they combine to, so I have to throw one on a champion just to see what they combine to. That's absurd. I think the second picture alone would solve the issue of the first one, though. If I had a tear and a BF sword, right clicking on either of them would tell me what it would combine to with the other. There would be no need to hover to see what they would combine to if it's already in the list by right-clicking.
: I have a suggestion for TFT
I think getting more legendary and epic units is simply part of the progression of the game, not something to be worried about.
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: (Opinion) the Lvl 2 and 3 Units could be better visualized
I honestly don't usually figure out a champ's level except by the health bar. The indicator is just a check to make sure for me.
: 2 TFT Bugs (Taking Damage twice at end of round, and losing item from Carousel)
Can also confirm the carousel bug. It's ruined me a couple times.
: Eating items if carousel upgrades a champion
: No chat on TFT.
It's on the upper left for me.
Strap in, I waited "22" minutes for 3 hours, then got "connection issues"...
: Kha'Zix's champion title is broken in TFT chat
: Lets talk about what "Queue" means
I think the "queue" number is basically an estimation of time until you get in, not a real value of how many people are in front of you. Since it has serious issues guessing the time it will take, it reevaluates and realizes it will take longer, and thus bumps the "queue" number up to match. Not saying it should be this way, but I think it is.
: TFT Feedback (7 Rounds played so far)
I don't know that I agree with your assessment of balance, but that's partly because I haven't been able to play enough to know (hello 6 hours in queue just to get booted). But you understanding of the items is on point. Give a set number to begin with (which items you get are still 100% RNG) at the very least. We can't have one person get 6 items and another get 1. That's just stupid, and like you've said, I've seen it happen to 1-2 people every single game.
: Adding the shop into TFT
I don't know that I would call it a "shop", but the idea is very much needed. A origin/class list and item list is necessary, and extremely lacking!
: Come on Riot, 3 Hours waiting and nothing happens to login to PBE?
Teamfight Tactics has been released, so EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG is trying to log in. The server is working as normal, it's just that there are too many people right now so we have to be patient.
: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same.. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
Absolutely. I played an entire game all the way to third place with only 1 item drop the entire game (plus the ones from the carousel). I faced a team that had 6 full items. Wat.
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: PBE queue times keep resetting me
Same here. It means the queue position and time estimation are way way off. I assume eventually I'll get in, or maybe I'll just wait sometime next week when the bugs are hashed out.
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: Teemo's recent reverse
Another point to consider: PBE has a lot of changes at once, so there might be too many variables changing at once to be able to fully tell the effect of any one change. Think if it like making chili. If you want to change the recipe a little bit, it's a bad idea to put more chili powder AND add bay leaves AND double the tomatoes AND cut out the onions. If you make all the changes at once, it's hard to pinpoint which change affected the taste in which way. I assume it's sorta the same with League. Reverting Teemo is kinda like saying "ok, now let's try the changes but without changing the onions, so I get a better picture of how the bay leaves affected the taste." It's not because they aren't changing him, they're just wanting to focus on other specific changes first, and don't want the Teemo changes to hamper their ability to isolate the effects.
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