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: Why honor level isn't really going up and no one says anytinhg about it?
you almost answer your question yourself. at the end of the last season almost every player was lvl 5 and many people were complaining about the fact that mostly player who carry get a ton of honors. they probably changed it that more the percentage of honors per game are important. and i think you can not drop if you do not get honors anymore, only when you get reported. maybe they connected it through months, so you can only get lvl 5 if you continuously get honors over many weeks. like this riot gives people the chance to get a reward who play only a short amount of games but who are over the whole season nice and aswell people who play 2 games per day and are always friendly. they even get chests and keys for their additional games. people who only play friendly for a month get less. i'd say thats fair. btw. i was aswell lvl5 last season and i am now lvl3 with 1/3 until lvl4
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: Gnar Bug thread
Dino-Gnar has a few visionbugs at the new map. befor he transform into mega-gnar his body turns into a blue field and when the next attack transform him, he turns from blue into red... but with mega-gnar are the normal colours back. but between his legs is a brown thing. so you cant see the floor under his belly.
: Just got out of first game on new map. Baron and Dragon both bugged, didn't attack at all. They both cast no abilities and did no attacking. For both of them I made sure to try again upon respawn, game thing happened. ENtire game both big monsters did not cast any abilities or attempt to damage, just stood idle while we killed them.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
i found two bugs: the first: i played with the new lucian skin(i dont know wats his name in english^^) a custom game and baron and dragon dont attack him, when i kill them. i could shoot on them and they dont move. but i killed them... the second: someone killed an inhibitor.then is normaly at the right top the picture of the champion and one of the inhibitor, but there is no inhibitorpicture, only a blue picture. (i DONT mean the bluebuffgolem) i hope you understadn what i'm try to say, because english is not my first language.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vladimir!
in a Custom Game: When i use the W of Vladimir, then i only see a few black projectiles and the normal ground. nothing of the green pool. but the damage works. one or two times towerprojectiles fly at vladimir. then i use the (nvisible) W, the projectile disapper and when the W ends, the projectile appear and hit vladimir. sorry for my realy bad english. i hope you understand what i try to say :D nd there is something other i want to ask: is there a special walk animation for this skin, when he has homeguard, in planing or it will be like that?
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