: this akali nerf is ridiculous
You know Hextech Gunblade is a thing, right?
: This is the only solution ?
Yiren, if this works, i'm gonna love you forever
: Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.
It just did for me, _BUT_ I was in champ select about to pick {{champion:55}} , it logged me out, and I was in champ select still..
: Kled Courage Bug
Isn't it like Gnar? When you get mega gnar, and switch back to normal gnar, you can't become mega gnar again for like another 15 seconds or something like that
: [HUD Bug] Click on teammate portrait causes bugsplat
Rioter Comments
: Creating Rune page bug
You have to buy more of them: Store -> Gameplay -> Buy new rune page

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