: Reworked Evelynns ingame model . . .
count me in, i like your idea
: A bug With Jungle Item ?
I think it's because of the nerf. Instead of 9 repetend there stands 0.9999... So it's most likely that Rito failed with the visuals. For more news about the nerf go look at surrender@20, pbe news etc Hope I was helpful ~
: I dunno everything, maaan!
: I think they only make skins available if they're either 1. being tested (new skin/champion visual update/so on, so forth) or 2. available on the live servers for purchase You should still be able to receive these skins via mystery gifting (eg, I recently got Nightmare Cho'gath, which isn't available in store) via mystery gift. But, for now, they'll be in the Legacy Vault. Hope this helps!
What about Star Guardian Lux? Not Legacy but also not available


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