: Error code 003??
I had a similar problem. My PBE didn't update manually so I tried closing it and opening it a couple times using the new launcher but it didn't work. Then I tried opening it with the old launcher and it was trying to update the launcher so I just closed it. I fixed it eventually by opening the new launcher and using the repair button. This fixed it for me, however, i have to friends that had this issue and I told them to replicate my steps but the repair said it failed and when they opened the launcher it gave them the 003 error message.
: Ahri Q Bug - Killing my own minions, turrets, and even teamates!
: [Gameplay] Item values bug in Shop
This happens to me too! I was testing out he new Udyr skin and when the game started I went to the shop and this happened:http://i.imgur.com/dA6CnML.png
: Udyr New Skin Bug
I have experienced this bug as-well! It happened to me when I respawned for the first time as the Definitely Not Udyr skin and it look glitchy and strechy. http://imgur.com/V42qLoo
: Bard's E Suggestion
This is a great idea! When I tried Bard it was hard trying to enter the portal. So hard, that when I was getting chased I put my E through a wall but couldn't enter it and instead got killed.
: [Victory/ Defeat Screen] Background gone again?
: [Victory/Defeat Sign] - Only word is showing up, not the splash background
: Rocket Tristana Visual Bug
I also have the skin and I experienced the glitch. The box is more blue than black though.
: Udyr respawn bug
I also saw this glitch. The Udyr who had the glitch also had the Spirit Guard Udyr skin.
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: Are you guys getting the error about the update and cant play to ?
No I haven't received that error. Sorry, :(
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: Mac Error on PBE Loading
I have this problem as-well but I am a Windows user I have a windows 8.
: Windows Firewall messages when updating PBE client
I have this too! I thought I was the only one! My launcher doesn't have any other problems besides this.
: Jinx skin idea
This would be an amazing skin! I agree 10/10 would buy.
: http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe you can check here the status of the server, it's down right now
Ya I know about that link lol. Just wanted to start a thread to notify people that it is down :).
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: Rek'Sai can't be purchased
This is happening to me too. hate it ;(
: Bug on new game mode!
Everything seems to be fine in this picture. If there is a problem please point it out to me.
: [Poro King] [Suggestion] Adding retreat as a feature?
I think that we can do a fast retreat anyway with our current spells. This "fast retreat" would make it unfair to both teams as if an enemy is low and you are about to kill him he can basically teleport away from danger. Right now players take advantage of the Poro Toss/Poro Dash ability as you can hit an enemy with it from a long range away and then dash an immense range towards him/her. And as for the King Poro bug it never happened to my team or the enemy team. Cheers, Pokefan108
: Legend of the Poro King Feedback
Ya I agree on the Poro King stacks being raised. I think it should be like 15 or 20 so it can be a little harder to summon him. PS: Your article is named the same as mine,"Legend of the Poro King Feedback" so I was confused on which was mine until I saw you posted this one. If you can please change the title so others won't get confused as-well. Cheers, Pokefan108
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: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
Can't wait to play this! I have a question, will the poros on the original Howling Abyss be the ones you are throwing?
: Sejuani Poro Skin
Ya I have heard the global dash too.
: Your Happy Meal, can you upload your r3d logs from that game? You can find them in: *<PBE installation directory>/Logs/Game - R3d Logs*
I have experienced this bug a long time ago when I was probably around lv.20 on live servers. Hopefully this bug can come to a stop.
: As noted above, she's not available on PBE today. Sorry about that!
Wow didn't see that! I'm looking forward to playing her when she comes out on PBE.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Orianna!
I can't find this skin in the PBE store {{item:3070}} .
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Malzahar!
ERMERGERD A MALZAHAR SKIN! {{champion:90}} "I think a poro just came out."
: Can the health bars not rapidly deplete?
I have seen this in many of my games as-well. I am in mid asking the jungler to gank and when I mouse over him to see what he is doing his health bar starts at full and rapidly falls down to his current state. The first time I saw this I though, "How can the jungler get almost 1-shoted in the early game XD".
: REMOVE Trundle's Arm in Captain Volibear's Loading Splash
Yes please! His splash would look a lot better if Trundle's hand would be removed.
: Is pbe down ?
Hello, the PBE is probably just down for maintenance. To check the status of the PBE use this link http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe. Cheers, Pokefan108
: Could Riot Update Jax's Ability Icons?
I think that there are many champions that need new ability icons including Jax and champs like Warwick and Cho'Gath.{{champion:24}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:31}}
: 0 IP and RP
You have to wait. I also had this confusion at first but I found out that after a day or after 1 match you will be boosted to LV.30 and you will get a lot of RP and IP. PS: When you receive your stuff there are 2 bundles each costing 10 IP. One will give you all the champions and one will give you a lot of runes. Cheers, Pokefan108
: Can i get more Rp ?
Hello Luke Skylander. It used to go on the PBE that every week you would get a refill of RP and IP. But now Riot changed it so that you don't get a refill but instead new items on the store will cost 1 IP. Sorry ;( {{item:3070}}
: Leveling up Kalista's ult
I think that her ult should do a little damage and the damage would be increased when you level up her ult. Right now Kalista's ult barely does anything except for saving the life of who is linked to you when you press r. Besides that her ult's knock-up barely works as most people don't know how to use it and even if you know how to use it her u;t is buggy and almost never works. Her ult would be worth leveling up if it did some damage but as of right now I don't think it is worth leveling up.
: Looking for a few volunteers to test the new LeaverBuster system on the PBE!
I have sent my info to the lyte@riotgames.com email. Hopefully I will be selected!
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: Kalista Ult (As a Sup)
Well I had a game with a Janna that whenever I ulted she would just re-appear next to me. I think Kalista's ult works like this:You press your ult and the person you are linked to (after they disappear) must left or right click to launch themselves towards the desired destination and knock up any enemies in the area.
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: Can't add bots to SR custom game
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: Log In Screen
The status website says that the PBE is up but in fact it is down.
: Unable to log in?
The status says that it is online but I can't log in!
: Unable to log in?
Yes it is. You can check the status of it using this link: http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe
: Sunfire Cape was the damage dealer, as far as I know this is caused by packet loss and has been a bug for quite a while now.
Thank you for your comment! Ya it must be a file bug.
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