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: Hello again everyone! After considering your feedback and talking together as a team, we have decided to make a price adjustment to the Variants. PBE is always a forum for us to respond to your feedback. This is especially important when we’re trying out new products. We put a lot of thought into the 30% discount: including running player labs, number-crunching, and looking at the effort our artists put into the skins. We still believe in the value of these skins. That said, we hear you: 30% feels bad. So we’re changing it. Both Eclipse Leonas and Pajama Guardian Variants will be discounted now at 45% if you own the other one. So, if you own one Eclipse Leona, the other will cost 1001 RP (2821 RP for both). If you own one Star/Pajama Guardian, you’ll get its counterpart for 742 RP (2092 RP for both) Again, thanks for your feedback on this one. It matters, and we appreciate it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Nami is one of my favourite champs and I have played a few hundred games with her, but I'd never want this. The theme of the skin is light years away from Nami's theme and personality. The VO processing is really bad I think, and her ult animation is weird. This will be the first Nami skin I won't buy. It's not Nami-esque at all
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Janna, Count Kledula, and Trick or Treat Ekko Chromas!
Janna's Citrine and Ruby chromas are too similar to each other, and they're pretty similar to the base skin too. I really wouldn't be able to name them apart in game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pokimanes Butt,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=JXpm5AHl,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-10-12T03:29:27.242+0000) > > Disappointed to see no Riot responses yet. > > Her Citrine and Ruby chromas are too similar to each other, and they're similar to the base skin too. I really wouldn't be able to name them apart in game. Chromas feedback goes [here]( Also, please try to be constructive with the feedback: why do they look so similar to base, what colours would be better and why would those be better than the current chroma?
They look similar because they're very similar colour schemes?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Janna!
Disappointed to see no Riot responses yet. Her Citrine and Ruby chromas are too similar to each other, and they're similar to the base skin too. I really wouldn't be able to name them apart in game.
: He looks way too similar to Pool Party Graves.
Agreed, GP needs a hat or something to differentiate them maybe
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shurelya's Reverie
Lovely item! If I would change anything, I would maybe give it 250 hp, or 50 AP, or 10% Movement Speed instead. The base stats are pretty subpar compared to Ardent/Redemption which are at the same price point. I feel like it'll be shunned out by the other support items in this state. Or, instead of changing the base stats, maybe making the active radius bigger would make it feel better. It'll be pretty hard to give the Movement Speed boost to most of your teammates in a teamfight with the current radius. It would give it more of an oomph and feel more impactful without changing numbers.
: That should be coins implied there. Note that's also off a very rough how many coins can we expect you to pick up, not just to spawn.
I see, sorry for the late reply. So what's the difference between expected coin spawn rate and expected coin pick-up rate?
: Changes to Support Items (Removing Bandit for 8.6)
So it feels like tank supports are getting a massive buff in gold, and everyone else is getting a small buff in gold with Frostfang. Coin is already bad, and even champions that are intended to buy it (Rakan, Janna, Soraka) don't buy it anymore. Not sure why it's being nerfed. Also is it supposed to be, "Expected coin drop down, to 8.5 per 10 minutes from 9 **_minutes_** (still to do)" or "Expected coin drop down, to 8.5 per 10 minutes from 9 **_coins _**(still to do)"?
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: "Real" Star guardian Icons please
: Out of curiosity, why do you think we hate a particular role when it comes to skins? IMO, some of the better skins are for supports - Deep Sea Nami, Dark Star Thresh, Forecast Janna, etc.
Most support mains think everyone that isn't a support main hates supports. Supports just usually get shafted in terms of gameplay balance so people assume it's the same in terms of skins. Also, you forgot DJ Sona!
: Totally get where you're coming from with having Shisa for the indicator, and we did bring this up when working on her. Keep in mind that you could end up with as many as four of these at a time on the map (which gets a bit more noisy than the usual indicator), and well, Shisa is only one critter!
Ah I didn't think of there being multiple indicators. Maybe when Soraka is idle or out-of-combat Shisa could float around her or something, like Janna's Zephyr? I don't think that would impact gameplay.
: Soraka has consistently gotten a skin every year, along with Ahri and they both have the same amount of skins. But one of the bigger issues is, what do you expand upon for Soraka? Characters like Ahri, Jinx, and Lux are being taken out of their element, it gives a much large impression you can work with. Soraka is already an ethereal star magic person. Soraka's abilities are lackluster, there isn't much to them. She already reaches the potential for particle effects with her current skin. Whereas Ahri's abilities are very visual, they grab people's attention. If you look at the skins side by side, you can see that all the extra particle effects and animations just give so much more to Ahri than they would Soraka. Bottom line, Riot could do more with Ahri and Soraka is already at her max. You couldn't even add much with a VO for Soraka.
They do not have the same amount of skins; Ahri has 7, Soraka has 6. Skarner and Cho'Gath's abilities are lackluster as well but they still got Legendary skins which look just fine, I like BCA Skarner a lot.
: Let me get this straight, Are you seriously complaining about Soraka receiving a new skin? Ahri surely sells more, so duh. Of course she'll get a legendary. Soraka's star guardian skin is way beyond perfection. So what if it's not a legendary. And no, this is definitely not the only opportunity for her to get a legendary. Saying that is quite disrespectful to the designers who work for Riot. As if they can't think about a good idea for her? PLEASE.
I'm saying that it's extremely insincere to only make skins for the profit instead of making the players happy, and to continue making skins over and over for the most popular champions and completely shafting all the other ones. Ahri got to be the main attraction because she's a popular champion, over Soraka being it because that's literally her entire purpose existing is the stars. Soraka won't get another skin for years, and I doubt it'll be a legendary. Plenty of good ideas for her, and I can already tell she'll be second or third place again.
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: Heya! Thanks for the feedback! > Why are her wings are her hips??? This is the first thing I noticed and it's making me so sad ;-; By far my least favourite part of the skin for me. Could you elaborate on what's bothering you? What makes you dislike them - what would you change? > I feel like her W projectile/light/thingy is kinda small compared to her other skins. It is! We're going to be making an adjustment to it a bit later this patch! > Shisa isn't around very much. They're not, but this is intended. We couldn't find much of a sweet spot to add Shisa in that made sense and didn't interfere with gameplay. I'm open to hearing you out if you have a particular spot in her kit that you'd like would work. :)
The only problem I have with the wings is that it seems like it'd be super awkward to fly with them on her hips, rather than higher on her back like Dragon Sorceress Zyra's: However, the more and more I played SG Raka the more I actually liked the wings and the fact they're not a more of the main attraction, and rather a cute addition. As for Shisa replace her passive indicator with a Shisa over her ally's head? Or maybe Shisa being the arrow that leads Raka to her allies. Picture for reference: I don't that would interfere or cause any confusion since only Soraka sees the indicators.
: Wings at the small of the back or just above the waist are beautiful in my opinion. I think the contrast between the pet and Soraka's personality is perfect. The pet is grumpily protective of her and his upset lil face shows it. I do agree with you on the W light/projectile though. It should be a bit more apparent. I also agree with you that Shisa isn't around much which is a bit sad, since it's so cute. As for Soraka's hair, it's styled differently by not being as straight as it usually is but i think the length is actually the same even if it doesnt seem like it. I adore the skin overall.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Soraka!
My time to shine! Soraka is my all time favourite champ ever. I love her and I'm so happy! Here are my thoughts: * Unrelated to the skin, but her Shisha icon looks really weird. Like it looks like their face is super bright compared to their body. * Her Q, E, and R are so beautiful!! * Why are her wings are her hips??? This is the first thing I noticed and it's making me so sad ;-; By far my least favourite part of the skin for me. * I feel like her W projectile/light/thingy is kinda small compared to her other skins. Small thing but I noticed it * Shisa isn't around very much. That's all I got for now. Besides the wing position I love it! Good job!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Chromas!
Lulu is one of my favourite champions, and her Pool Party skin is my favourite! I absolutely love the chromas. The only thing I would change about them is have more variety in the colour of Lulu's floater-tube and **eye colour!** Her eyes are the same colour in all of chromas, and I think it would be cute if they changed to match the colour scheme of her hat and Puffer. Also adding a name to the chroma? Like how on the loading screen, using Grim Reaper Karthus's chroma it's "Grim Reaper Karthus Plague". Makes us look super cool. Oh oh and if the colour of the seal when you polymorph someone to be the same as the hat. That'd be cool
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Maybe just make the Randiuns passive "-10% Crit Damage from Melee attacks", so crit ADCs can take down takes like they're intended to but {{champion:23}}{{champion:157}} won't shred tanks so fast? Also, why did Ohmwrecker receive no changes?
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
>+60 Ability Power +60 Magic Resist +10% Cooldown Reduction Unique Passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 44-**8** seconds based on level. Eight seems like a really, really low cooldown for a spellshield. I know it's only after not taking damage but still, this can be up twice or three times in a single fight Also, do not like the Randuins changes at all :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Dawn Rakan!
His face looks, really weird. Like he's one of the Disney villains. Personally not a fan of the colour scheme and I prefer is classic skin, and I think that if Rakan and Xayah had complimentary skins that looked similar it would have looked better when they were together. I also don't think that CD Rakan & Xayah have a new recall when recalling together?

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