: Didn't Sword of the Divine use to refund 50% of it's (maximum?) cooldown upon killing enemy champions before It was removed from the game around season 5 (i think)? If so, why Isn't that added? Would that make It too snowbally? Would that be re-added?
I assume the reason it isn't there is because before it was removed, Sword of the Divine lost its base stats while it was on cooldown. This version of Sword of the Divine _keeps_ its base stats while on cooldown, so I guess they felt it was either keep stats while on cooldown and don't have the cooldown refund or lose stats while on cooldown but keep the cooldown refund. I guess the first one makes it more useful overall, since one of the reasons it was removed was because it was a noob trap on a lot of champions, apparently.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pokemonred200,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=7sy12Ajv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-14T20:44:37.124+0000) > > You know, I would really love to help test nexus blitz, but the champ select does not correctly load whenever I attempt to accept a queue for it. It instead stays on the 'match accepted' screen (and I can hear the timer ticking down close to its completion). > > Force closing the client shows that it bugsplat. > > Any potential fix? Was this happening before? Or is it something new to this PBE cycle?
new to the PBE cycle. I played three games of Nexus Blitz this morning (each using Wriggle's Lantern on {{champion:64}}, which is turning out to be a really fun build). After the PBE came back up, it wouldn't let me enter a champion select at all.
: Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events
You know, I would really love to help test nexus blitz, but the champ select does not correctly load whenever I attempt to accept a queue for it. It instead stays on the 'match accepted' screen (and I can hear the timer ticking down close to its completion). Force closing the client shows that it bugsplat. Any potential fix?
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
I'd like to point out that {{item:1414}} on this map builds out of {{item:3802}} + {{item:1027}}, which together give 500 mana, but the item itself only gives 300, causing you to _lose_ mana when you upgrade. Not sure if it's an oversight or not, but I thought I'd let you guys know. On a side note, why drop the Maim proc from Wriggle's Lantern? This was one of the defining traits of the item, and neither Deathfire Grasp nor Force of Nature lost key features of the items (Force of Nature even got stronger in that regard). I'd like to know the reasoning behind swapping out this proc for the Spell Vamp, though it's not the most important issue in the world.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Can we get a hint on what the recipes for Force of Nature and Wriggle's Lantern will be? The items that the two built out of (Regrowth Pendant for FoN, and Madred's Razors for Wriggle's Lantern) are both long gone, so they'll probably need new recipes. On a side note, will Wriggle's Lantern still be jungle focused, or will it be repurposed?
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
I hope Wriggle's Lantern stays for good, potentially even coming to other maps. I remember it being a RAF item.
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
If I may ask, what was the reason for {{item:3085}} being chosen over {{item:3094}} as a recommended item in the tutorial for Miss Fortune? It seems rather odd, since it doesn't have too much particular synergy with Love Tap (though it did have somewhat interesting synergy with her when she still had Impure Shots). Rapid Fire on the other hand provides a powerful spike due to the increased range on basic attacks and Double-Up, so I feel like it would be a better example to use if the point of the items tutorial was to show players how powerful their item spikes could be. Additionally, it allows you to show that advanced items give small, but notable bits of power, given {{item:3086}} and {{item:2015}} give pretty decent spikes.
: Conqueror True Damage
Given it's a conversion, not an addition (as in, any physical or magic damage you would have dealt is put down to 80% of the original amount, while you get the other 20% as true damage) this is actually not any mechanically different from having both 20% Armor Penetration and 20% Magic Penetration at the same time. However, the difference is that this _also_ effects sources of direct damage reduction like Alistar Ult, Phantom Dancer, or Death's Dance; I still kind of see this as a worth tradeoff, though.
: I know what you meant. But {{item:3094}} has always given Rengar the additional leap range. It Does appear to be bugged on the PBE at the moment. If you walk into a brush, it actually shows 2 different leap ranges for a moment before the larger leap radius fades away https://imgur.com/a/XuBOI
I'm wondering if it was straight up removed altogether; the same behavior is happening on live at the moment, as can be seen [in this screenshot](https://snag.gy/CKRgz9.jpg), where he gains 600 range upon entering the bush, being effected by RFC's increase on his normal AA range. However, as can be seen [in this screenshot](https://snag.gy/g3AohG.jpg), he loses that range quickly, where it gets set back down to 725 (rather than staying at staying at 768 or increasing to 875, which is what the range should be if it increased leap range normally). If the interaction _was_ removed intentionally, I wonder why it was; I'm pretty sure it's been acting like this for a while now.
: Rapid Fire seems to interact with the leap (as it always has) on my end. Any video proof on your end to suggest otherwise?
I mean, the damage from it does apply (as does the damage from Stattik Shiv) although it does not increase maximum leash range (it would allow Rengar to leap from 875 range, rather than 725 range; however, the range increase does not interact with the leap on my end, causing the leap range to remain at 725). This is in contrast to Ekko, whose blink range on Phase Dive goes from 425 to 573 (it still teleports him to melee range when the attack finishes), and Hecarim, whose dash range during devastating charge goes from 225-425 to 303-573 (he will still dash to and knock back the target after the attack lands). I'll take screenshots of each scenario later to make it more obvious that this appears to be the case, but if it is intended that {{item:3094}} is not meant to increase Rengar's leap range, then I won't push the issue further, since 725 units is already pretty high.
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
Quick question; I had been on PBE earlier and noticed {{item:3094}} does not interact with Rengar's leap range, despite it working with other abilities that are dashes/blinks attatched to basic attacks (Hecarim E and Ekko E). Is this intended behavior, or a bug? It would be interesting if it worked, because {{item:3094}} could make a decent substitute for {{item:3046}} in crit-based builds.
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
So from testing, I've come to gather the following about Rengar's Revert: 1: All you really need is Duskblade to have decent burst; if you rush a Duskblade and go into full crit (Stattik Shiv -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom Dancer) your initial basic attack out of ult (with Q ready already) appears to do more damage on the first auto out of stealth than building two more lethality items (Edge of Night and Youmuu's Ghostblade), but crit gives more DPS after the stealth has ended. This is probably because I finished my crit build with a Trinity Force and my Lethality Build with a Ravenous Hydra, so the numbers are probably skewed. Will need to do more later. 2: AP's burst levels seem fair mid game, although I will admit they get kind of scary super late game; I'd assume this is intended, since you trade early->mid game power for the build that looks like it would scale the best on paper (deathcap on top of a %AP boost that's already 25% (35% if Kha'Zix has been defeated in the hunt) sounds terrifying, especially with the recent buffs to Nunu's Blood Boil being released. This isn't even taking Infernal into account, since that's RNG based) However, AP Rengar feels rather mediocre until super late game unless you absolutely dominated early, leading me to an early Duskblade purchase to steamroll the mid-game before I began building my AP burst build. 3: Q on PBE feels slower than before the Season 7 rework imo; I'm not sure of the exact cause, although as I recall, the original Q gave 40% attack speed for the empowered auto as well as the auto attack afterward; However, on PBE this attack speed bonus is only applied to the first auto (when not counting the ferocity Q, since that has a duration), so the partial auto reset doesn't feel as nice to use. Just a small personal gripe though, as I like the ability otherwise. Overall, i think you guys did a good job with the revert. I do feel like the AP ratios on R could use tweaking, though, because against a squishy, when you have Lich Bane you're probably going to make the squishy disappear faster than they can shout 'JANNA!!!!'
: Poacher's Dirk has no CD after a Successful counter jungle
1. It's an intended change. Riot removed the cooldown as part of an effort to make counterjungling stronger (even if it only helps lethality junglers like {{champion:121}} and {{champion:107}}, instead of crit based ({{champion:203}}, {{champion:11}} ), attack speed based ({{champion:102}}, {{champion:77}}), or AP invaders ({{champion:60}} , {{champion:28}} ), it still does help make invading champs stronger.)


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