: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
Does this include things like new Nexus and Inhibitor models?
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
Is there any restriction on gifting people you invited into the (non-custom) game? If not should there be? It's a bit strange having a hard 2 week limit on gifting mystery gifts normally, but being able to circumvent it by playing a game. Maybe it could be changed to 2 weeks OR 1 game together?
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
I think you should take another pass at Nocturne. His base skin had a big contrast between his black body and the blood red blades, and now it's gray and muted red. I understand your goals with the update, you don't want champions to pop out as much as they used to, but I think Nocturne needs some of that contrast back. I think he needs to be a bit darker (I'm not convinced if exposing his big shoulderpads as much is the way to go) and get some more bloody red back on his blades. Frosted Nocturnes blades surprised me, since they are now much lighter and lost some detail, but his armor got frosted edges? Unless the screenshots I was looking at were reversed (I didn't play him in-game). I think the blades going from a dark blue to a light blue look much better then just the solid light blue ones. The "armor" on Void Nocturne's torso and back should be a little bit lighter in my opinion, they blend in too much with the rest of his body. Ravager Nocturne is a big change that I dislike the most. It looks like you were trying to make it look more like the chinese splash art, but that made me completely dislike the new skin. I loved the contrast between the yellow and the black, how those two colors were mixing. That's what made me buy the skin, and how he's just all orange. Very dull and uninteresting. If I could only ask you to reevaluate one skin this pass, this would be it. Those were my couple of cents about Nocturne.
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: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
I'd like to say a few words about Medieval Twitch. I'm a friend of one of the players that first reached the required friend referral tier and was "involved" in making up the concept for the skin. Now the person sadly doesn't really play lol anymore, so IDK how much he cares (I'll try to get in contact with him). This is just my opinion here, but personally I think there are a few small details that are missing. So the original concept as I was told was "Medieval Twitch, with a pot on his head and a Fleur-de-lis on his back." Well there's no Fleur-de-lis, that's a start :P The old skin didn't have a pot either, but instead twitch had what looked like a repurposed colander and that was way funnier then the idea of a pot. The new skin looks a lot more like it has a proper medieval helmet. When you're looking at it in-game however, from a top down view and a distance you don't REALLY notice it... And his mouth actually animates now so I get why you decided to not have it cover it entirely, but I'd still like it to look a bit more like a kitchen utensil that he stole. So those are my 2 cents. Like I said, I'll try to get in contact with my friend during the weekend and see if he has any thoughts one way or the other.
: I agree with you I think it is a great skill on its own but I'm just wondering why it doesn't have a ratio to make it stronger.
Umm... Doesn't it kind of have a 1.0 Total AD ratio TIMES the number of targets hit already?
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