: What do I do if someone else picks Lulu in this mode?
: question, will doing more of the chaos/order missions increase the chance of getting these new skins in orbs/hextech chests ?
There isn't a correlation between what missions you complete and what skins you'll get our of the orbs. Obviously the more missions you complete the more tokens you'll get, but doing more Order missions wont increase your chance of getting the Riven skin. If that's what you mean. :)
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: [Non blocking][Flash zone] Positioning inaccurate on terrain
Lol, nice catch and an easy fix! We'll get that in for a build coming soon.
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Hey guys, This issue should be fixed with the deploy today. Please let me know if you see this bug again.
: [SUGGESTION] Nexus Siege Feedback on Match History
This is something we would love to do! We don't have time to get it in for the first version of the game mode but it's possible we'll see something like what you're suggesting in future versions of the mode. We have some changes that should help coming up for PBE. We'll be adding some of the stats for the 2 rounds together to try and show overall performance for the match. Things like K/D/A, most used items siege weapons, siege weapons destroyed...stuff like that.
: same bug but ALSO i couldn't reconnect after disconnecting, my game crashes half way in loading back into the bugged game!!
We are hopeful we have a fix for the reconnect crash. If you get disconnected again keep trying to reconnect. I also got the this reconnect crash and I was eventually able to get back into the game. Took me a few tries (3rd attempt and 4th attempt) but I was eventually able to reconnect.
: Hey Ponts, thanks for responding but your small patch didn't fix it, it's still up there, i just had a game before the teams got swapped
The most recent version of Nexus Siege didn't make it out with the deploy today. Sadtimes, but we'll need to put up with this one for another night. :( Once we get a new full build out you should see this fixed.
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Hey guys, Thanks for consolidating this into a single place. We should have a fix for this issue coming out with the next PBE deploy. Sorry to everyone that got stuck in base yesterday and thanks for posting about it!
: Holy cow, this looks amazing! It's obvious a lot of work was put into this and I can't wait to play it. Out of curiosity, what was the best bug that came up while designing the mode?
I've have 2 favorites so far. 1. We **used to** have a Siege Weapon that had a channel mechanic (like when you channel on a dominion tower) and when Sion (only Sion!) would use it, he could then channel on lane turrets and destroy them in about 3 secs! 2. We we first sectioned off the map and made half of it not pathable there were some places we missed that certain champions could still get to. For instance, you could open a Bard tunnel to the middle of nowhere and just be stuck there, haha.
: Does 'Soon' mean "Later today if nothing goes wrong" or "In the next couple of days"? :p I'm really excited to play this gamemode, so I really wanna know! eggs dee
Most likely wont be this week. We'd like to get it up next week, though I don't have an exact time/day.
: Little curious on the whole attack and defense thing so the defense is rewarded for pushing their minions up into the enemy base?
We're actually only using half the SR map for this mode so when we say the enemy base here it's slightly different to normal SR. Think of it as the attacking teams entry point into the map (or about where each lane hits the river).
: [URF] Smite- Something I noticed
Smite should have a 30sec recharge timer and a 10sec CD between casts of each charge (if you have 2 stored up). This isn't the standard 80% however when the charge system was implemented for smite a while ago it made smite way too good (even for URF!). We saw junglers getting 2 or 3 levels on everyone else in the game due to insane clear speeds so we gave it a custom CD for URF. Please let me know if you are seeing something other than these numbers for smite. Thanks, Ponts
: Can we expect to see Ultra Rapid Fire on PBE?
We do plan on doing PBE runs for all game modes that will show up in the queue. PBE time is important for our modes not only for gathering gameplay feedback and finding bugs but also to make sure champ mastery is doing ok on each mode. Gotta make sure it's not too easy(or hard) to get an S. :P
: Lag right before Victory/Defeat sign
Thanks for the report guys. We've figured out what was causing this and should hopefully be able to get the fix in for 5.22. Take a look and see if it also fixes the chat stuff you reported RitoGarlicFries. I'm not sure if it will but if not give me a reply letting me know. Thanks guys.
: One for All - Kindred's Passive is Annoying-Buggy
We've seen a lot of feedback saying this exact thing about the jungle marks and we generally agree. Stephiroth and I have been talking with the team too and we're working on a clarity fix for Kindred. For this round of OFA we can't stop her from hunting the same camps as her teammates, but we're trying to clean up the minimap a bit by not showing you other Kindreds icons. There's a lot going on here right now for Kindred but I'm hopeful we'll be able to get this out to PBE soon. Keep the bugs and feedback coming guys, it's super helpful! :)
: Hey, could we unlock random skins for RP in OFA like in ARAM? I would love to be able to do that, please consider it.
Oops. This was supposed to be on. Skin Boost should be active now for OFA queue.
: What about bard and his chimes will all allied bards get different chimes or will all of them get the same spawns?
They'll all get their own spawns. Chimes that aren't yours should appear kinda inactive.
: Who is ready for Azir Ping Pong?
I'm expecting amazing videos of this! Don't you disappoint me. :)
: Trickster's Glass (bug?)
We're working on a fix now for the icon not changing that should be in pretty soon. The particle issue is a bit tricky just because our game doesn't keep track of particles very well. We're working now to fix the ones we feel are the most disruptive but we wont have time to fix everything before the mode ships. Sorry! I'll take a look at Morgana and if there's other persistent particle effects you know of that are really bad go ahead and respond to this. I can't promise we'll be able to fix them all but we'll take a look.
: Will more champions be added before live? Some champions I would like to see: {{champion:74}} can have more than 3 turrets {{champion:36}} Movement speed increased with bonus health %. {{champion:86}} Spins twice as fast for moar damages {{champion:222}} MORE KA-BOOM!
This will be the full roster for when it goes live. Each Doom Bot takes a while to create and test so we wont have time to make any more before the mode goes live. It is possible to see roster expansions if you guys dig the mode and it comes back sometime in the future though. :)


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